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  1. I'm signed up for the PCA DE March 29–31. First time at COTA. Anyone else going?
  2. The quality of the audio and video in this is not great, but it helped me before my first DE at MSRC 3.1.
  3. I use an AiM Solo DL and a GoPro Hero6 (I have a second GoPro aimed at the driver — me — that I usually overlay, but it was in time-lapse mode for this session 😕). I'm using a custom RaceRender template I've been working on. I need to clean this version up before I post it, but I'll let you know when I do. An earlier version is available here: https://github.com/atadams/racerender-audi-r18
  4. It is RaceRender. It’s a template I’ve been working on. Not totally pleased with this layout, but I really like the g meter. Trying to show the inputs with their affects e. g., lateral Gs with steering. An earlier version is at https://github.com/atadams/racerender-audi-r18. I need to clean this one up before I post it on GitHub.
  5. It's a GoPro adhesive mount on the windshield. I noticed the panning too. It must be the stabilization on the GoPro Hero6.
  6. Here is a COTA breakdown from Racers360.
  7. All the stoppages and flags made it very hard for me to get into a rhythm, but this is my best lap from the weekend (3 seconds slower than my personal best).
  8. There are a couple of books I would recommend for data analysis. I would start with Making Sense of Squiggly Lines. It's short (~140 pages) and to the point and is a good start. Next is Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition. It's longer (~500 pages), much more technical (math ain't my jam), and it costs $110 (!) — but I skipped over some of the math and still found it very informative. A few websites I've found useful are: TrailBrake.net James Colborn Racing AiM Sports on YouTube Another YouTube channel I've found useful for general driving (he does have one video on data) is Driver 61. If anyone has books, sites, etc. they've found useful for data analysis, I'd love to hear about them.
  9. I have an original Solo DL and love it (although the OBDII connector seems to come loose easily in my Cayman). The Solo 2 has a lot of cool new features including programmable LED lights (e.g., shift lights, predictive lap time).
  10. An AiM Solo DL, a couple of GoPros (one miked to the exhaust to drown out my instructor yelling at me!) and it's rendered using RaceRender and a template I've developed. The template is available at https://github.com/atadams/racerender-audi-r18. My AiM Solo came unplugged from my OBDII port so this video doesn't have data like RPM, steering angle, throttle, etc. This is the template with all data (and me getting yelled at):
  11. The same thing happened to me in almost the same spot — but I didn't handle it as well as you! Over-corrected and spun the car a bit.
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