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  1. Excellent summary. My car came from up north and has been to mid-ohio by my uncle a dozen times or so. It's on my bucket list to re-visit all the tracks he went to. Glad you were able to make it and the biggest win is the memory/story behind the trip. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I just picked up my trans from the shop today for a stage 2 upgrade and my truck which tows my trailer is also needing some repairs so I need to concentrate on this first so unfortunately I won't be doing any more track events until December. I would say you have 400x the experience as me. I have literally 1 hdpe event under my belt and it's been 15 years since I done any kind of autoX in a low powered vehicle.
  3. Good deal. You seem to be a bit more experienced than me with a car having power and turn capability. What kind of dedicated track car are you working to get? For the clutch, yes you have to rev to about 2,000 to start off but I've manged to do quite well with it. I've got the shifts down but very jerky trying to cruise around in a neighborhood at a 35mph speed. You really have to be aware of the throttle. I love corvettes too so hopefully I can get a chance to see yours and lobsters in person to really see them haul ass.
  4. Seems like a heavy clutch setup. My "street car" is a dedicated track car which I also use to go get coffee on the weekends or an occasional milk run. Real street.... i mean track cars use solid hub discs. Still street able of course. I also learned power means pretty much nothing in the terms of fast laptimes and it's all driver. I inspire to be as fast as lobster one day.... I'm "think" my car is almost as quick but the driver is sadly behind. My clutch is a lightweight design from spec which I'm installing new since I just upgraded the trans to a level 2 (only since I broke the synchro keyway) and the new pressure plate is billet aluminum so I'll reduce the weight a further 4lbs. Flywheel is billet aluminum that weighs 12lbs vs the stock steel unit at 22. Everything done to this car is for the track.... but it's still a tagged street car. Not sure how much that clutch setup weighs but it seems heavy.
  5. I hear ya. Budget & work constraints. Patience young grass hopper....
  6. I think in about 10 years these C8's will be incredible value track cars and by then tons of support/mods for tracking. I wouldn't mind picking one up then. But not until then. I have much to learn and it's too much car for me.
  7. Can you move this track closer?
  8. I just need to learn that I can actually go a wee bit (alot) faster around the corners without being so scared LOL
  9. to say the least.... I'm a bit over budget on my car vs a miata. My instructor was telling me he had built a 2010 supercharged camaro but now he has a miata. Tells me alot about the cost side of things. I have no regrets. My cobra was bought by my uncle new, was HDPE it's entire life and now I own it. It has history and it's family owned so It means a lot to me to continue it's legacy. If I ever get into any kind of w2w then I'll be looking at best bang for buck then.
  10. My cable had alot of slack on the gas pedal and the pedal was too far down so I just used some tie wraps and cinched around the cable to raise the pedal up. Worked great
  11. *waves* Actually I was a bit more upset a mini cooper passed my 650hp cobra at my last event. I literally told the instructor "damn that guy is hauling ass through these corners" He just laughed.... I suppose that was his way of saying I was being a slow bitch. seat time... seat time.... need more seat time.
  12. Lots of hard work and great dedication here on this car. Keep up the good work. I think it looks great.
  13. and if the motor blows anytime soon or when it does.... I'll rebuild with a teksid aluminum block and go at it again. Nothing aint cheap in our sport.
  14. I cannot comment on how hot the oil got while my uncle tracked the car. The car is dedicated track car with ~9,500 track miles. The car has 11,800 miles total. A remote oil filter was installed within the first two years of it's life along with a canton road racing oil pan. Total capacity is 8.5qts right now. The car is completely stock on the interior minus a roll bar, seats and belts. The only modifications were suspension, fuel system, whipple blower and a/c delete. Again... I will be adding oil temp, coolant temp, irs diff temp and trans temp sensors. But until then Nobody ever knows or will ever know. I want to keep a stock interior so my solution is to remove the instrument cluster and install a digital dash. when the car had 8500 miles the whipple was installed but the motor was torn down for inspection and all new timing assembly, arp head studs, new oil pump, all new gaskets but the bearings and rings showed no sign of wear. A Ford mechanic did the inspection/engine work. The car currently has a compression of 175-185 and 6 cylinders read 180 and one reads 175 and one reads 185. The car has had some 50 oil changes in that time, has had 6 irs diff fluid changes and 4 trans oil changes. Trans is out of the car getting a stage 2 upgrade since I broke the syncro keyway at the last event. Fluid looked great and the shop rebuilding the trans said the trans looks brand new. It's taken alot of track miles... hard... with a solid hub clutch meant for road racing. My uncle did everything he could to keep the car maintained. Changing the oil after every event was key. I reached out to Amsoil and they had no concerns until 350f. Again I have no clue how hot the oil got since there is no sensors. The only sensor that works is a dummy coolant gauge that only moves up at ~240-250f.
  15. Just in time for me to start going. My plan is to attend ECR twice a year starting 2021. Should have the track nice and conditioned by then 🙂
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