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  1. I purchased the virtual track walk and it was really helpful prior to driving at COTA. It is long!!!! Just about 3 hours. Which makes it impossible to go through quickly for a refresher. I did take a lot of notes though. More information about a track is always good. Small price to pay compared to what it costs to drive at COTA. Jeff
  2. I drove the Wacky two way yesterday - my first Apex event. I thought it was a well run event and it is hard to argue with just two groups. Lots of track time and good drivers to be on the track with. Looking forward to more Apex events in the future. Jeff
  3. That is a change. The letter posted here previously said MSR members would get a discount. Jeff
  4. Nice lap time Ryan. I wanted to be there at COTA last weekend but the weather reports were ugly including a good chance of large hail. I saw a friend who was there and he said it did not rain all weekend. Hard to plan. Jeff
  5. Nice time eflove, but I was taught to stay off the orange turtles. 😊 Jeff
  6. I will be there. I could use a little more hp for COTA. Jeff
  7. About 5:45 this evening I noticed Brad's post above about Cigars and Racecars tonight. I don't live far from Grapevine so I decided to go to my first get together. I started HPDE a year ago, and although everyone else had a lot more experience including racing they were all very welcoming. Gradually things changed during the second hour. It was explained to me that street cars do no belong at the track, and that I needed to buy a racecar! No two ways about it. I have done the bulk of my driving at Cresson and really enjoy the track and it suits my car well as there are not long straights. On the other hand I really like the owners at ECR and how focused they are on doing everything they can for the drivers. In any event, I came home and filled out my membership application to ECR. I did not look online at racecars though. Thanks guys it was great meeting you all tonight. Jeff
  8. Being close to a track does have a lot of value. Jeff
  9. The tentative Chin event at COTA January 26 and 27 has been cancelled due to track resurfacing schedule. This info is from the Chin website. Jeff
  10. I will be there. I have done two EA Monday events on the 3.1 and really enjoyed them - lots of track time. Thinking about the triple play in November also. I have a full October though with three weekends in a row: EA at COTA, then TDE at MSR Houston and then EA on the 22nd. These will be my first times at COTA and MSR Houston. Plan to drive The Twisted Sisters in the Hill Country the day before COTA. Jeff
  11. Here is similar information as BRZ4Science posted that I received from ECR: We shared some key information Saturday: ECR 2.0 is underway!! We are going to do extensive reconstruction/repave to ECR. During the next week, we will confirm the schedule. The New Asphalt needs high temperatures (75-80) to be paved. We believe we can get the Short track portion done by Mid October if we start before August 10th; assuming we don’t run out of ‘heat’ and do the remainder as soon as the temperature allows (Probably May 2019). If we can’t meet the above timeline, then it will be a Late Feb/March start for May (2019) paving – and we do it all together; we stay as is for the track until then (with some improvements) The short track (1.6 Miles) and crossover will be tweaked (Camber, width, Elevations) but remain substantially the same. The back Section (5 into 6 and the switchback currently turn 7) will change substantially – it will have two weeping turns, a carousel, and SSes down the hill that connect onto the back straight. We basically are going to keep what we love and add a sweeping section in the Back. Jeff
  12. BRZ4Science, thank you for the information on the changes to the track. I wanted to stay and here the presentation but I was not ready to wait around for 2 hours as I was feeling the heat. I really like the attitude of the owners at ECR. They seem to really want to take good care of the drivers. I hope the weather cooperates and they get the whole track redone quickly. Livio took me for a taxi ride for a couple of laps and it was great to see the track driven by an excellent driver. It was good for me to see a new track as I had only been at Cresson. Unfortunately, it was not a great driving day for me as I was a little hesitant with new wheels, tires and brake pads on a new track. Jeff
  13. I am going to ECR on Saturday. I have just been driving at Cresson and want to see this track once before it closes for the resurfacing and other changes. Jeff
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