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  1. Forget worrying about the hood. Your first diagnosis is to make sure your providing all the air upfront into the multiple radiators you have and not allowing any air to escape on the sides. Also on your tune (what ECU), almost all tunes allow a boost control on coolant temps i'm pretty sure. I'd think anything above 230F coolant should bring it back down to 6psi to help extend your session. Obviously the tune isn't a "fix", but it will help you stay on track a little longer.
  2. Ah man what a fun build and props for keeping it so clean. Still makes my eyes pop to see this modern head exhaust systems. Talk about proper for tight packaging. Hell I bet even I could build a turbo manifold.
  3. Alright I was able to kick some S2000's out of my garage for a hot weekend to take down Miata for upgrades. I replaced the missing driver A pillar with a treasure coast one. Replaced both door belts (trim) with treasure coast aftermarket ones and what a difference that makes on a car. Also installed K Miata reinforcement to rear diff and installed a locally sourced 4.1 Torsen Type I. Figured why not play with paint and restore at same time. The only big hold up was I stopped on 4 stripped diff 12mm bolts and after two nights rest I realized I was using 12 point sockets and hadn't tried a 6 point. On with the picture.... After all this I picked up enough acceleration that I finally think my Miata can pull on my Vette. First gear is till utterly hopeless. I really like the 5 speed, so I think i'll swap gears this upcoming summer and fix speedo to match.
  4. Alright little update. Met Randy here in town and picked up 2x 5spd's and 1x torsen. Last night met up with a S2000 friend Louie so he could show me some good touge roads. After enlightening him on turbo miata's true mastery, corners; I think I saw part of his life flash before his eyes. Quickly popped hood to a turbo S2000 day sha vu; except this time without blown engine. Nice glowing manifold. Also I've lowered car 1in all the way around, still need to play with height before I finalize alignment. After a spirited run at night. 44F outside. New height. Need to remeasure, align blah blah.
  5. Anyone recognize those seats? Not often you see a adjustable seat in a Miata that allows a harness.
  6. Little updates. Drove the car at Harris Hill Raceway and discovered cooling was no where near adequate for track duty. Picked up a Flyin Miata V1 under body brace with butterfly. I ended up destroying my Hydra ECU patch harness. During downtime battled mentally for what seemed like a month on oil cooler kit I wanted; decided on Track Dog Racing's kit; which bonus points I live 5 miles from those great guys. Skip forward a month and harness is replaced, oil cooler kit installed/modified. Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring Miata to my race track wedding; but driving off in a Lambo was almost as cool. The boosted Miata is back though, and I've promised again to her I wouldn't take her down for mods.
  7. Maybe it was because I lived in Austin, but I never had much unexpected trouble for a 300k people event. Of all the different ways i've gone, the best is meet downtown and catch one of the COTA buses that brings people to track. There is quite a good walk after that if your not keen on such things.
  8. I love EA and I will be there both days instructing. Unless evil work steals me away. So far only tested new build on HHR and temps went up VERY fast. Adding oil cooler and ducting. We shall see.
  9. If there is a member they can do 2 guest passes per month while they are their at H2R as well. I think it's $150/4hr. I'm no longer a member or i'd help, but love the track.
  10. Looks great. So how is the new aero balance working out?
  11. I had something similar to that on a E36 M3; mounting and wood type. Don't be like me and test with a 70mph run oh highway without a second person following. The down force was ridiculous (noob design) and riped the bolt heads off holding the 1 in wide 1/4 steel flat bar.
  12. Good progress. Looks like you still have ducting for front bumper to work out. What materials will you be doing for that portion?
  13. My knowledge still didn't prepare me to see coilovers instead of composite leaf springs. *tear
  14. Exhaust looks and sounds good. Better jump on those transmissions fast; I've heard they have so many swap kits now for them their becoming quite rare.
  15. PRT Performance in Lewisville. https://www.facebook.com/prtperformance/ Steve. I didn't get a chance to ask him on his Honda abilities directly, but after my great experience I recommended him to a turbo S2000 client and Steve said he was more than familiar with their ECU platforms. Just to throw another option out there for ya.
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