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  1. Thanks, I've had one other response from another site. We're looking for at least 2, so we would be glad to have you. Just put these ads up today so we'll see how the response is over the next few weeks.
  2. Silver Dragon Racing is looking for a few volunteers to join our team for two 8 hour endurance races with the World Racing League at MSR Houston April 6-7. We're hitting the track with a new car this year, a V8 powered Lexus IS running in the GP1 class. Crew volunteers will assist in pit stops, help refill fuel jugs, etc. Should be a fun couple of days. We will provide a lunch both days for the team. If you're in the Houston area that would be great. We'd love to have guys from DFW, etc, but I understand the travel costs may be more than a volunteer wants to pay. Ideally we'd like to have 2-3 guys in addition to our drivers. If you have racing gear, even better. Everyone over the pit wall has to have gear per the below rules. We do have a spare set of gear that may work for you. B. DRIVERS AND CREW 1. Participant eligibility: Drivers and crew must be at least 16 years old at the time of the event and in good general health, not under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or prescription medications that may impair judgment and/or coordination. Drivers must be a WRL member in good standing (details in Appendix C) 2. Personal safety gear: All drivers and any crew involved in fueling must wear the specified protective gear a. Helmet: Full-face with visor (face shield). No apparent structural damage. Rated Snell SA/SAH-2010 or 2015 for drivers. Crew may substitute open face helmet per rule D.3.a b. Suit: Fire retardant racing suit rated FIA 8856-2000 (or later), or SFI 3.2A/5, or higher. SFI 3.2A/1 suits may be worn with Nomex underwear top and bottom. The suit must be in serviceable condition - no holes, oil stains, etc. c. Nomex Balaclava: Highly recommended, and required if the driver has facial hair or hair that extends more than 2" from the helmet d. Gloves and Shoes: FIA or SFI rated. All-leather alternatives offering full coverage may be approval by WRL. No rips or holes e. Socks: Nomex socks are required f. Neck protection: Drivers must wear a Head and Neck device, such as a Leam, Hans, Necksgen, etc. If you're interested send me an email at [email protected] Thanks!
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