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  1. I'll be there both days. Does Chin typically add more garage space closer to the event?
  2. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Seat & accessories are sold. Thanks TJs! :)
  3. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Info updated in response to questions. Thanks for the interest.
  4. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    NE Houston-Eagle Springs
  5. phm14

    Sparco Evo Seat

    SOLD-Sparco Evo VTR. About 10 hours on this seat since new. Sold the car and pulled it. Brackets for NC Miata, slide rails NIB + harness thrown in at no charge. Seat was built 5/2010, G Force harness was made 12/2010. Everthing has been wrapped in plastic, placed in original shipping box, and carefully stored indoors. $400.
  6. Needing a single space for both days of the Chin event. Stock exhaust on my 911 is nice and quiet. Will leave it clean... Peter [email protected]
  7. My first on track experience happened at TWS, with many HPDEs and OTDs to follow. Many fond memories of cars and laps gone by. On the bright side, there's COTA :)
  8. Good news. Be ready if they decided to come back. Some of this could be the same crapbags: https://www.google.com/#q=stolen+trailer+austin
  9. Sorry to hear, and I hope you get your stuff back. That bike looks like a new build-nice work. I'd be pretty pissed. I think if I'm ever fortunate enough to own a nice trailer, I'll take the time to pull the wheels, and keep the lugs somewhere else. They make some wheel boots that look pretty hard to defeat as well. I might have trusted a tongue lock as well until I read this. Thanks to Chris S for posting this up on social media.
  10. Test drove a '11 Lexus IS F, then discovered the 2015 RC 350, which is at the top of the list as of today. It will be the platform for the 5.0 liter, 455hp RC F coming out the following year, I believe. If I get serious about more track time, I'll need something like you have, Robert. Meanwhile, the FRS will continue occasional OTD duties, and I have a new CF MTB frame that needs building up :)
  11. Lots of nice presents, and the thumbs up from the Wife to buy a new car :)
  12. phm14

    RIP Trey Stiles

    Trey will be missed. He was a wealth of information and always seemed willing to share it. I never heard him say anything negative about anyone, and as far as I saw, he went out of his way to be kind to everyone he met, including me. His passing is a loss for the track community. Trey was a hell of a driver, a nice Guy, and a class act. Hopefully there are tracks in heaven, and Trey is up there driving his ass off right now.
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