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  1. What a great event! Just instructed and raced on Saturday. First real test of tow setup and had zero issues. Super happy. Even instructed on a charity event a R8 V8 with a twin turbo. Super fun. Instructor groups at edge addicts was super fun, almost open passing. I found a new way to put my slow miata out of the way for others and had a blast with a slower vehicle. Took out my dad, friends girlfriend, my student and a whole lot of fun. What a great way to end my vacation week!
  2. Could it have been a Super Duty? They look similar yet those can tow utterly unbelievable weights up to 27,500lb.
  3. So current list is Evo for track and E60 M5 for daily?! Now that's a killer combo.
  4. Good Luck, let us know how the process goes for ya!
  5. Holy COW, how tall are you? That is one thing about Corvette life; they are so friendly for tall individuals. Me being 6ft, I fit with leg room to spare in my C6.
  6. Read all four pages, not convinced E36 is a bad buy. You got a rough vehicle and a lot of your carnage was due to this one fact. Also coming from a german mechanic, in future a good junk yard pulled part will last longer than a rebuild. Professionally we never had good luck on overheated iron block BMW's. The cars never came back when we grabbed a junk yard pull with good compression and replaced head gasket on that with other seals. I hope you have some years with less drama though, looked like a rough ride. I went down a rabbit whole myself with a turbo S2000 (4 engines later).
  7. I own a NB and a 05 Vette. Could track either, but for now it's NB. Now you grew out of it and if you had to choice between the vette's it's a no brainer in my opinion. C5 Z06 alllllll dayyyyy longgggg. It's just more proven track wise and their mostly cheaper to acquire and maintain. But if I could give my opinion on track cars; E36 M3. There are DAMN reliable, I tracked my Dakar Yellow until 190k plus miles and it never quit. I sold it to get another S2000; but honestly the E36 was better on track reliabilty/worry wise. Stretching the budget a little further, 911. Guess how many 911's I've seen dragged off track while I was instructing all these years. None.
  8. Hell ya, Lou is the sh*t. Fingers crossed this track gets built!
  9. I-635 and Ferguson. Technically Dallas, but very close to Garland.
  10. HA! Try living where I live. Just had my 5th breakin since August. Cops never do anything other than wasting my time. Put up expensive ass HD cameras and the footage still doesn't give them anything. Helicopters over my place all the time. Went to local church meeting with Sergeant and found out I live like 1 block from a massive corporation sponsored prostitution ring that they've been in litigation with for over a year trying to shut down. Also people love calling ubers over here and robbing drivers at gun point. Speaking of "pop pop". I thought it was random fireworks for months before my brother who used to live in Chicago let me know. Sure when I lived in country drunk idiots would fire off shots in the air; but over here it's at businesses and peoples cars. Lesson learned, don't pull trigger on a rental house from Hawaii vacation.
  11. Come August this is in the cards. I was just throwing a feeler to see if anyone had land for in the meantime for me. Being a math nut this PITA round trip over the next 5 events cost me $120 gas + time; so even a cheap storage place is $840/yr. So that's not happening.
  12. So I live 75228, which is i635 and Ferguson in Dallas. One of my best friends has been holding my trailer in Weatherford. Every time I want to use it i'm slammed with 2.5 hours round trip getting it, and 2.5 hours round trip bringing it back. Totally cramping my style. If anyone had land I could park my locked nice trailer at I would grateful either with dinner or $ or mechanic service. Before I start considering using a uhaul lot which while their prolly cheap I've heard a lot of horror stories about prime places to loose a trailer in my area.
  13. Plus only $95 for 3 day general. Should be awesome.
  14. I like the development process. I know it's not as impressive to others but steel is cheaper/easier to weld and weight prolly total wouldn't be that bad i'd wager. Either way a bolted up aluminum setup you can fine tune and take to any decent fab guy to weld the existing aluminum or replicate it. Can't wait to see your reported temps come July.
  15. What a nice offer I live in Dallas though. I will be at next Edge Addicts event at COTA March 15, 16th if anyone had one I'd be super grateful.
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