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  1. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lap time: 1:45.8 CW Car: 2013 Viper Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3600 Estimated wheel horsepower: 580 Tire size and model: 345/295 R888R Estimated ambient temperature: 80ish Notes: 7th or 8th time at the track. Worked on hitting heel toe downshifts more consistently. Earlier throttle application and later braking were secondary objectives. Ended up gaining 1.8 seconds since the last time out. Gaining confidence in the car. It's surprisingly friendly under throttle, but unfriendly under braking.
  2. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Yessir, running yellow solo w/ TDE. The group was VERY crowded this last time out. I could tell some of my fellow yellows we frustrated by all the traffic.
  3. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Thanks for the feedback man. I am not 100% throttle on corner exit from sugar & spice or diamonds edge until the top of 2nd gear or bottom of 3rd. My traction is very good though all things considered. I'd be truly surprised if your Terminator weighed the same as my car, unless you've ripped out the interior, A/C, etc. I'm at 3350 without me in it. I wasn't going to post buddy's video of his fast lap because it wasn't me and I didn't want anyone thinking I claimed to be that fast Lol. AND again, we didn't know it was filming so he was setting the phone up pointed to the right. But here it is anyways. Not much to take from it but impressive that he touched 145 on the back straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z9Q2SogJFU
  4. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lap time: 1:47.5 CW Car: 2013 Viper Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3600 Estimated wheel horsepower: 580 Tire size and model: 345/295 R888R Estimated ambient temperature: 55-60ish? Notes: I actually didn't intend to capture video and realized afterwards I had the footage. Would've put more thought into the mount if I'd known. Apologies in advance for any epileptic seizures this causes. First time using Track Addict and my goodness what an epiphany after trying to get Harry's to work for so long. It. Just. Works. I've now got 6 or 7 HPDEs under my belt and getting a tad more comfortable pushing the car in certain sections, and trusting the brakes. Still leaving tons of time on the table, as evidenced by my co-driver (red run group) going 1:40.8 in the same car. Based on his run, I could've been on the throttle earlier just about everywhere. Should've been further left over the launch and missed my downshift there, which is why you see a random throttle blip. Happy to hear your thoughts of course.
  5. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Apparently you do! That's on me for making assumptions. Never got a close look at your car. Badass hardware for sure
  6. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    I saw your car go by and thought I'll be damned...someone's actually tracking a Terminator! Lol. I'm sure it pulls nice at that power level. For your curb weight and vmax on the straights, I imagine you're going to be looking at brake upgrades soon. Also a little extra octane certainly wouldn't hurt, but it won't help me much when my water's at 265 and oil above 250. I'll be back out in the fall and if the heat is still bad, I'll start troubleshooting the cooling system.
  7. txA&M08

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lap time: 1:52.25 CCW Car: 2013 Viper GTS Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3550 Estimated wheel horsepower: 580 (or about 300 in the summer Lol) Tire size and model: 345/30/19, 295/30/18, R888R Estimated ambient temperature: 93 Notes: Yellow run group. First solo event and first time actually timing myself. Used Harry’s with external GPS. The car has headers, cat-back and ECU tune, along with pads and fluid. Otherwise stock. This is my third event in this car since I bought it two years ago. I knew I wasn’t going to be very fast in the dead of summer so this was a kill-the-remainder-of-my-tires event. I mainly wanted to work on my braking and downshifting, which I did plenty of, but by the end of the event, I had come to the conclusion that only having race pads on the front (street pads on rear) and no tire left = very squirmy under heavy braking. The car felt obviously front-biased and a bit unstable, go figure. Hopefully a good pad in the rear will even things back out for the next event. Tires are toast so I’ll be back out in the fall on fresh meat. Side note: I couldn’t believe how hot water and oil were getting. I had oil up to 265 on the third session and had to dial back when a warning light came on. I think it was getting ready to go into limp mode. These late model American cars that make big horsepower (looking at you C7 Z06) seem to have such finicky tunes. My car will go 60-130 in the 6’s in cold air but then I can’t run away from an E46 M3 on the track when it’s 100 degrees. Amazing delta between full power and all timing pulled out.
  8. Same. Loved the composition here with the checkered flag. Does he do any social media stuff? Couldn't find him when I briefly looked.
  9. First post on here. Yesterday was my first session out in yellow with Driver's Edge and was a bit of a mess for sure. Figured going in that due to the months of relentless rain we've had, you'd almost definitely be buried to your neck if you ventured off. I remember seeing your car out there now, and had the honor of giving BigMonkey a point on the first session too. I was in the blue/silver Viper. Great footage you got. Were you using a SmartyCam with your solo DL or a GoPro?
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