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  1. Is that the MXG 1.2? This is really the first size comparison I've seen and I'm wanting to move to that setup on my cobra.
  2. Well I had to work yesterday so wasn't able to make GSS yesterday but I did sign up for the PCA event for 3/21-3/22. Looking forward to it. This will be a CW direction. Just checking to see if anyone else plans to go?
  3. The only other thing I can do which I have reached out to both GSS and MSRH is to get private instruction done. This would allow me to pick what days around my busy schedule.... at a much higher cost though. The money thing isn't the problem. Just my time.
  4. That was my logic. I'm a bit on the screwed side being a Dad lol. I was gifted 2 girls who love to dance and I put the racing hobby behind them as a promise to the family. (I have other hobbies that come before lol) Right now the highlighted orange is the only MSRH I could make except the 2/28 driven event... I'll be working that event. Just a couple events until september. Beggars can't be choosy is how I put it. I never considered any AutoX events or GSS but it seems like I can fill in the voids well if I DO consider them.
  5. The first half of the year I have nothing but schedule conflicts for MSRH with any group. However I am free on the 22nd and it seems like GSS is doing a track day. $399 for 6 20min sessions. Does anybody have any input into GSS? I've never been but I do know they are making improvements.
  6. It's called Measurebating and just like the wife says the difference between OOOhhh or AAAhhh is about 1/4"..... I mean 1/4 second.
  7. look at the bright side.... your still like 30 seconds faster than me driving my 650hp cobra lol I hear they have some good cookies at gapplebees.... you should take me there one day.
  8. hush your mouth.... i'm sitting at 3850 w/ me in the car. I feel so obese. awesome time man.
  9. oh snap... ok. Thanks for the clarification. And my uncle told me he was using up an average of 85 gallons of fuel a weekend when he was tracking my car. This was the 93/100 mix mentioned earlier.
  10. Thanks for the insight. I was aware of the 49 CFR but not aware of the track limitations. It wasn't for the power more for the octane. Right now I'll stick to the 100 octane mix since it's what my uncle used. If I remember right though the 49CFR allowed 110 gallons not including the vehicle. (aux storage). But yes I completely agree with the consumption. My "novice" level I was using only 4 gallons per 20min session. My uncle being an instructor is the only data I have on fuel consumption and at the Road america was his biggest fuel hungry track would use 10 gallons in a 20 min ses
  11. My car has the 20 gallon fuel cell. It won't hurt me to switch and that is my plan but some will need to consider it. Also this brings the need to tote E85 to the track as well. I have a trailer and can do this but others who might drive to the track could hurt them to do so. Good points but E85 shouldn't hurt that much considering we are already running these motors hard unlike a normal motor. Drag boys live by the stuff. New new pumps are good for it and my entire fuel system. My only thing left to do is upgrade the injectors and get a retune. My 60lbs won't be enough so I'll nee
  12. As far as the tuning and fuel. My cobra is seeing 14-15psi with stock 8.5cr and I use pump gas. For the track I mix 5 gallons of 100 octane to 15 gallons of 93. I have a 20 gallon cell. Car makes 580rwhp on 93 with no additional timing for the track the added octane is just insurance. I have an aluminum teksid block and plan to do a build with 10.5 pistons and was told I can still run the 15psi on pump gas and that my power would only increase to 600-605ish. Why not switch to e85?
  13. slow progress is still progress lol. I'm not in any race here guys. Just wanna go around the track yelling WEEEEEEEE into my instructors mic giving point-bys to mini coopers
  14. Hey I completely agree with ya but the abs is not the contributor to my slowness. My slowness (in my opinion) is simply my brain is not used to corner entry speed. abs is not what making me slow it's the speed in the corners that scares me (|) lol... Hell I go 120+ almost every day in my tuned truck but you wouldn't catch me doing that in a corner. Well now that I have a machine that is capable it's a new feeling trying to. (remember I'm just a drag racer turned hdpe driver)
  15. who needs abs? see thats what I like about my cobra.... no aids. no power reduction no abs no traction control just pure pedal brake and clutch.
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