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  1. For those with a SM on the fence, you should definitely jump in! The entry fee is $200 but half of that goes into a prize pot. I don't think there are many signed up for the first one tomorrow so if this is something we really want to happen, participation is a must. I'll be there tomorrow so if anybody wants to come take the prize, I'm sure I'll be easy pickin's...
  2. While we are sharing #33 videos, here's my contribution. This happened early in race 3. Sad part is, I came into pit after Race #1 and told my buddies how #33 was going to cause a lot of accidents this weekend. I drove the same line with same braking points every time when he was behind me, there is no reason anyone would expect a pass that late to work - especially because I was next to the curbing by the time he made his dive. The rear wheel miraculously held air although it was shattered.
  3. The view from my car looked like there was contact so I was shocked to hear otherwise. This angle is far back enough to see how that attempted pass wasn't really possible. Also looks and sounds like he hit someone going back onto the track surface.
  4. Still available? How far are you from MSR-C?
  5. I know... Buy one and a bunch of better ones at the same price will pop up. It's like people see the transaction and think, "he paid for that crap? Time to sell mine!" That's interesting... I assume nationals car will command a nationals pricing?
  6. I am looking for a 1999 spec Miata preferably under $15k. Something built a little more recently. I was too late to Justin Gibbs' car but something like that would fit the bill. I'm a member at Cresson so something around there would be great.
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