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  1. Older gentleman, C5 race car.. first time driving a standard on track. No clue on power, but got close to 150 at the end of the back straight. Hard to say what we where doing at the moment of impact as it all went in slow motion.. no clue what our real speed was, feel bad for the guy, whole front end was made shorter.
  2. It was a great weekend, great weather.. but the Miata acted up and lost 3rd gear on the last session on Saturday. Luckily Brian had a spare gearbox and a lift in his trailer, so got the car back together for Sunday. Sunday started a bit worse as my student floored his Corvette at the end of the warm up lap, coming out of turn 20, didn't catch the slide and plowed into the wall on the inside. Student was fine, car not so, I just hope I can sit again soon.. crash bruised my tailbone.
  3. I think I would have stayed back.. I'm still amazed we didn't touch.. From my car:
  4. Bryan.. your Miata was just looking too nice.. better keep that rippled fender on there.. Corner one was interesting all weekend:
  5. Just bringing all of the tires..
  6. In for SM, glad to see that Cyclone is back.. Looks like it's only rain in the morning on Saturday, at least it's not freezing!
  7. Taking the Miata? I’ll do the Sunday as well
  8. Been there a couple times found that the speed of the kart is very much dictated by the charge it has. I do agree the jump is nice!
  9. I'm guessing it's going to be one of these?
  10. Yeah.. he got me on both sides this weekend.. Glad it not fully shredded my rear tire after that.. Yellow car didn't like me for some reason.. Messed up both sides as a welcome..
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2301653156511405/ Not mine.. but looks interesting.
  12. My first Spec Miata Texas experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QeMQsIwuXA Got hit twice this weekend.. by the same guy.. on both sides.. Other than that, it was amazing, and muddy.
  13. I'm almost confident I will make it.. got it fixed yesterday, after an incident 1,5 weeks ago during the winter series. Should be getting aligned today, after that it's just decals and hoping the paint match doesn't look too bad in the sun..
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