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  1. Good point. I’m also looking to improve P/W over a Miata, increase smiles, retain reliability, and stick to a streetable package that can be driven back and forth to events. The FRS/BRZ/86 seemed pretty close to Miata P/W, with 17” tire surcharge. The Z platform seemed to begin to try S2000 territory, without the S2000 tax. And all of those stayed under C5/C6 territory. All of those stepping from sub $10k to north of $20k buy in. Then, sticking with the Miata chassis, and swapping to bump P/W, it’s tough to keep it that combo “comfortable” (A/C etc) for long transits from Houston, up to ECR, Cresson, etc, without that “comfort” meaning put the car on a trailer, and sit in the truck... Still waiting for a lightbulb to come on, but so far just a dark room 😂
  2. Why don’t we see more 350z’s at the track? The good ones were 300+hp at the crank, they’re not “too far north” of 3,000lbs, and I think they can fit a decent sized tire stock. Do their handling characteristics just suck? Being a Nissan, I’m sure there’s lots of aftermarket support. And you can pick up a 350z for $5-10k.....370z for $10-15k. Have I just been blind to them, somehow being plentiful at events?
  3. The 2-3 guys that I spoke to this year were running their NB’s in the 54’s PB - but yeah I gusss that’s (5 seconds? off pace?)
  4. Have you, seen our work?
  5. (I also accidentally ordered a bottle of wine “just for me” at dinner tonight, so don’t mind the banter)...
  6. 9 is a lift pre turn, then back on throttle into the keyhole in a Miata yeah. But on T8, I mean we’re 20whp off a “normal” TT6 Miata and we’re faster than the TT6 guys that I’ve talked to, so I think that 50-52mph is a decent “Miata pace”. We don’t have 12” Wide Hoosiers and a C7 track width though 😂
  7. Just for interest, I looked back at a bunch of GPS data for a stockish Miata on Bilsteins: 15x7 200TW (205) ~48.5 mph 15x8 200TW (225) ~50.5 mph 15x9 200TW (225) ~50.5 mph 15x9 Toyo (205) ~52.5 mph Pretty interesting, especially the 8” vs 9” wheel on 200TW. The 9” wheel was ~1.0-1.5s faster, just not on min speed in that corner.
  8. Who’s the “Corvette Whisperer” around here?
  9. *** in my defense *** The channel locks were required, only because the car took it upon itself to hook / bend the fender inwards and create its own washboard band.... (sorry @Hollywood 😂) .....guess a 225 had never been ran at that ride height on this car before... @clifton23
  10. Assuming this is 5x114.3, I think I have some old 17’s with really spent (corded?) BFG G-force R1’s from like 2007 on them, on RPF-1’s. Prime for turning to smoke + breaking an axle or two with launchy torque steer goodness...
  11. Wait, they’re gonna pay ME $50 to do a big dumb FWD burnout on the back road behind the dealership, then drive around for 12 minutes looking for a turn, any turn, before returning with some story about how I’ll “think about it”, it was awesome, etc?
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