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  1. Are you familiar with the current requirements and such? I know for novice group I have to have matching seats so my racing seat for the driver side will have to come out and the original go back in. My harnesses were dated March 04' Not sure if that will be an issue or not, they are clean still look new.
  2. That thing is haulin! 170mph top speed sheesh. My cobra has about the same power but weighs around 3800 w/ driver. Seems like I need to go on diet.
  3. Huh... My birthday! Too bad I haven't even started and still working on getting the car ready. Doubt I could do my first session as a green novice. I was going to do HDPE for a bit and get a feel for things.
  4. Sorry work has swamped me. I'm in the Humble/Atascocita/Kingwood area.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I'm in Houston so MSR would be the track of choice and perhaps visits to COTA. I'll run with any organization that offers HDPE type events. Just looking to get started with my car.
  6. I was curious since I just got my car if I had any opportunity to bring the car to someone who would inspect the car and let me know if there is anything needing to be done and/or be replaced prior to me going to these events. The car was setup as a open track by my uncle in Indiana but want to be sure that everything was OK before I get into the HPDE events. Any suggestions on this?
  7. Thanks guys. The car is ready to go outside of a power steering pump leak that needs to be fixed prior. It's not an active leak but it is producing a residue along the connection points on the pump. I think just needs to be disconnected cleaned and thread sealant and a reconnect. Also just need some new tires too. I'm picking up all the stock parts from my uncle and he also has 3 other sets of wheels to go with the car so I'm waiting to see which wheel would be the best to use for the track. The car currently sits on falken 19" on stock tire size. I could just use those for the street tire for now. I'll be in Indiana getting these parts while the June event at MSR is going on so I'll miss that. Perhaps into July I could. That'll give me enough time to settle into the car. I also do not want to drive the car to the track so I need to figure out a trailer situation.
  8. absolutely correct. This is what is going to keep me going to my first event anytime soon. I need to get to know my car and also practice braking over and over and over and over again. He was very aggressive of a driver and grew up on manual brakes so he knew what he was doing. Time for me to learn. I absolutely do not want to go out and put me or anyone else at risk. So yes there is a pretty steep learning curve for me to get over before I even attempt my first event. This is why I'm shooting for more toward end of year before I even think about going.
  9. Ok thanks for the input. Yes I do trust the brakes. I've had a ford mechanic check everything out and aside from the abs system being disabled/partially removed he says to watch out that these brakes will overpower any tire you can put on the car. Stoptech 332mm front and wilwood 12.7" rear setup on the mustang. So really the best thing is to improve the driver (me). I read about the exhaust and I do have my collector flanges needing replaced so I ordered a new set of those to get everything buttoned up perfectly.
  10. I'm curious if for the HDPE my car would pass inspection since the ABS system has been removed from the car. My uncle removed it when he went with the big brake kits front/rear because it was causing alot of issues with the tracking of the car. It's basically a hydroboost assisted manual brake setup now. I'll more than likely be starting with TDE and will be the considered a novice. I've reviewed the inspection form but it didn't mention anything about the actual ABS. It does mention inspection though to be attached? If the car is a track only car how can I get it inspected? Or does it mean just that form. Also the fuel cap light is on but only because of the fuel system being converted to fuel cell type from fuel safe.
  11. That's all I'm looking for. I don't think I will truly "race" my car. In the end it is a street car. I just want to go out there and learn and go fast.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I'm active in the scene as far as keeping up with all the latest rules and such and my uncle tracked this car for 9k miles and always talked regularly about his events. I use to SCCA back in 04/05 under the same principals. I'm not a complete newb but I will have to return to the scene as a novice especially having a 600hp track car at my fingertips. I'm really excited to return though. I appreciate all the insight and assistance I can get. You can see my slow truck in the image. Funny enough the instructor that rode with me was snooty about my truck isn't designed to run at the track and would be slow but the miata in front of me had a time that was 2 seconds slower than mine. Probably driver though lol. I've spent alot of time over 100mph on back country roads in mexico. Time to keep it on the track now.
  13. LOL... well I will admit I do have a learning curve. Going through the entire car now and kinda hard to do with kids/work/vacationing. Hope to do some first racing around september timeframe. I hope I kill many tires, pads, rotors, and gallons of fuel.
  14. When can I start 🙂
  15. I'm just looking to go out and have some fun. Nothing sanctioned at all. Just clubs/events so I believe that would be mostly HPDE. Seems like I'm on 15yr old harnesses so replacing them will be eminent.
  16. Is there any restriction on the age of your seat belts. I have 5 point simpson harnesses on my car and they were made 3/2004. I didn't know if these would pass as if there is any age restrictions. Sorry, new to the sport trying to get acquainted.
