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  1. Swapping transmissions of course.. Looking forward on being able to shift to 3rd smoothly again..
  2. For sale by owner: Volkswagen Touareg TDI Lux Two years ago I bought this diesel SUV from the 1st owner, and have used this VW badged Porsche Cayenne with great enjoyment for the last 2 years. My only reason for putting this up for sale is the need for a truck with more than the 8000lbs tow rating this Volkswagen has. Currently at 118,000 Miles This suv has been maintained by the Volkswagen dealer and has never needed anything other than scheduled maintenance. This vehicle is still under warranty and last week I had VW do an inspection to make sure nothing was due, it came back clean without remarks, see picture of that inspection attached. It’s the Lux version in white with beautiful espresso brown leather. The lux version comes with a giant panoramic sunroof, heated leather seats, navigation, backup camera, etc. I’ve added a tow hitch receiver and the VW electronic towing module. Interior and exterior present well, see photo’s, although it has normal minor marks from daily use. It’s a 2013, so it was fixed under diesel gate, and is still mechanically covered under the extended warranty until 120,000 miles. Unlike the 2011 and 2012’s that have been parked for years, this has been used and therefore in better condition. As mentioned, only reason for selling is to make room for a 3/4 -1 ton pick up truck to handle more towing capacity, if you happen to have one of those, I’m open for a trade. Price: $11,900 Photo's:
  3. Got some leftovers here in the garage: 1 set , front and rear Hawk HP+ pads, mildly used: 100$ 1 new rear set of BMW pads: 60$ 1 set, front and rear, M3 calipers with pagid yellow's and stanless steel lines: Make me an offer
  4. It was great! If only my 3rd gear synchro wasn't giving out.. lost positions left and right doing the crunch in Wagon wheel and Boot hill.. 6th in first race , 7th in the second and 8th in the last one, really matches up with the amount of crunching done during the race. Also, shoot out to the legend in the legend who kept racing me for more than a lap after he got the checker... wish he will find his glases to wear for the next weekend.
  5. Only in the first lap? Looks like we still got 3 rx7's signed up.. let's see how this goes..
  6. Dennis


    It's a good watch for sure, some wild storys! I had ony listened to the dinner with racers episode on him before, pretty interesting as well: https://www.dinnerwithracers.com/ep-80-willy-t-ribbs/
  7. Dennis

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lol.. Leave it to the Italians..
  8. Dennis

    MSRH Lap Times

    Can I join? Date: 1/25/2020 CCW lap time: 1:50.5 Car: Spec Miata Weight: 2430 WHP: 123 Tires: 205/50/15 Toyo RRs Battery: Low My best SM time so far.. with traffic. Driver skill was lacking the rest of the session when I got a better gap.. Missed pole at 0.05 sec.
  9. March is a lot of time.. aiming for Friday before 7 here..
  10. I know it’s not what you’re asking.. I would keep the Miata, get a tow rig and go wheel to wheel..
  11. Dennis

    2004 M3

    Also that.. repairs of the thing are pretty expensive.. honestly I think I will do the other " standard" BMW upgrades first and collect the manual swap parts. Also, trunk arrived, little messed up from being shipped on Greyhound, but still better than the carbon look one:
  12. Dennis

    2004 M3

    SMG is first gen flappy pedals, robot arm to manual gearbox type.. it's pretty basic with a lot of failure points. Mostly: I like 3 pedals, my tow vehicle is my first automatic I've ever owned.. as we don't do automatics overseas. You get a special license if you just can drive an automatic.
  13. Also, buy this and read it cover to cover a couple times: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0760340501/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_nklgEb7EBDJCB
  14. About 3 times a well set up spec miata.. https://www.racingjunk.com/Formula/184015665/2007-Ferrari-430-Challenge.html?category_id=4&np_offset=22
  15. Dennis

    Goals 2020

    Get back to pre- moving to Texas weight, as I can't seem to cut enough weigh out of the car.. Have Spec Miata 2 race / rent ready Get SCCA licence Top 3 Nasa TX Run Nasa Nats Run a Super Tour Finish in front of Vinnie once Get M3 ready for HPDE
  16. 1. Don't crash it Had a happening in the winter series before the season start. After that pretty clean besides some "standard" SM taps 2 .Run the full Spec Miata Nasa TX season Only missed out on Cota as I don't like changing gearboxes.. but added most of the NOLA season to it. 3. Get within a second of Vinnie's times Pretty close most tracks.. just not at Cresson 4. Change the spare Spec Miata for a road legal DE car On my way to pick up a ESR head for the spare miata.. so not getting rid of it.. but bought a e46 m3, so kinda completed.. ? Overall it went pretty well... just realized I didn't do any DE's or open days for the last 3/4 of the year, just ran Nola a lot. Resulted in 3rd in Nasa TX and 1st in Nasa Nola. Pretty stoked with results, but looking to try on the big boys next year as the Texas field thinned a bit. Still trying to see how without spending all my money on Hoosiers..
  17. Nola.. in the sun, 70 degrees.. and reverse grid start on Sunday.. Also with free miss shift at start.
  18. Last time I checked.. all at the Choice Wrl people... never seen so many rs4’s together..
  19. Anybody else heading out to scratch the itch? https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2972 Configuration: 2.75 mile configuration with esses
  20. Anybody parting out a Miata? Looking for on of these dashboards: . Looking for "race" quality.. ideally with a heater core and hvac controls as well.
  21. Dennis

    2004 M3

    Gave it some fresh fluids and did an autox in it: And it survived! It has all of the under steer with the staggered Sumitomo tires. Trying to gather parts to some basic e46 fixes to get it ready to DE: Rear sub frame reinforcements.. plates are in, now just need to find all of the while you're in there bushings. Flex joint didn't like the auto x starts and is hanging by the treads.. And a new trunklid.. finally found somebody who want to ship one in the right color.. can't wait to lose the carbon look trunk..
  22. until
    Link: https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2972 Info, copy pasted: NASA NOLA is hosting its final NASA Race Weekend of the 2019 Season! Come on down to the Deep South to drive your car on the NOLA Motorsports Park Road Course. You can also enjoy the New Orleans nightlife located just 20 minutes from the track. We will be running the 2.75 mile (with esses) 16-turn configuration. Don't forget that your tech sheet is to be filled out PRIOR to going through the tech line. Any shop that is ASE certified or has an ASE certified mechanic, can complete your tech sheet. Here is a link to print out the tech sheet. https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/277/form_hpde_tech.pdf If you are interested in reserving an RV spot with hook-ups, please contact Ryan Martin at [email protected] Copy and paste the link below to register for the NOLA Motorsports Park Open Track Day on Friday December 6, 2019. The OTD will be running the same configuration as the NASA event. (The open track day is NOT a NASA event and is not associated with NASA - it is run by the track). msreg.com/carotd12-6-19
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