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  1. You called? Want it delivered this evening?
  2. Zestinos, used on a Miata, 4 cycles, one of those was good enough for my personal best at MSR. These are the softs, 40tw. Pick up in Rice Military . On tire has a groove in it, I would run it again. Priced at 40$ each, 120$ for the set, the one with the groove for free.
  3. https://5xracing.com/i-23993215-5x-racing-accel-grip-pedal.html?ref=category:95122
  4. I got one of these.. works great in combination with some bending.
  5. Let me know if you need anything translated..
  6. Sorry, it just got picked up, sold!
  7. Okay, back from " The List", definitely a different HPDE! I was there with the only Miata.. I would say 3/4 was Corvette and Camaro. 10 minute sessions where not too bad with a 30 sec lap time if you had a little bit of experience, but trying to teach the novices something in those 10 minutes.. a bit more would have been helpful. In the Miata the infield course only has 2 braking zones, everything else can be done flat. For all heading there with Nasa, the little chicane on the infield straight has concrete runoff that look tempting to cut, but they have some massive potholes in it.
  8. I'll be giving this a try, just the infield section, need some practice before Nasa goes here.. Anybody ever heard of these guys: https://www.facebook.com/thelisthpde/? Just heard it's 7-1.. so half a day instead of a full one, let's see how this goes.
  9. I started with PCA.. chasing down brand new Porsche's on paper plates in my bone stock 25 year old Miata was a lot of fun..
  10. I wish I had.. It's with "The List" and they only on the infield part, just Saturday. But.. any advantage for the Nasa race in August is welcome..
  11. Heading out there this Saturday!
  12. If I recall correctly a NC with a 2.5 swap ran up front with WRL, don't know if they won overall, @Vinnieb knows. Not saying you need to put a 2.5 in.. but I need one out of my garage..
  13. GSS updated their layout drawing from this: To this: More info here.. https://grandsportspeedway.com/recent-news-2/ Curious to see if they will actually get it together..
  14. Still here! If you put some effort into it you should be able to runt he the Roval in Dallas next month! Give me an offer I can't refuse...
  15. Need more power in you NC Miata? I got the solution sitting in my garage, a 2.5 out of a Mazda3! Ran fine when pulled, comes as is. Come pick it up, needs to be leaving my house, will take NB 5 speeds in trade 250$
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