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  1. I'm being punished I swear. Go to swap Ohlin's over to the NA and the lower strut bolt on front passenger corner took 2 hours to remove. Bolt got seized in sleeve. Had to remove both control arms and put on bench. Grinded away the sleeve and finally removed the damn strut. Looking over the control arms and their all rusty and just not in the kind of shape I think restoring them will benefit me greatly. So I'm ordering new front upper and lower control arms; then immediately swapping the bushings for my upgraded bushings. Also picked up Harbor Freight cordless earthquake 1200 ft lb 1/2 impact to replace my 10 yr old Chicago electric 220 ft lb model. WOW Did fantastic on removing rusted bolts.
  2. For suspension when I was going to do this to my C6 I had decided on LG Motorsports setup. Which is half that price I believe. There are two ways to build; fix problems or fix potential problems. After you swap suspension and get tires; you will know if a hard turn will drop oil pressure. My knowledge is only C6 world, but for LS2 there were many folks who didn't get oil pressure issues and then some who did. I imagine it's like sizing up brakes for a car. Most of the need for brakes comes down to driver; some are hard on brakes and some aren't. Same with coolers (which can cost you a insane amount if you need everything cooled). And on the thought of coolers, just leaving out racing on 95F+ days will help tremendously.
  3. Picked up my car after I got it tuned on E85. Here's the results!
  4. Looks great. Can't wait to hear how it drives.
  5. I already own a set of Ohlins DFV and will be swapping it over to this car. Just life has been killing me and my side business on cars is bursting with to do's.
  6. And so far i've had to rewire and do heat management on a lot of wires. Cheapie heads up heater hose makes great cheap heat protection for wires. It's rated for 500F and to my surprise on car that burned down recently not one heater hose failed even after being massively charred. So I split hose in half to make it easy to put over wire and choose a heater hose size that will create a air gap inside hose for wires. Scheduled Wed to check 93 tune and tune on E85. Currently 240hp at 11.4psi; looking for same on E85 but get some cooling benefits and knock protection. SUMMIT HAS BEST PRICING ON JUGS hehe.
  7. So in building my NB for more track days I had a crisis of judgement and grabbed this AMAZING deal. Purchased off second owner, first owner kept it 1995-2017 and put 55k miles with zero sun damage on paint. Second owner grabbed it and put $26k in parts; took a job overseas and during selling it car started stalling on people. He dropped price massively. I snagged it and fixed this issue with crank angle sensor cable. Mod list! PS my NB is sold already to friend. ATI DAMPER PULLEY KIT FM Turbo Kit Turbo Heat Sheild Mac boost solenoid Injectors 1050cc Flyin Miata Big Flex fuel kit Trackspeed fuel pump rewire Big spark kit without coils ls3 coils FM Happy Meal Clutch Poly Diff Bushing Cipher steering wheel FM Radiator QMax reroute FM Stage 1 Airflow Singular Hood Louvers FM 3 in exhaust FM Big brake kit Hard dog sport roll bar Advanti Storm wheel AWR Poly Engine Mount
  8. Having worked on both cars; the image holds true. BMW's require more care; but ultimately my cup of tea due to the "driver feel".
  9. I know how bad that must suck. Man engine lost ☹️ . I found out about this when someone had a brake line saw a control arm in half and crashed from lose of control.
  10. Wow what are specs on that Miata. I've not seen one failed that bad. When rivets just barely start touching you can feel a clutch slip and you have some decent time before you need to remove clutch.
  11. Often the lower control arm bushings wearing out can give a highway shimmy in steering wheel under accel and turning; but not braking hard.
  12. Stainless I believe has more protection than the other type. They do actually make stainless with a Teflon outer coat; but I've only seen them on small brake lines and there is a price hike.
  13. Glad your safe; looks fun. I've not flipped.
  14. OMG. Well now my goals have changed. Next time I'm back out there I must get into 1:27 on street tires.
  15. When I do this on oil lines I just put a cut coolant hose halfway on one line and zip tie the two lines together making a rubber "jelly" sandwich between stainless steel lines. You'll be a little more creative with 3 hoses in mix; but it doesn't have to be a lot of rubber in between them if you control where they touch with zip ties.
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