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  1. Stainless I believe has more protection than the other type. They do actually make stainless with a Teflon outer coat; but I've only seen them on small brake lines and there is a price hike.
  2. Glad your safe; looks fun. I've not flipped.
  3. OMG. Well now my goals have changed. Next time I'm back out there I must get into 1:27 on street tires.
  4. When I do this on oil lines I just put a cut coolant hose halfway on one line and zip tie the two lines together making a rubber "jelly" sandwich between stainless steel lines. You'll be a little more creative with 3 hoses in mix; but it doesn't have to be a lot of rubber in between them if you control where they touch with zip ties.
  5. You think you can get 1:28 in a NC on those tires?! How crap am I as a driver? My fastest in my Ap1 using 255 re71 was 1:29.
  6. Joe; a note about bare stainless steel lines. Don't let them touch anything but thick rubber. I like your grommet hole. But also I recommend putting a little rubber in between the lines as they pass through that hole. I've seen over time some really unfortunate leaks from time and rubbing. These are worse since it has fuel. When I'm doing jobs I'll always keep one or two old radiator hoses in tool storage so I can cut them up for custom rubber "spacers".
  7. What a clean example! Those kids look older than I thought would fit in those back seats.
  8. I'm not in financial boat (nor will I ever buy a brand new car); but my opinion is I think it's a winner for others. If I were buying a two seater though; screw Automatic. If this was a 2+2 setup then maybe because I could justify the extra uses I could get out of it. This engine has been proven on BMW for easy big HP; I bet it'll be less than a year after release we see 400-500hp pretty easily.
  9. I have a basic Tamahayaka (whatever that name is) controller $80. It works and I do appreciate it's essentially two knobs to play with. But I have a feeling a more advanced controller could better use my brakes and settle the occasional jutter I get when suddenly brakes are grabbing too much (18ft open).
  10. This is going to sound dumb, but use a long 3/8 extension and place one end on a solid part of the starter. Take a small metal hammer or mallet and give her a wack. Then try again.
  11. I had a soldered wire reground itself on me. Upon close inspection my "solder" had left a little peak that was like a needle. It would poke right through heatshrink/tape. When I found this I sanded down that peak before sealing it back up. Food for thought. Can't remember placement of the S54 starter, but if it's easy to access wires in back wouldn't hurt to put a multimeter on it.
  12. 1. Laguna Seca 2. Horse Thief Mile
  13. Glad your safe. Looks like barrier did it's job well in saving vehicle and your head didn't seem to move around all that much.
  14. Nice job. I use 100watt equivalent LED lights and 12 bulb string lights. Bunch of J hooks on ceiling and all can be bought from Home Depot and Harbor Freight. I'll post up a pic of my light output. Works well I originally thought I would move the lights around more than I do; which is never.
  15. I hated all T56 "shift kits". If I'm remembering right I think you can swap that one for a C6 Z06. My stock C6 one is great, zero complaints. Had a 98 Camaro with a hurst shift kit and it was garbage. The forums have mixed reviews on everything but the GM ones.
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