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  1. For an open trailer 20' is nice in that you have room in the front of the trailer to add lockable storage underneath a tire rack. Being able to keep your stuff locked up & out of visibility is huge - as is not having to load & unload each time you use it. I personally would try to go 20' if you have the room to store it. An enclosed 20' seems like it would be pretty tight and maybe a little awkward with a vette inside it. I could be wrong but it seems like you might be somewhat limited in storage at that size. Enclosed is awesome though - I just made the move to 28' enclosed & very happy I did. My opinion would be that want to go longer than 20' if possible though. I'm coming out of a 20' open Featherlite 3110 - awesome trailer. They pull great & should last a long time. Removable fenders are very nice too for getting in & out of the car. Higher initial cost but they hold their value unlike a lot of trailers. I like the utility & size of the open 20' for getting around the city that I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it yet. Seen some pretty cool setups with steel trailers too though.
  2. First time with NASA also - that was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the step up in atmosphere & energy vs a typical HPDE. Liked the racing environment, all the awesome builds & teams, well run event, & good people. Also got checked into TT - looking forward to running in some future events. Is it normal for a low turnout in TT3 though? Only one entry this weekend... And was also warned to watch out for someone named lobster in a white corvette when I run TT...
  3. How does Friday work - is there a set schedule? Thanks!
  4. Didn't know if there was a progression or anything like that you had to go through - or if just a matter of a check ride. Was hoping to get it done next week at COTA to be all ready to go next year so that would be sweet to be able to get a check ride set up then. Could you please PM me Chase's contact info? Have not talked with him before. Thanks!
  5. Is there a process to get checked off for time trials for 2020?
  6. Yup, seems like a good way to work on my car control skills. Plus it just sounds like it should be a freaking riot. Their car, their tires, and with instruction... yes please! https://www.amgacademy.com/program on the bottom of the page
  7. I will be there - first NASA event for me. Like @joesurf79 I plan to run TT soon so got to start somewhere. Registered for HPDE 3 hoping to get checked off for TT but really have no idea what to expect. Signed up for Friday too & also will be doing the drifting class there with the AMG academy on Thursday - nice little extended weekend at COTA!
  8. Yeah not worried about the wet - it's the lightning holds that get old.
  9. Hey Jay - good meeting you out there this weekend! Really enjoyed trying to keep up with you & the best looking GT3 out there. Learned a lot in that second session watching your lines. Also if I see you at the track again I'm going to put a sticky note on your dash about filling up with gas before the best session of the day! Will have some videos to you soon. Coincidentally I had a microphone malfunction as well on the GoPro - must have been a gremlin running around our garage.
  10. Awesome session! Great meeting you out there last weekend! J

  11. Purely speculation here - yellow had a really big group Saturday morning with what appeared to be some first timers included. I bet quite a few jumped to red after that first session. I signed up for yellow since I really didn't know what times I would run with the current build of my car but parked it after two laps in the first session & moved to red. Maybe the influx of the yellows into red caused some reds to jump into white? Red got pretty crowded & there were definitely quite a few that weren't keeping in the 2:30 - 2:40 slot. Could get a little frustrating at times too with waiting multiple corners before getting point-bys too. I could see some reds having possibly asked to move up to white. Again purely speculation. Also cold tires with those cool temps in the morning sessions might put a little more caution in the big money car guys until it warmed up in the afternoon. Seeing one of the Senna's spin made me pucker up just being a spectator to it - can imagine their times might have slowed a bit after that.
  12. Track: COTA Date: 3/17/19 Lap Time: 2:32.56 Car: 2009 BMW M3 Weight with Driver: 3850 - 3900 (Estimated) WHP: 350 (Estimated) Tires: Goodyear F1 Supercar 3R 275/35/18 square Weather: 65, Dry
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