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  1. Or I guess how they define the bulkhead / required “sealing” of the bulkhead. Safer to ask two dumb questions than to overlook something 👍
  2. Not that I can offer anything of value, but wanted to give you a nod on the paint skills. I’m a bit of a paint connoisseur myself. Only thing I can think of - any mention of “grommet spec” at the bulkhead? i.e. to ensure proper grommet size is used for your particular braided hose size. I have zero experience so just spitballing...
  3. Hrm 96 Civic Hatch - M 98 Chevy Blazer - A 2000 Jetta TDI - M 2001 Maxima (Supercharged) - A 2001 Maxima (Same Supercharger) - M 95 240SX - M 2011 Elantra Wagon - M 2012 Evo X MR - A (ish) 2008 M5 - M 91 Miata - M 7/10 plus the Mitsubishi likes to be called two manual transmissions stitched together when no one is listening
  4. Solo_S14

    Go Kart

    A little off the main topic - but for those that are still happy to turn some rental laps once a month or so, what do you guys recommend? My wife and I have done HKC and Speedsportz. HKC said they are getting new/faster karts for those that run low 60’s. Their current karts seemed faster / looser than Speedsportz. Haven’t been at GCKI.
  5. Anyone selling a setup? Guess I need the diff, axles, and driveshaft. Saw somebody claim a PPF is also required, I doubted it - anybody know whether that’s true (to fit the 1.8 torsen setup to an open NA)?
  6. Hrm, any chance you’ll be at the TDE event at Cresson June 8-9th?
  7. Ughh, what happened?
  8. Well, here’s 3 separate ways to run 2:43.6 at MSR-C 3.1 CCW. I guess they were 2:43.600, 2:43.654, and 2:43.550. Not as consistent as it looks though, turns 8 and 10 on the 1.3 seemed to be easier areas to lose or gain a couple tenths. Predictive / theoretical was in the mid 2:42’s a few times but different corrections in different areas seems to steal it away every time. Other sessions had someone right seat, so these were the 3 sessions taking a run at times.
  9. So it turns out the “2-day shipping” cheapo mounts lived up to their name. That indexing divet is miles out: Well.... Then the ears on the other side were way out so I had to take those down, and open up the center to fit the new unit. So much for bolt and go.......best part is, now the header rattles off of EVERYTHING. Finished the alignment, timed the motor, fitted some new shoes, and it was off to Cresson.....with only one failed CAS wire on the highway along the way!
  10. It runs. Fan doesn’t work, gonna have to sort that out before the weekend. It needs tires, motor mounts, and alignment. Parts all in hand, tomorrow night is going to be busy for a Friday drive to Cresson. A2585939-B9EA-44A6-8BD2-A8C4FACDBD33.MOV
  11. Exhaust side “lifter tick” (I Hope) is still strong. Started to set the timing, it needed another couple degrees, and it died on the stands. I think I ran it out of fuel (again, I hope) 😂. We’ll see what tomorrow night brings... (there’s a video below, hidden for some reason). 5FA84E28-6F66-4666-ADB4-DAAAD35F7222.MOV
  12. The upper baffle that the pickup bolts to is actually RTV’d to the block....then later the pan is RTV’d to the baffle, so it kind of sandwiches in between the block and the pan. If someone has had it apart, and lacked patience on assembly, or drive to scrape all the surfaces or whatever I can see leak potential there. The rear main is also two pieces, so there are a few places requiring RTV artwork. How about that guy who somehow started a “build” thread in the WTB section 😂
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