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  1. 1. Laguna Seca 2. Horse Thief Mile
  2. Glad your safe. Looks like barrier did it's job well in saving vehicle and your head didn't seem to move around all that much.
  3. Nice job. I use 100watt equivalent LED lights and 12 bulb string lights. Bunch of J hooks on ceiling and all can be bought from Home Depot and Harbor Freight. I'll post up a pic of my light output. Works well I originally thought I would move the lights around more than I do; which is never.
  4. I hated all T56 "shift kits". If I'm remembering right I think you can swap that one for a C6 Z06. My stock C6 one is great, zero complaints. Had a 98 Camaro with a hurst shift kit and it was garbage. The forums have mixed reviews on everything but the GM ones.
  5. Uhhhhh What the F. I have a set of I'll never install Russel bleed screws and they are also pointy on both ends. This is a crazy looking bleed screw. And I'm 99% not factory either. I'm thinking yours got stripped and someone had this lying around from a "...".
  6. Man! I so wanted to come out and instruct. Looked like a pretty day. How was your neck after that?
  7. Thanks for the review. Camera did a great job; especially with exposing interior and exterior. Did you find same results on exposure in this car with your GoPro; or is this camera just better at metering exposure?
  8. Looksie what I found in San Antonio... is this yours https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/ctd/d/san-antonio-must-see-2005-chevrolet/6826819328.html
  9. Ha I was glad to see my 2:57 (slow but fun) Miata in your video with long armed hand passes being given well in advance. I'm trying to remember, but I feel like the December event had run group specific to track times; something like 2:30 or under only group red. This event didn't have that "under this time" group. If passes are given within 1 corner on faster run groups then I hope there's no crying. I feel like a lot of people expect they get run groups within 10sec of all other cars; which would be crazy hard to control given the way EA is run. For those, I hope they quickly go to other events. But I def heard some white group complaints about being 3 corners on a cars @$$ with no point by. From what I heard they are going to be spot checking "solo" drivers to ensure they deserve to be "solo". If you can't race and watch mirror they shouldn't be out of blue group.
  10. What a great event! Just instructed and raced on Saturday. First real test of tow setup and had zero issues. Super happy. Even instructed on a charity event a R8 V8 with a twin turbo. Super fun. Instructor groups at edge addicts was super fun, almost open passing. I found a new way to put my slow miata out of the way for others and had a blast with a slower vehicle. Took out my dad, friends girlfriend, my student and a whole lot of fun. What a great way to end my vacation week!
  11. Could it have been a Super Duty? They look similar yet those can tow utterly unbelievable weights up to 27,500lb.
  12. So current list is Evo for track and E60 M5 for daily?! Now that's a killer combo.
  13. Good Luck, let us know how the process goes for ya!
  14. Holy COW, how tall are you? That is one thing about Corvette life; they are so friendly for tall individuals. Me being 6ft, I fit with leg room to spare in my C6.
  15. Read all four pages, not convinced E36 is a bad buy. You got a rough vehicle and a lot of your carnage was due to this one fact. Also coming from a german mechanic, in future a good junk yard pulled part will last longer than a rebuild. Professionally we never had good luck on overheated iron block BMW's. The cars never came back when we grabbed a junk yard pull with good compression and replaced head gasket on that with other seals. I hope you have some years with less drama though, looked like a rough ride. I went down a rabbit whole myself with a turbo S2000 (4 engines later).
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