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  1. First time at COTA, what an incredible track!
  2. There wasn't much that I disliked about the GTR. During my first two years of ownership, I didn't track the car at all. I had plenty of fun playing in the canyon, taking trips, etc. and then decided to take it to the track. I did four track days with that car, and it became obvious that it was really only meant for a couple hot laps at a time. The transmission would get hot, brakes would fade, and it was just generally hard on consumables that were not cheap for that car. As I became more serious about tracking, I decided to start looking for a more dedicated track car. The ZL1 1LE won me over
  3. P11 to P5 is impressive - congrats to the team! Best of luck this weekend at Mid Ohio.
  4. I ran the slicks for the first time at MSRC 1.7 CCW, new PB of 1:19.78 (~1s quicker than previous) and I think there's more in it. I didn't get too many laps and had a leaky valve stem for the first two sessions (LR was low, car was incredibly loose) so more seat time needed. The good news is there were no issues with rubbing, etc.. so I am going to use this going forward.
  5. Congrats! I definitely want to go W2W someday
  6. Nice running with you! I was in the Grey Camo ZL1 1LE - also in the instructor group.
  7. I'll wait for the Z06 to be released, then wait a couple of years for depreciation and bug fixes. This thing looks incredible on paper; looking forward to seeing it hit the track for real data!
  8. The slicks are mounted on the new wheels. I did a quick test fit with one of the fronts and it seems like I have enough clearance but I'm going to take a closer look this weekend.
  9. Good to know. I didn't rotate either of my two sets of tires (OEM G3Rs and a set of NT01s) and managed ~1,500 street miles and 3 track days on both sets before the insides of the front tires began showing cords. I definitely plan on mocking everything up and taking a hard look at clearance to the strut and fender liner. The rears should be fine but the fronts may be a different story.
  10. I hope 3mm is enough clearance for the strut, I suppose I could run a thin spacer if I needed some extra room. That's a good thought on flipping the tire. I will try rotating fronts every few sessions. How frequently are you flipping the tire on the front rims? I can't wait to get back out to MSRC - although it'll probably be this fall. Thanks for the feedback and guidance, I appreciate it!
  11. Oh yeah, I'm well aware of the spacing - I did more research than I'd like to admit before going this route lol. I'm in the middle of installing the Garage Therapy brake duct setup, which will hopefully offset the reduction in air gap between the caliper and the wheel. I'm also considering the titanium shims to help keep heat out of the caliper, but I'd like make the changes one at a time so I can see the impact of each. On the offsets I went with 18x11 +8 front and 18x12 +41 rear. I wanted to give myself an extra couple of mm clearance on the front strut which should (hopefully) allow me
  12. New wheels! 18" BC Forged EH172. I plan on using these for slicks as of right now.
  13. I use a Galaxy S8 with Harry's and generally find it to be consistent with the PDR data. There are occasions where it royally screws up, though.
  14. *reaches for popcorn* This is gonna be awesome.
  15. Well, I know what I'm doing after work today... and now I see no reason to go out and buy another datalogger. Thank you sir!
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