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  1. Exactly my thought - really does look ideal. The hefty pre-order discount is why I jumped in early - would definitely want to be 100% sure about it at the current price. My understanding is you can use the other shirts with it as well. I'm assuming that is what people that are currently using it are doing - but that would assume that the shirt issue is not just limited to my order.
  2. I have one waiting to go into my M3 as part of the current build. Please note that everything I'm about to say has come from them - and they have been very up front about the issues that have come up. They have been very stand up and done a very acceptable job on the customer service side. The original cooler that went out apparently used too small a gauge wire on the power - causing some units to get hot. Sounds like some of these were secured directly to the floor board and catching that heat too. At first they were going to replace the cords - but they ended up replacing the entire unit & sent you a shipping label to return the original one. The owner actually called while this was happening and explained what they were seeing. Also suggested to maybe leave a gap between the floor and the bottom of the cooler. He also gave me a nice discount on any of their cool shirts which was certainly appreciated but not necessary. Down side on this is that it has been a couple of months since I ordered it & haven't seen the shirt yet. He did mention that were looking at changing up the shirts a bit - might be the reason for the delay but I'm not sure. Since I don't need it anytime soon I haven't pressed them on it - will give it some time. All in all the theory sounds great but not sure about the execution yet. I haven't talked with anyone running the 2nd gen version. As an early adopter of their system I honestly figured there was a decent chance of issues at the beginning - a lot going on with this system. For me it was worth taking the chance since I knew I had quite a bit of time before I would need it. I have been very impressed with their customer service - in my opinion they have been great about communicating and attempting to fix the issues. Now if the fixes worked - that I don't know yet.
  3. Awesome first time! My coolant temps were up there too in June out there in my M2. On the back straight felt like I could go faster if I got out and pushed, ugh.
  4. For an open trailer 20' is nice in that you have room in the front of the trailer to add lockable storage underneath a tire rack. Being able to keep your stuff locked up & out of visibility is huge - as is not having to load & unload each time you use it. I personally would try to go 20' if you have the room to store it. An enclosed 20' seems like it would be pretty tight and maybe a little awkward with a vette inside it. I could be wrong but it seems like you might be somewhat limited in storage at that size. Enclosed is awesome though - I just made the move to 28' enclosed & very happy I did. My opinion would be that want to go longer than 20' if possible though. I'm coming out of a 20' open Featherlite 3110 - awesome trailer. They pull great & should last a long time. Removable fenders are very nice too for getting in & out of the car. Higher initial cost but they hold their value unlike a lot of trailers. I like the utility & size of the open 20' for getting around the city that I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it yet. Seen some pretty cool setups with steel trailers too though.
  5. First time with NASA also - that was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the step up in atmosphere & energy vs a typical HPDE. Liked the racing environment, all the awesome builds & teams, well run event, & good people. Also got checked into TT - looking forward to running in some future events. Is it normal for a low turnout in TT3 though? Only one entry this weekend... And was also warned to watch out for someone named lobster in a white corvette when I run TT...
  6. How does Friday work - is there a set schedule? Thanks!
  7. Didn't know if there was a progression or anything like that you had to go through - or if just a matter of a check ride. Was hoping to get it done next week at COTA to be all ready to go next year so that would be sweet to be able to get a check ride set up then. Could you please PM me Chase's contact info? Have not talked with him before. Thanks!
  8. Is there a process to get checked off for time trials for 2020?
  9. Yup, seems like a good way to work on my car control skills. Plus it just sounds like it should be a freaking riot. Their car, their tires, and with instruction... yes please! https://www.amgacademy.com/program on the bottom of the page
  10. I will be there - first NASA event for me. Like @joesurf79 I plan to run TT soon so got to start somewhere. Registered for HPDE 3 hoping to get checked off for TT but really have no idea what to expect. Signed up for Friday too & also will be doing the drifting class there with the AMG academy on Thursday - nice little extended weekend at COTA!
  11. Yeah not worried about the wet - it's the lightning holds that get old.
  12. Hey Jay - good meeting you out there this weekend! Really enjoyed trying to keep up with you & the best looking GT3 out there. Learned a lot in that second session watching your lines. Also if I see you at the track again I'm going to put a sticky note on your dash about filling up with gas before the best session of the day! Will have some videos to you soon. Coincidentally I had a microphone malfunction as well on the GoPro - must have been a gremlin running around our garage.
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