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  1. You were correct, Sir. I had not read that thread or seen that video. I am really glad that guy was not in my car the last time I had a check ride, recently in a wet COTA session...Even though I didn't manage to blow any flags, that session...
  2. You guys should get out there and show him how it's done 😉
  3. Yep, Ole Randy's still got it...BIG time... 🙂
  4. I appreciate everyone who'd taken time to share their track experiences. In hindsight, I think another approach may have been better in directing the wandering Junkie to his next fix. The major flaw in what I've done here, is that we don't know what tracks the respondents have driven, and the tracks they have (or haven't) driven, of course will influence their top picks. in an attempt to improve the usefulness of the thread, I've posted what may be a better angle here:
  5. What tracks have you driven? Which was best? Worst? Why? Rate the tracks you've driven, starting with #1 (best), and please let us know the details of why you gave the rating.
  6. Another vote for Barber...anyone driven Laguna Seca?
  7. Me too, as in internationally...
  8. I know some of you have traveled far and wide for that fresh fix. What would be your recommendation for the top track to visit outside Texas? Of course, COTA is a tough act to follow, and I understand Eagles Canyon will be ready soon, but...what track does the well traveled junkie mind drift to across state lines? Last time I discussed this question one on one, the answer was Barber...
  9. Any surprises on the repair? Make sure they check all the panel reveals carefully. Frunk lid looks tight to the passenger side...
  10. Yes Sir, way back in '08. Still can't get laid, though...
  11. Are you filing a claim on track insurance? If so, feedback on that carrier would be helpful, as well...
  12. I'm familiar with the COTA damage policy, but that barrier has been hit before, many times, and appears to be designed with some resiliency (as in it has been returned to its' normal flat surface after previous hits). I'd hope any associated charges would be minimal, if any, unless you perforated it. I would also like to know how it was handled, as I'll be driving the track (again) this weekend...
  13. I'll be there both days. Does Chin typically add more garage space closer to the event?
  14. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Seat & accessories are sold. Thanks TJs! :)
  15. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Info updated in response to questions. Thanks for the interest.
  16. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    NE Houston-Eagle Springs
  17. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    SOLD-Sparco Evo VTR. About 10 hours on this seat since new. Sold the car and pulled it. Brackets for NC Miata, slide rails NIB + harness thrown in at no charge. Seat was built 5/2010, G Force harness was made 12/2010. Everthing has been wrapped in plastic, placed in original shipping box, and carefully stored indoors. $400.
  18. Needing a single space for both days of the Chin event. Stock exhaust on my 911 is nice and quiet. Will leave it clean... Peter [email protected]
  19. My first on track experience happened at TWS, with many HPDEs and OTDs to follow. Many fond memories of cars and laps gone by. On the bright side, there's COTA :)
  20. Good news. Be ready if they decided to come back. Some of this could be the same crapbags: https://www.google.com/#q=stolen+trailer+austin
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