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  1. Hello Community, Just got into sim racing (G920) and wanted to try as many custom Texas tracks as I could. Links were somewhat scattered among different forums so thought I'd make to list post to put everything under one post. Here is what I have found as of 4.10.2019. If anyone can find direct links to update this list (Games or tracks) let me know and I will edit post. Enormous shout out to all the developers that put lord knows how many hours into creating these! rFactor ( Special thanks to PlickBadger & cschoei for creating these! ) MSR Houston Motorsport Ranch (Cr
  2. moving this over to Sim Racing sub thread with links.
  3. Found MSR Houston link here for those that want it. https://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Motorsports Ranch Houston
  4. This will be my first HPDE event, praying to the rain & thunder gods to not ruin it. ?
  5. Haha, well maybe post the MSRH if you can. I'm willing to experience if for anything but to learn the track. (HPDE event coming up soon). What game is it on?
  6. Thanks for response! Those both sound great for me to start on. Ultimate goal is it to try out Cresson in person, sadly TWS will only be through a sim.
  7. Hey Guys, Bumping this thread up again. I just got into track racing and my friend was showing me some of the sims games. I live in Houston so the Houston MSR track would be really cool to see. (Any progress Clifton23?). I'm going to download TMS and Cresson tonight and check them out.
  8. Hello Community, Texas has some great race tracks (Besides COTA) that are not often represented in racing sims. Are there mods out there for the following tracks? MSR Houston Motorsport Ranch - Cresson GrandSport Speedway I'm mainly looking at Assetto Corza, iRacing, rFactor 2 (I know rFactor 1 has mods already), and any other games that I'm missing. All the best, dasauto88
  9. Did Plickbadger ever release the Houston MSR track for rFactor?
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