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  1. slow progress is still progress lol. I'm not in any race here guys. Just wanna go around the track yelling WEEEEEEEE into my instructors mic giving point-bys to mini coopers
  2. Hey I completely agree with ya but the abs is not the contributor to my slowness. My slowness (in my opinion) is simply my brain is not used to corner entry speed. abs is not what making me slow it's the speed in the corners that scares me (|) lol... Hell I go 120+ almost every day in my tuned truck but you wouldn't catch me doing that in a corner. Well now that I have a machine that is capable it's a new feeling trying to. (remember I'm just a drag racer turned hdpe driver)
  3. who needs abs? see thats what I like about my cobra.... no aids. no power reduction no abs no traction control just pure pedal brake and clutch.
  4. Proper ducting from the front bumper openings to the radiator will help tons as well as creating a negative pressure behind the radiator. Do you have a small airdam located under the radiator to help create this? Also hood vents in the proper location will help this tremendously... typically starts around 6" behind the radiator and extends about 12-18" further back. Make sure you seal the back of the hood to the cowl because that will actually push the hot air back into the engine bay. You want good smooth airflow into and out of the radiator deflected out above the hood. I have 600whp pushing 15psi on my cobra and I don't have a single cooling issue doing so. My car has ran 40 minute sessions in 90f heat before.
  5. Good info and very unfortunate.
  6. If your going to be there are you able and willing for a passenger?
  7. LOL ya well I just confirmed 120-125ish down the straight then brake then 78ish through the sweeper and then piss poor first attempt at heel/toe causing my face to fly forward on the clutch out drop down to 38 into T8 hold the same speed to T9 and basically cruised on over to the carousel where I went about 50 😞 actually.... I'm a glass half full kinda guy. You guys give me at least something. Slowest ever award!!! I'm sure if i handed the keys over to lobster on r compound he could easily clock off a 145 in my car without trying. This is so damn sad. And then couple the fact I have family obligations on pretty much the first half of the season I won't get that much time in. The orange/blue is the dates I can make this year so far unless something else comes up.
  8. you mean the bus stop?
  9. Damn I took the slowbra through there at 38-40. I need to pick it up a bunch
  10. Thanks for that information. Interesting take on that. I'll have to do some practicing next time out to determine the best approach. For now I'm concentrating on making the slower corners my priority as I feel there is much more time to be made than through the sweepers. Also it's 3850lbs and the car typically ran A7 rubber. I'm on 200TW for now until I advance.
  11. Thanks for the link. Only because I'm a cheap ass I got it on ebay used for 4.99 🙂 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speed-Secrets-Professional-Race-Driving-Techniques-by-Bentley-Ross/274149351784?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  12. Thanks for the tips. Sorry to crash the thread. Still soaking in a ton of information though so I appreciate the feedback.
  13. So my approach is to brake on the straight enough to drop my speed down to around I dunno 100 or so and then maintain throttle through that sweep. What I'm asking Vinnie and you is at when I was hitting 130mph do I just lift and turn... I don't have the confidence that on 200tw tires my car will stick. Perhaps when I get to advance to higher groups and can run A7's sure but right now I just don't see the car sticking in that sweep at those speeds with my tires. Even T3 I was almost at 120 down that straight and just felt I had no choice but to brake slightly (in the straight) then maintenance throttle. But I understand what you are saying, I'm just thinking it could be a bit different based on your cars power level and grip level.
  14. If I came out of diamonds edge fast and actually ran through the gear I would be approaching 140 (if not over once I get fast enough). There is no way lifting only would work. Please detail your vehicle specs with your comments to help me understand.
  15. I was wondering how that worked. I'll be interested in becoming a member myself if I could get the promotion into out main office which would yield weekends off. Currently I'm a site manager in the field (construction) and typically work 6 days a week. Once I get solo'd I'll be hitting you guys up to see what this member thing is all about. Will help me see if I want to dive into the membership or not. I figure I'm about two years away from that as it is.
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