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  1. That is actually not a bad suggestion... I'll talk to Scott about it. A couple of years ago I was in a HPDE-4 driver's car at ECR doing a check ride for TT. There happened to be a spin in front of us that brought out two yellow flags, both of which he had missed when I asked him about it at the end of the session. Because of that, and some other issues, I did not recommend that he be moved up. At the end of the session I did send about 10-15 minutes in the car with him talking in detail about what he needed to work on.
  2. Just to clarify, Vaughn and I have been running the HPDE 3-4 group only. Scott Adams is responsible for the entire HPDE program (HPDE 1-4).
  3. Until we have a track (other than CoTA) with the awesomeness of T1-T2 and T7, long live TWS. I'll keep going to race W2W there.
  4. NASA is planning on having two events in 2017. 279th bi-annual last race weekend ever!
  5. Yes a baaad weekend for S2Ks. From what I saw of that yellow car, after the crash, it looked like a really nice build. The intercooler and plumbing are toast, but hopefully the engine is OK. On the bright side, considering the crash, it could have been worse for the driver.
  6. My instructor slot is still open! Price Drop to $175 (I am losing money on this). You MUST have instructor experience. If you want it, contact me ASAP!
  7. Priced reduced to $175 for three days at COTA, assuming you have instructor experience. Contact me ASAP!
  8. FYI if anyone is looking to instruct for this event: https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/4979-bmw-cca-texas-trifecta-instructor-spot-available/
  9. Experienced track instructors... I have a spot on June 17-19 to instruct for the BMW CCA at CoTA. The deal is, you instruct, and you get several track sessions each day in the instructor group. I cannot go, and it is too late to get back my fee. I am looking for an experienced track instructor who wants my spot. I'll sell it for a bit less than what I paid. No dibs please. Send me a PM if you are interested. Respond ASAP. Thanks
  10. You drill an inspection hole in the glass to pass the broomstick through. Most use the passenger side strut tower as a reference so that you do not have a hole in your line of sight in the driver's side. If you have done it before, or can find someone that has done it before on your same Miata, with the same roll bar, you can measure their hole placement on the windshield and use a smaller hole, say less than 3/4". Otherwise, you should use a 1-1/2" to 2" hole to make sure the broom can be placed properly for the measurement. If you have access to an old car, or to a junkyard, you may want to
  11. Nooo!!! I must break into the 1:49.XX range first, then they can close it. I'm soooo close. Troy Messer (super fast NASA racer) also wants another shot at breaking into the 1:39.XX.
  12. Yes they definitely like plywood under jacks and what nots. I am in for ST2 racing and HPDE 3-4 Group Lead. I am looking forward to being back at NOLA since it is such a fun track. It is flat as a board, but still quite challenging. The facilities are the best of all the tracks we race at (excluding CoTA) and Saturday night kart racing is a blast. It is just such a long drive from San Antonio
  13. FWIW I changed the location of the pivot pin on the Fanatech brake pedal; it was in the bottom slot, and I moved it up one notch. That was a huge change in pedal stiffness and I am much happier with it. Between that, and taking the spacer out from behind the gas pedal, I can heel-toe again. I have been spending most of my time racing the SRF at Charlotte, and the Skip Barber open-wheel car at Okayama, both D class series. The SRF car can be very unforgiving; it's hard to correct oversteer sometimes. The Skip Barber car is fun, but has to be driven precisely. Overdriving it even a bit will
  14. Yes another good thing about iRacing, easy to practice left foot braking. I use left foot trail braking in turn one on the Phoenix road course. That's a bitch of a turn to nail just right.
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