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  1. We calibrate annually for everything at work. I should do my personal ones though.
  2. I'm shooting for a promotion at work which will free up my weekends permanently. If I am successful with this then I will become a member. Until then I need all the instruction I can get with as much seat time as I can get. With that being said I definitely need as much seat time and instruction until then. If your being open on that offer I'll definitely want to hook up to discuss further.
  3. Great advice thank you and I completely agree. When I said "get the instructor out of my car". I have full expectations of about 30 events of having an instructor, possibly more, so understand I am modest and very patient. However, I am driven to succeed and that is my goal is to get to instructor level. The only way to get there is to have 2 big ears and tons of seat time. ....just please don't tell the wife how much $ this will end up costing me to achieve this goal LOL
  4. Had a very nice talk with the guy who runs TDE Rick and he was very helpful with a bunch of questions I had. I have one adjustment to make to the mounting of my submarine belt but after that seems like I'll be ready to attend 🙂
  5. I figured it was more based on the awareness. This is why I've spent 3hrs now watching youtube videos on a CCW setup to try to memorize the track. I've even tested myself by scrolling to different positions on the videos with my eyes closed let it play open my eyes and 9/10 times I know exactly where they are on the track. I did receive a pointer from another driver that I need to do that but know the "names" of the turns like gut check and such and I should be able to call out the next turn by name in this same manner. I'm not sure where the flag locations are at yet but I can say Yes my main goal is to run smooth lines and know the track/flags etc like a hawk. I figure thats my quickest path to getting the instructor out of my car. Also.... I really hope that instructor isn't too big or too small. My seat is hard bolted with no adjustments. Hope that isn't an issue. While I don't have a problem for an instructor to drive my car I'd hate to be rude to quiz them on what type of car they are use to driving. I've never done this before so unsure of the process for a first time out.
  6. I wonder how many usually run in the novice group at this next event. Also, how long it takes to get out of novice group? I'm still clueless how long It'll take me to solo.
  7. Is this a Porsche only event?
  8. Well my biggest issue is the fact I'm away from the house from 5am to 6pm for work usually 6 days a week so in order to do any of this I literally have to miss work. So going to a shop further away just means more missed time. It's not a money issue... just the fact I'm the supervisor on site in charge and I have over 150 workers on my project right now. Kinda keeps me put.
  9. Slaters said they would charge 75-99 for this service but stipulated that they are not certified but can pinpoint anything that looks worn, not tight, leaking etc. I think that was their way of basically saying not to hold them accountable which the tech sheet solves that anyway. It puts all responsibility on me so.
  10. You know... working 60-70+ hours a week I've done forgot about that thread. There was a couple shops listed in there. I'll try Slaters and if they can't then I'll call one of them. Thanks for the other information.
  11. I'm in the Kingwood/Humble area. I wonder if Slaters Auto Works can do it. (Previously Slaters Mustangs). That is where I've gone for my nitrous fill ups and dyno sessions.
  12. Pretty stoked now that I've received confirmation for the 9/14-15 event. This will be my first event with the car and the track so I'll be taking things slow. Anything in particular I should look out for? Few questions I have: Is 100 octane available? Do people leave their vehicles at the track between days? Where do you guys go for tech inspection prior to the event?
  13. Welcome to the site. I'm from the chicagoland area as well natively and now I'm a born again Texan. I'm signing up for the TDE 9/14-15 event right now as we speak. You should too we can be noobs together.
  14. I really wanted to make this event for my first event. This was my birthday too. Car wasn't ready and I wasn't ready. Oh well. I have plans to sign up for the Sept 14-15 event.
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