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  1. -2013 Kearney 16ft steel trailer with dove tail and ramps. Ideal for small track cars. Sorry forgot to include specs on trailer. Truck has 174k miles.
  2. -Up for sale is my wonderful tow package. Price is for both the truck and trailer w/straps and HF 12000lb winch setup. This is a great setup for track car towing and never let me down. -Tires are following tread depth Truck Front 7.5/32, Truck Rear 9.1/32, Trailer Front 9.5/32, Trailer Rear 6.9/32. -Before towing the a couple years ago the following was done to truck to prepare for the task. -Deluxe Auto Trans Filter / temp gauge -Ball hitch, RV plug and Tekonsha Brake controller -Monroe front shocks and rear air shocks(adj for load inside cabin) -Valve cove
  3. SOLD FOR $9,900 1/17/21. ? Couple of my price possessions for sale/trade. Ideally I'd offload all 3 to same buyer as package for cash or trade for a Honda S2000. If your serious shoot me a cash offer or S2000 to trade and I'll unload the 30 pages of documentation for Miata on you to drool over. $10,000 '95 Miata. 71k miles $22k in parts alone. Beautiful interior. Receipts on everything. Hard top is OE with glass/defroster.
  4. 2021 Goals: 1. Buy first home in Denver. 2. Get wife pregnant. 3. Get track membership at High Plains Raceway 4. Figure out how to lower driver seat in Miata with 3 point, or cage swap AGAIN! for better belt placement. 5. Rebuild S2000 client base in new location. 6. Learn to MIG a perfect cube from square tubing with no warping.
  5. Just got this bad boy in my garage. So it's a F-Con V Pro (gold box) and appears to be piggy back to a Toyota 1jz-gt a/t ECU. The car is standard. The HKS Knock amp is saying AF is lean under idle (all conditions). Wiring seems good and I'm getting 12v for heating of sensor. Dang sensor is $256 if you can even find one. I'm about to have a money talk with my brother. I think it's best to dump all these crazy Japanese hack jobs and get on a modern full stand alone.
  6. Good question, I'm getting some pics today to help see what it's running. Forgot about them and they did great work on my buddies S2000 w/ AEM.
  7. I have a tuner in Dallas I like for my track Miata, PRT Performance. My younger brother has a 1jz turbo swapped Toyota Supra with HKS Fcon for tuning. Want a Austin dyno shop to dyno tune it for Austin since it came from up North. Many years back I used MZM International for a Turbo S2000, but open to other shops. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. I looked on their Facebook and no pictures at all; just memes. Anyone finds this post it up. It's still my "home track" and can't wait to get back on some changes.
  9. Has anyone have a map of what the changes will be? Buddy hit me with following, but unsure date. I believe the back right side out of frame was were the real changes were coming. And then I see parts in the middle of this picture with more wear than I remember and I feel lost to the changes. I'll just throw it out there, I miss my membership there many years back now.
  10. Hmmmmmn. Only other difference I can think of is E85 (which should drop temps), and I'm at 250whp 14psi. Also driving habits on track, I tend to murder my cars on the bleeding edge and give them no cares. Also the day in question at HH was very hot, but I've since made changes to ducting and undertray. Extending the undertray? Do you have more details on this. Also I was considering removing the FM fans and finding 1 stock fan. The car is 100% track duty now. Might change tune and make her at 220whp; seems like Magic number. Side note after last track day I pulled plugs and checked
  11. Thanks for suggestions. For ducting i've gone fairly extensive in sealing all gaps, but have not start cutting up anything to allow more air flow. For oil cooler I did the Track Dog Racing kit that puts it infront of passenger fender. It allows for clean air. Before oil cooler I could hit 230F in 2 laps at Harris Hill. Now I"m doing 10+min at COTA before temps start getting high. Even then I still push until 235F or above 275F oil. I really do think ideally I need to drop fans completely and V mount. I've also entertained the idea of doubling the size of oil cooler and retesting. But next
  12. So I aligned my own car with Paco Motorsports hub stands. Second product from them I've not been happy with my purchase. I do think it's a good idea on hub stands and feel in better hands results would be far superior. I went to a Miata track alignment specialist; Texas Track Works. Here's where I landed. Spent a weekend repainting my trailer. Tow rig in heat performed perfect and I loved being able to jump in truck idling with AC. Even though I was chugging water all day I got multiple migraines. This event is my favorite all year around. Goes from 4pm to 11pm. Night is
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