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  1. Last time I checked.. all at the Choice Wrl people... never seen so many rs4’s together..
  2. Anybody else heading out to scratch the itch? https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2972 Configuration: 2.75 mile configuration with esses
  3. Anybody parting out a Miata? Looking for on of these dashboards: . Looking for "race" quality.. ideally with a heater core and hvac controls as well.
  4. Dennis

    2004 M3

    Gave it some fresh fluids and did an autox in it: And it survived! It has all of the under steer with the staggered Sumitomo tires. Trying to gather parts to some basic e46 fixes to get it ready to DE: Rear sub frame reinforcements.. plates are in, now just need to find all of the while you're in there bushings. Flex joint didn't like the auto x starts and is hanging by the treads.. And a new trunklid.. finally found somebody who want to ship one in the right color.. can't wait to lose the carbon look trunk..
  5. until
    Link: https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2972 Info, copy pasted: NASA NOLA is hosting its final NASA Race Weekend of the 2019 Season! Come on down to the Deep South to drive your car on the NOLA Motorsports Park Road Course. You can also enjoy the New Orleans nightlife located just 20 minutes from the track. We will be running the 2.75 mile (with esses) 16-turn configuration. Don't forget that your tech sheet is to be filled out PRIOR to going through the tech line. Any shop that is ASE certified or has an ASE certified mechanic, can complete your tech sheet. Here is a link to print out the tech sheet. https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/277/form_hpde_tech.pdf If you are interested in reserving an RV spot with hook-ups, please contact Ryan Martin at [email protected] Copy and paste the link below to register for the NOLA Motorsports Park Open Track Day on Friday December 6, 2019. The OTD will be running the same configuration as the NASA event. (The open track day is NOT a NASA event and is not associated with NASA - it is run by the track). msreg.com/carotd12-6-19
  6. Looking to get some storage space back: 4x 18” wheels coming of a Mazda 3, 5x100, offset is 50, width 7,5” One wheel has had a small 1/2" crack repaired, priced accordingly Pick up in Rice Military.
  7. Dennis

    205/50R15 Slicks!

    100$? Need to make space.. come and pick them up!
  8. I see I ow you a beer for setting up my pass.. this mixed class racing ain't bad Yes.. not only her.. red and black Spec e46 and the yellow aircooled 911 without a windshield.. handful!
  9. Agreed.. Single race group.. don't know about that... how was it in the Corvette? Definitely not happy with a CMC driver.. running 2.11's.. If 2 Miata's pass you on the outside of 14.. while you're out by yourself, why you motor past me on the straight? Other than that.. great racing in SM, it was tight, but fair, I'm getting ready for December.. Might be able to run a race without a cool shirt.. would be nice.
  10. Nola in the rain is fine.. ask Indycar
  11. Just bring the wife.. call it a weekend trip.. drop wife in french quarter
  12. Dennis

    205/50R15 Slicks!

    Me neither... it was one of 9 test sets to see how they did vs the normal SM tire.. They worked pretty well, got down to my pb of a 1:50.7 in full SM trim at MSR on them.
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