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  1. Took a gamble on the SafeRacer sale. They sent me the wrong size shoes, these are Size 10, still in the box $20. If no interest I’ll just complain and send them back. Also ordered my wife a size small Simpson suit.....wrong answer. $90
  2. Also, Sikky makes nice kits for the S-chassis, and I know they’re pretty well done developing their kit for the FRS/BRZ/86. They scan and model their stuff, it’s pretty nice - I like the idea you two have about building sister NA and Turbo cars, and I’ll bet Sikky would get behind your social media program 😂
  3. I think it’s a Coyote, I just pulled it from the internet, as a partial joke for this thread, and partially to coax Joe into further committing to LS swapping his publically on the forum. I think job done.
  4. They cancelled a Hans device, the balaclavas, and FR socks from my order.
  5. Thanks, never knew that was a thing - looks like it shipped Tuesday.
  6. What’s the worst that could happen? (etc.)
  7. I replied to the hans cancellation email the other day asking for info on the rest of the order. He said it was shipping out that day (Thursday), then this AM I received a text saying it was being shipped, but no detail. Did you get tracking info?
  8. Solo_S14

    New Lid

    BA Composite w/ Mod Pod for comms. They call out a noise cancelling mic + Panasonic speakers (whatever that means), I’ve read good reviews on the helmet, hope the comms are good too. I don’t currently have anything to plug it into, the Lemons team is based out of Dallas 😂 Bonus round, future Stig:
  9. I’ve only done F1 at COTA once, but transit to and from the track was a nightmare. We rented an RV and stayed at the track, but friends trying to get to and from the track were “hours” at those peak times. Cool 👍
  10. Why buy new when these, apparently, will last another 20-30 track weekends? 😂
  11. I was just kidding, I’m a recovering boost junkie, and there, at max timing, less fuel = more fast, until boom. I would assume regular air pumps are the same? And opposite for diesel?? If only there was a free, universally accessible body of knowledge that I could fact check before making a fool of myself online...
  12. I mean, rich = more fuel = more fast, right?
  13. Who knows how to overlay two YouTube videos top and bottom or whatever in the same screen? After taking some wing out to better balance the car, and pushing it pretty hard, I matched the aero time with the non-aero setup......but, in watching the aero lap it’s quiet and gripped up, whereas the non-aero lap has tires singing.....or screaming? Again, I was surprised at seemingly “how much” the front aero was doing. As I said I could feel it immediately when it was off the car, but then watching the vids back, it’s obvious just from the sound. Comparing the data, it still looks like there was 1.0-1.5 seconds in the aero based on comparing the fastest, slowest, and predictive times. I didn’t get the best out of the aero setup on Saturday, didn’t really get any clean laps (without errors, or traffic). Not linking up a lap, as well as too many corvettes parked in the corners 😂. That bit was better on Sunday which is maybe why I improved the non-aero times, but I was definitely feeling the heat / fatigue, and the track / car seemed to run hotter. Thoughts / Review - on 200TW tires: - RE71R in 205 on 15x7’s, I felt like I could lean on them, when loaded up they would break away slowly and predictably, but I basically got 2 weekends (5-7 hours including a Chin weekend) plus ~1000 transit miles out of them. Also felt like I would get 2-3 “hot laps” out of them, then would have to cool down for a lap or two, and hope to get one more out of them in a session. - Star Specs in 205 on 15x7’s, definitely at a big disadvantage in the braking zones. In the corners I felt like I couldn’t “lean on them” the same as the RE71R’s, they would slide “like a street tire”. Breakaway didn’t seem as predictable. 2 seconds slower around MSR-H.....on hotter days, so maybe it’s really a second. I actually got 5 weekends out of them, and I think closer to double the transit miles (~2000 miles?). Great bang for the buck. - RS-4’s in 225 on a 15x9. This is the only set I bought used. They seemed to have a lot more “margin” in them - laterally and under braking than the Star Specs (probably due to the wider wheel / tire), but they also seemed to “slide” rather than “set” when leaned on - I don’t know if that’s a standard term - but basically what I described as being able to “lean” on the RE71R’s, didn’t seem to be there in either of the other street tires. They seemed to make noise but still have grip available at / over the limit vs the Star Specs as an example which would lose the grip and break away. I ran them 23psi cold / 28-29psi “warm” (back in paddock temps), vs both of the 205’s which I had to run closer to 33-34 “warm” in order to avoid roll-over. After a full weekend + sharing the car with another guy on the Saturday, the wear was minimal vs the others. I think they also come with a lot more tread depth than the other sets, so that probably artificially inflates that claim as well. They seemed to handle the heat ok, I think they seemed to drop off a little more than the Star Specs, but much less than the RE71R’s. But when they “dropped off”, they just seemed to slide more / squeal more....rather than get greasy. Again, still some grip available through the squealing / sliding. - Toyo RR take-offs (40TW) in 205 on a 15x9, Hella sizing. Despite the small tire stretched onto the large wheel, these were easily the best setup of the bunch. That might have been obvious from the 40TW r-comp bit. Of course you could lean on these the most, they sucked up all the little mistakes that you would have noticed on the street tires, and even when you leaned on them too much, they seemed to have an extra bit of margin to handle it. When they did go off, it seemed to be a controlled bit of a slide rather than a breakaway. At MSR-H they seemed to handle the heat of a full session without much deg at all really, and the wear, surprisingly, may have been even better than the RE71R’s! I’m assuming that had a lot to do with the extra wheel width, and lack of rollover I was getting vs the RE’s on the 15x7. I was also then able to run lower pressures (I did 27psi cold / 32-33ish “warm” back in the paddock). Really enjoyed them, seem to be a great tire. Overall I would say that the RS-4’s are probably the best solution for street / track of the ones I’ve tried. The RE’s do what they’re supposed to do, as a “cheater tire” - but since I’m not running in a class, I won’t see the value, and would rather to go to the Toyo for grip, and separately stick to a “real street tire 😂”. The 205 Star Specs were at a disadvantage in my comparison - against the 205 RE’s in terms of pace, and then against the 225 RS-4’s in terms of best “streetable” tire. I feel like they might do well in the 225, I’d consider trying them down the road. I also heard that their compound is pretty close to the RT615K or whatever the new Falken 615 is....they seem to hang around as a good option, maybe not the most competitive - so both maybe a good “compromise tire”.
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