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  1. Not *too* bad to ship, Billy themselves in Cali can do it. https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/technology-and-knowledge/service/
  2. ESPECIALLY that corner at 6200/6500ft (as displayed) where he got on the power earlier but the Mustang out accelerated him to a higher top speed before the next corner. That's the only one where the slope of the speed trace (AKA acceleration) is a lot different than BRZ in the displayed traces.
  3. Thats the nerdy stuff that I love. Selfishly this Daq analysis if for me to learn the software and be comfortable navigating the data streams with the hope of assisting race teams as a data engineer at some point. Does the CAN bus output go directly into the AIM?
  4. Some great data there to help you get faster! How're you getting your throttle, brake pedal position, and steering angle data?
  5. X2 here, but thankfully (unfortunately?) no unapproved programs can be installed on my work computer and don't have my personal laptop in the office 🙂
  6. Thank you! Much appreciated. Any particular sessions where you had a better feeling or two sessions with comparable results (ie similar driving but different tires, good day vs bad day, you and a codriver, etc)?
  7. Great! I'll shoot a PM over.
  8. I'm on a mission to learn some data analysis techniques (from AIM, Apex Pro, MoTec, etc), but the car unfortunately isn't back together, and I currently only have a RaceChrono system. I intend to download the AIM software, but am also looking at Video overlays with RaceRender. If you have data from tracks (or autocross runs) that you're willing to share, please let me know! Anything helps.
  9. Everyone should come by the Rally Ready booth! Rally training can help immensely with track driving and feeling comfortable beyond the limit! Let me know if you all have any questions.
  10. Thanks! Would have been better to come home with 1st, but was still a good time! Was COLD up there. (-15 F at one point).
  11. I'll be there representing Rally Ready, We'll be doing some offroad UTV demos to my knowledge.
  12. 2 weeks ago I went and competed (as a navigator) in the Canadian Rally Championship, Rallye Perce Neige in Maniwaki, Quebec. Had a good run, and finished first in 2wd, but scoring changes (that we should have known about) were updated after the fact and pushed us into 3rd place :( Cold and snowy but a heck of a lot of fun! Some Media coverage: http://rally-america.com/news/entry/lestage-ockwell-return-to-top-of-canadian-charts-at-perce-neige https://carsrally.ca/crc-news/lestage-and-ockwell-return-victorious-at-perce-neige/
  13. Hopefully I can make it, but it'll be a bit later. Got roped into playing some sportsball and we have two games today (Always Tuesday, whyy!)
  14. Diagnosis confirmed. Busted the fire ring in the #2 cylinder, and was also leaking in #1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oYGHxebpsegTEh2N6 Quick flatness check says less than .002" out of flat, likely will clean it up and just put a new gasket in. Spark plugs were nasty in the cylinders that were leaking, and okay looking (maybe a bit lean) on the other cylinders. Compression was 152, 45, 150, 155 for cylinders 1,2, 3, and 4 respectively.
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