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  1. As long as you sign up when there are still instructors available. I wanted to be there this last Monday, but my car was throwing a few CELs. Seems like there was not really anything wrong. Jeff
  2. The turns go 4, 5 (slight turn) 13 on the front section so it is not as long as it might sound. Pretty good new roller coaster from 4 to 13 full throttle with some blind so drivers need to get used to this section. Jeff
  3. Track was shut down Friday at 10:40 due to oil on track. At noon still no word on when track would open so I headed home. Jeff
  4. But as I recall the virtual track walk says you can take all kinds of different lines in to turn 8 and it does not matter, but you need to be hugging the rumble strip as you turn towards 9. And of course every car is different. Jeff
  5. How busy was it for cars Saturday and Sunday? Jeff
  6. Even though it is Friday, I thought there would be more cars at ECR today. For the first session we started with 7 cars. A few more during the day. One open wheel car also and a bunch of bikes. My last session was going to be the 11:40 session and half way through the rains came so I called it quits - too much rain coming in the car. The new section going down through turn 4 and then up and left to the new turn 13 is pretty exciting. I was getting left behind here. Track was a little slick in spots and everyone's tires were making a lot of noise. All in all a fun day. Jeff
  7. Today's email says first member day is August 22, 2019. Jeff
  8. ECR opening soon, but might not be the 15th or next weekend after all. Another email will come out Monday with an update. Jeff
  9. Two weeks until first members weekend. I will be there. Jeff
  10. I purchased the virtual track walk and it was really helpful prior to driving at COTA. It is long!!!! Just about 3 hours. Which makes it impossible to go through quickly for a refresher. I did take a lot of notes though. More information about a track is always good. Small price to pay compared to what it costs to drive at COTA. Jeff
  11. I drove the Wacky two way yesterday - my first Apex event. I thought it was a well run event and it is hard to argue with just two groups. Lots of track time and good drivers to be on the track with. Looking forward to more Apex events in the future. Jeff
  12. That is a change. The letter posted here previously said MSR members would get a discount. Jeff
  13. Nice lap time Ryan. I wanted to be there at COTA last weekend but the weather reports were ugly including a good chance of large hail. I saw a friend who was there and he said it did not rain all weekend. Hard to plan. Jeff
  14. Nice time eflove, but I was taught to stay off the orange turtles. 😊 Jeff
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