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  1. I moved a lot of the build to the grassroots motorsport forum: https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/mer-what-xr4ti-track-car/156357/page1/ but of the list I posted previously: -Weld in Roll Bar - Complete! -Standalone ECU, PIMP (MS3-based PNP ECU) - Installed, and *mostly* tuned (waiting on me to get it back on the road) -Wideband O2 Sensor - Installed -Cosworth T5/ T5z clone transmission (along with new clutch, driveshaft modifications) - In the process of being installed, the stock clutch was giving up the ghost with the tuning powe
  2. Not a lot of progress lately. Pictures forthcoming, but the sunroof came out, and there is now a welded roll bar in the car! Seats and harnesses are in the plan. The car got a new battery and tracked the problem to an over-charging alternator which is still being worked. She also got a shiny digital dash that's Raspberry Pi based and runs tunerstudio for the gauges as well as tuning. Wideband issues are sorted, traded up to an AEM instead of the Innovate which I had in originally. Much easier installation, and much less finicky. Fixed pre-Wideband exhaust leak issues by welding
  3. Slack may be part of the issue, as the car has a re-positioned intake. The cable run is shorter and right now I just have the excess looped and tucked away. Mostly though its about the ability to move the foot over to the gas pedal when full in the brakes.
  4. Nitrogen was my first thought when you were talking about the race and the huge pressure swings. A small bottle is fairly inexpensive, like a small welding gas bottle would be enough for a few events, refills are stupid cheap after that ($25?)
  5. Makes sense to me. I would agree that the article is steered towards stock /budget limited classes on street tires.
  6. Agreed, I was just pointed to that link by a friend when I mentioned dropping front tire pressure to reduce push (understeer). We were having some fairly high temperature increases and were NOT rolling over the edge of the tire too much. (Re-71r on a Miata) Didn't make sense to me, and no one adjustment is a be-all end-all for any situation. Found out later that we were probably 5-7 psi above the recommended pressures for that car, which makes sense to me. I just wanted a reality check from some folks who've been there, done that (you guys) since I'm relatively new at this.
  7. Now, this may be my ignorance, but the tire rack article as presented below indicates that to decrease understeer one should INCREASE front tire pressure or decrease tear tire pressure... https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=58 This seems backwards or incomplete to me. I see the tire similar to a spring where decreasing pressure adds grip (and heat) until the tire is overheating, rolling over too much, or in danger of debeading. I guess my gripe with the article is it doesn't specify where you started, but it still seems backwards to me. Am I just ignorant?
  8. Decided to try the gas pedal extension with an angled part. Was at the junkyard for other reasons today and happened across a piece of 1/8 flat aluminum (it was a skid plate) which will work perfectly. See attached photo for current pedal position and with pedal depressed. Hard to tell the depth, and my foot is purposely off to the left to expose the brake pedal (before anyone asks).
  9. Hmm, I wonder how it would fit the XR pedal...
  10. I'll try to get some photos tonight, but the problem I was having is that the brake pedal is BELOW the gas pedal under hard braking. And the rest of the braking system has been gone through, reman MC, RBF600 fluid, stainless steel lines, and 2016 Focus calipers all around. Extending the width of the gas pedal couldn't hurt though. @Dennis where did you buy that piece you've got?
  11. This is what i was Imagining, but to the brake pedal. I like the bend/ angle of the gas pedal idea.
  12. There's a lot of other things for me to worry about before I get to setup on pedal heights, but I was curious what folks thoughts were in terms of the difference in height between the brake and gas pedal. It seems that my pedal has a ton of travel and, under hard braking, my foot is buried way below the gas pedal. I would have to lift my foot completely to get to the gas pedal. This makes heel-toe difficult. My thought was to put an extension on the brake pedal to raise the height a bit relative to the gas pedal. Has anyone else run into this and how did they deal with it or solve it
  13. Fab work looks good! What are you going to use to paint it?
  14. Ended up bringing the Golf R daily rather than the XR4Ti (found some potential safety issues that needed to be addressed on the XR). Wholly heck the R is wayy too much car for my skills right now, but leaving the nannys on kept things under control. I didn't feel/ see traction control cutting in until the last session when it was hot, I was over-driving the car and I had roasted my tires. Had a great time, still much to learn. I ran racechrono on a 10Hz GPS antenna, but I haven't dug into the data yet..
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