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  1. I’m in town all Xmas. Have a racecar that needs track time, and tires that need killing. @joesurf79 @clifton23
  2. Lagavulin 16 please, still the only product I’ve found that was cheaper in Eastern Canada than in TX...
  3. Equal parts fuel for combustion, and fuel for garage floor stripping, yup.
  4. Sorry we had to bow out last minute yesterday Robert, I would have taken the Miata out, but most of its drivetrain was in the racecar 😂
  5. Hey @robertcope - sorry but we’re not going to make it tomorrow. Too many things came up on the car today - and although we did piece together 2-3 engines to get it running, we’ve got some other things to address before hitting the track. Hope you guys have fun out there!
  6. Awesome! We’ll check in Friday after everyone recovers from their dinner.
  7. Any chance you guys are interested in the 30th? @joesurf79, @clifton23, and I are hoping to have a car together and ready to test 👍 Edit: i.e. racecar debut / shakedown
  8. I’ve actually never used toe plates - always string aligned with camber gauge as well.....but I hear that zero toe on the rears doesn’t necessarily mean that zero is pointed in the right direction 😂 (think, both 1/8” left still shows zero on plates) - in the front that just means off center wheel, in the rear that can mean puzzled troubleshooting.
  9. Have never been - have 5 people total flying in and looking for tickets this Thursday - just go to Stub Hub, or is there a better way???
  10. Lol @ last point - seems to work for some reason - probably overcook some slow stuff, but more than make it up in the fast stuff, etc. On Sugar & Spice - 3 tenths is an eternity - if you could sort out throttle pickup point on that line, I’ve gotta think it’s faster overall once dialed in. Finally on the launch, I always think about being on the strips on the right after the launch to straighten out / throttle through that left hander. Working backwards from there, a left entry into the launch / pointed right squares the car up to those strips vs a right line / harder right turn. You might be carrying enough speed into the braking zone and shortening up / simplifying your line on the right enough to make up for the “slower right in the slow stuff” line? Your data is much smarter than I am though 😂 👍
  11. Nice work. Just for discussion - I think there’s more in Sugar & Spice for you on track out if you use the extra real estate to carry speed / pick up throttle vs pulling it in tight? Could also enter the launch much further left, and carry more speed into that complex. Or, have you tried and this is faster? Just curious.
  12. Solo_S14

    HKC Sale

    I think their normal price is $90 for 5 races, so they’re stretching the message a little here, but still a good deal... https://app.locbox.com/en/promotions/106099-green-light-go-take-50-off-a-10-pack-of-races-with-our-special-flash-sale-houston-karting-complex?channel=website&t_id=41581493
  13. Lol - I hear the ticket is actually swimming.....Although I straight up drown every time I try to get the breathing right
  14. Joe and I both fit in the HTE-R seat (test fit, haven’t driven yet), and I’d assume we are both ~34-36 waist?
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