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  1. Everyone should come by the Rally Ready booth! Rally training can help immensely with track driving and feeling comfortable beyond the limit! Let me know if you all have any questions.
  2. Thanks! Would have been better to come home with 1st, but was still a good time! Was COLD up there. (-15 F at one point).
  3. I'll be there representing Rally Ready, We'll be doing some offroad UTV demos to my knowledge.
  4. 2 weeks ago I went and competed (as a navigator) in the Canadian Rally Championship, Rallye Perce Neige in Maniwaki, Quebec. Had a good run, and finished first in 2wd, but scoring changes (that we should have known about) were updated after the fact and pushed us into 3rd place :( Cold and snowy but a heck of a lot of fun! Some Media coverage: http://rally-america.com/news/entry/lestage-ockwell-return-to-top-of-canadian-charts-at-perce-neige https://carsrally.ca/crc-news/lestage-and-ockwell-return-victorious-at-perce-neige/
  5. Hopefully I can make it, but it'll be a bit later. Got roped into playing some sportsball and we have two games today (Always Tuesday, whyy!)
  6. Diagnosis confirmed. Busted the fire ring in the #2 cylinder, and was also leaking in #1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oYGHxebpsegTEh2N6 Quick flatness check says less than .002" out of flat, likely will clean it up and just put a new gasket in. Spark plugs were nasty in the cylinders that were leaking, and okay looking (maybe a bit lean) on the other cylinders. Compression was 152, 45, 150, 155 for cylinders 1,2, 3, and 4 respectively.
  7. Next week hopefully! People like to schedule things for Tuesday.
  8. PSA: Lemons team idea scrapped. I'm not crazy about lemons and they're not crazy about responding to my messages so that answers that question. I will carry on seeking good instruction, but am being tempted by karts...
  9. Sad days, on a drive around town last night seems like we blew a head gasket. Things will be on pause while damage is assessed and fixes completed. Thankfully a head gasket job isn't horrible on this car, but still a bummer.
  10. The only thing I'd say about the Tundra is check which years the frame rot applies and whether the frame replacement has been completed. All are good options, all are expensive.
  11. This happened to me in my first track day. We were all noobs, but was catching the one guy in an older Corvette that would point me by because he'd pull a gap on the straight, even though I had run up on him. Faster cars would get the point by from me as well as him. Figured out later that I needed to be a *little* more aggressive and be a little closer for him to recognize that I had actually caught him and wanted to get by. Works both ways.
  12. Intercooler mods complete! After a slight detour fixing the distributor gear (and changing the auxiliary shaft), setting the timing on the car (an adventure when the timing marks are on crumbling 30 y/o plastic...), everything is on! Originally I had a VW recirculation valve plumbed to atmosphere, but it was leaking like crazy (large enough that I couldn't get the car to idle). I replaced it with a billet dual-piston BOV and the problems went away. The BOV made an extraordinary difference on the response of the car when shifting on full power! Before, there was a lot of lag (and some Choo-choo compressor surge), and now it gets right back to boost almost immediately. Good addition, makes me feel like I would have been at least half a second faster at the last autocross! Here's a video of a quick shift, and then a coast: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ofhZVGg4rUeVMFDZA Future plans listed above will go on hold while I do some regular maintenance on the daily driver and have other scheduled events, but hopefully I'll have some time and I can get back on track soon!
  13. Goals for 2019: Learning. (Seat time, seat time, seat time), the plan is to start with a TDE track day early in the year with some good instruction, and enter autocrosses and track days for seat time. Use data and video, review things that worked, and what I'm doing wrong. Stretch goal: Look for AER/ WRL drives to get W2W experience. Car Setup Get the car setup well enough to drive and not complain (too much) and STOP modifying. Only things left should be fixing some leaks, some radiator baffling, and some wheels and tires. Reliability is the goal. Stretch goal: bucket seat (my head doesn't fit with a helmet in the stock seat) Autocross Trophy in class (Not sure where the car falls yet, likely XP) Co-drive Neighbor's Camaro (he's offered) Stretch Goals: Depending on funds and availability (I'm all over the place, literally) I may be interested in the NASA TT 200tw class, but would need to get a TT license and know what I'm doing first. Don't want to be an obstacle, possibly leave that for later in the year. Overarching theme: Learning I'm just getting started, trying to be a sponge and soak up as much as possible. I have no specific lap time goals, or a desire for lots of power mods (though I may eek the boost up slightly).
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