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  1. Little updates. Drove the car at Harris Hill Raceway and discovered cooling was no where near adequate for track duty. Picked up a Flyin Miata V1 under body brace with butterfly. I ended up destroying my Hydra ECU patch harness. During downtime battled mentally for what seemed like a month on oil cooler kit I wanted; decided on Track Dog Racing's kit; which bonus points I live 5 miles from those great guys. Skip forward a month and harness is replaced, oil cooler kit installed/modified. Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring Miata to my race track wedding; but driving off in a Lambo was almost as cool. The boosted Miata is back though, and I've promised again to her I wouldn't take her down for mods.
  2. Maybe it was because I lived in Austin, but I never had much unexpected trouble for a 300k people event. Of all the different ways i've gone, the best is meet downtown and catch one of the COTA buses that brings people to track. There is quite a good walk after that if your not keen on such things.
  3. I love EA and I will be there both days instructing. Unless evil work steals me away. So far only tested new build on HHR and temps went up VERY fast. Adding oil cooler and ducting. We shall see.
  4. If there is a member they can do 2 guest passes per month while they are their at H2R as well. I think it's $150/4hr. I'm no longer a member or i'd help, but love the track.
  5. Looks great. So how is the new aero balance working out?
  6. I had something similar to that on a E36 M3; mounting and wood type. Don't be like me and test with a 70mph run oh highway without a second person following. The down force was ridiculous (noob design) and riped the bolt heads off holding the 1 in wide 1/4 steel flat bar.
  7. Good progress. Looks like you still have ducting for front bumper to work out. What materials will you be doing for that portion?
  8. My knowledge still didn't prepare me to see coilovers instead of composite leaf springs. *tear
  9. Exhaust looks and sounds good. Better jump on those transmissions fast; I've heard they have so many swap kits now for them their becoming quite rare.
  10. PRT Performance in Lewisville. https://www.facebook.com/prtperformance/ Steve. I didn't get a chance to ask him on his Honda abilities directly, but after my great experience I recommended him to a turbo S2000 client and Steve said he was more than familiar with their ECU platforms. Just to throw another option out there for ya.
  11. OMG ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just when I'm balls deep in turbo BP life!
  12. Next time I'll try that. In past I used Por15. Then I grew to HATE Por15. I hope to never redo this current setup though.
  13. Your clearly a madman! Saying it needs more power and brakes. Can't wait to hear of the laptimes your pulling after all the mods. Any trackdays yet to get baseline?
  14. Electrical problems can be a real PITA. Good diagnosing. Now as far as the "e-throttle", I do know that with computers you don't leave flying leads open; as in if it's not being used it shouldn't be connected to computer. That's more of a IT thing referring to cabling, but it's prolly to prevent a similar event. To really understand you can label all the "Ethrottle" cables to get a idea of how that circuit is used. I'm assuming a 4 wire connector; 2 for powering throttle body, 2 for resistance circuit to see TPS. Just guessing.
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