  17. Thats a very nice offer to of done this. I was thinking if I got heavy into the tracking then I should pick up my own set for this same task. Right now my car is balanced to the attachment but this was to my uncles weight of 185. My fat butt of 228 will mean I need to rebalance the corners. I'm also going to be swapping the passenger seat out to match the driver and doing a rear seat delete which will change the weight distribution. I'll have to take you up on your offer but perhaps sometime early next year.
  18. Here was the alignment on my cobra done by my uncle. He also had the car weight jacked and balanced. Does this seem like a decent alignment or should I get it checked out by someone who knows track suspension?
  19. Well this past sunday I took delivery of my uncles car that I bought. 2003 Redfire Mustang Cobra. 11,648 miles of which he claims 9k of those miles are all on the track. It was a dedicated car with very little street time. It's a turnkey track ready beast. All it needs is some fresh tires and she's ready. Now just to get me ready lol. quick stats is 2.3 whippled 580rwhp full maximum motorsports everything with big brake kits front/rear. She is no show queen... just setup to go.
  20. Just the driver seat is the Corbeau while passenger is stock. Both Simpson 5 points though. He tracked the car in the northern parts (Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana/Pennsylvania) so I'm not sure how he got away with it. Well... I think he got through all of the training stuff and when he solo'd he changed it out perhaps. Not sure. My plan was to buy a matching passenger seat so I can preserve the seats. I do want to keep the car nice but still drive the piss out of it. Interior is what is most important to keep nice, exterior can be painted and such. I want the ability to return to stock outside of the subframes if need be later. It's a low mile car and there is a possibility of me building a dedicated track car that dubs as a mile car that I'll need to do some extensive aero on. Not sure which seat that is but to me looks like the FX1 Pro. Pretty cheap and the harness is there. Probably just a seat bracket is all and I'll be up to par. No AC on the car and I think the radiator prevents this from going back in so I may have to suffer for the street use. My truck back in the day was no AC also. Surprising I had the race weight on the F150 down to 3525lbs. Held it's own lol.
  21. I'll have to do that. With 4 kids and working petrochemical 60-70hrs a week life is pretty busy let alone all the projects I have at the house that are mostly self inflicted. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll definitely want to come get a feel for what the days are like out there.
  22. I'm Houston based. I need to get some instruction time in before I really open up. Yes the car will be a beast to handle. This is something I'll slowly get into. Everything on the car was built for turning, braking and keeping the IAT and fluids cool. I'm fortunate to of been able to pick the car up. It's in Indiana right now and I need to finish my garage remodel before I get it transported to my home. I've recently installed a lift in my garage and a roll up overhead residential style door so I can get the car up high away from the kids. I now have to reframe the ceiling to 12' in height and insulate/wall in the entire garage and paint to finish. I need this done before I move the car down. The car deserves this lol. But boy do I have much more to do. Lots of cleanout.
  23. Hello there. Just signed up today and was interested in getting into the open track scene. I'm currently in the process of remodeling my garage to fit the car I'm buying. The car is a 2003 Cobra that my uncle owns. The car is a heavily modified road course track only type car. It has around 12k miles and around 10k of those have been on a race course. In fact the car was only registered once at the time of purchase in late 02. Once that registration expired he has never renewed it. Instead he trailed it to/from his home in Indiana to places like road america, watkins glen, indianapolis, gingerman are the ones I remember him telling me. He's retiring so he doesn't really have any more desire to track the car and I'm wanting to get into the scene. Here are some photos of the car and and a mod list. I do have a question though... is cobras OK to be on this site? I didn't know if this site was more orientated toward one type of vehicle. I was really looking for information on getting into the scene and to get into some track events which is why I ask. I use to track a V6 F150 5spd back in 03/04 and many were surprised of what I was able to do with that platform. Buying a house, getting married and having kids put those priorities first but now it's time to have some fun again. I also included a photo of my truck back in 2004 at a local SCCA event in Houston at the horse track
  24. New member here. I'm out but only because I need to get up to par. It's been 13 year since i've raced anything and just picked up a car to start back up again. I'll need to go through all of the newb stuff first. Perhaps later this year I'll start up. I need to get the car and get it tuned up a bit.
  25. I'll let my first post to this site be on this thread. I use to run SCCA in a F150 2002 V6 5spd with a full lightning suspension. The front end was a lot lighter and the truck tracked surprisingly well. I always wanted to make it up there but never did. I got out of all auto stuff in 06 when I got married and started having kids. I've watched a TON of videos from there though. RIP
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