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  1. It was in the middle of a turn, and we had two more further up the road. It's a regulation to put the last triangle on the top of the car when you're not continuing 🙂
  2. x2, and the trifecta is after they're rubber wrapped, to zip tie them together so there's no movement.
  3. HA, I suppose that counts but that sure is different!
  4. It's always a lot of fun! Until it isn't. If it was my car, I may have tried to repair and start for the second day, but the windshield would have been hard to fix.
  5. Popped that cherry, had an unfortunate roll while navigating in the 2019 Dirtfish Olympus Rally. 26 events in before rolling, pretty good run! Roll cages are there for a reason, thank goodness for good safety gear, the driver and I were both totally uninjured. Car was mechanically fine, but needs a lot of bodywork...
  6. And if you're in DFW, check out GSPEED, on site at MSR Cresson.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I think this first go round I'll sand the rotors and bed them on the track. I'll leave the track pads in and see how it goes on the street, it rarely sees street driving (mostly to/from track or autocross). If it's too squeaky/ too cold for the material, I'll get another set of rotors and swap both next time.
  8. I'm signed up for the June 4th event, glad to make it back to the track!
  9. The race pads that I have are G-Loc (R12 front, R10 rear). I just about ordered their street pads but just about fell over when I got the price. No thanks. Almost as expensive as the race pads. Street pads are just Autozone regular pads on Centric Rotors, and OE Ford pads on the front. Remember I'm running 2016 Focus calipers on the car now. I saw something about using the race pads to scrape off the material of the other pads, braking hard but keeping the rotor cool (rather than letting it get up to temp when bedding in). Doesn't make sense/ seem safe for race pads and driving on the street.
  10. New to using race pads, I plan on sanding the rotors to get off the street pad material before taking the car to the track and bedding in the race pads. Would it be worth having a separate set of rotors (I haven't graduated to using expensive/crazy rotors so it wouldn't be expensive), rather than re-bedding the pads every time?
  11. Was happy to come out and instruct in the rain for Street Survival, thank you for the invitation!
  12. Everything is back together and she's running great! No more smokey startups (Valve stem seals replaced) and pulls well. Intention is to get the Wideband O2 sensor installed before the next event at Cression, TiNA on June 4th, otherwise good to go. Edit: I suppose I should include the updates since the last post: -700lb/in rear springs (.62 motion ratio), removed rubber isolator (small ride height drop) -Returned to stock (10mm) rear sway bar (my guess is the 19mm bar AND the 700lb/in springs would be too much) -New Bilstein B8 rear shocks -Wirewheeled and repainted the rear subframe -Polyurethane Rear control arm bushings -Polyurethane/new diff mount -Both rear wheel bearings -Lowered front spring perches ~0.5in (car needs to be measured/adjusted) -Head work (Valve job, milled flat, valve stem seals, valve springs checked, new cam bearings) -New battery (old one let me down, buldged and leaking...) -Fixed brake fluid leaks /topped reservior Things waiting in the wings for the future: -Weld in Roll Bar (back-half cage, welder friend is coming by first week of June) -Standalone ECU, PIMP (MS3-based PNP ECU) -Wideband O2 Sensor -Cosworth T5/ T5z clone transmission (along with new clutch, driveshaft modifications) -450 lb/in springs for the front (may throw these on before TiNA) -G-Loc brake pads R12 front, R10 rear (sitting on the shelf, may get separate pair of rotors so I don't have to do any sanding when switching back and forth)
  13. Not *too* bad to ship, Billy themselves in Cali can do it. https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/technology-and-knowledge/service/
  14. ESPECIALLY that corner at 6200/6500ft (as displayed) where he got on the power earlier but the Mustang out accelerated him to a higher top speed before the next corner. That's the only one where the slope of the speed trace (AKA acceleration) is a lot different than BRZ in the displayed traces.
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