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  1. Car is in good shape. Replacing rear pads, and sorted a shifting linkage issue what was causing intermittent rubbing with the drive shaft. Now I am trying to source a local replacement trunk to see if I can add some downforce...
  2. I love the optimism! I plan to sign up soon. Getting the eyesore out of storage this weekend to make sure it doesn't need anything major.
  3. Sorry to miss this one. Planning on June, but temperature will be a concern. It's already getting hot.
  4. Haha just saw this. Still no closer to figuring things out. Got quicker over the weekend, bit still a ways off my PR before the splitter. My next problem is the "carbon fiber" rear trunk likely can't take the weight of a real wing. So I will need to look at a new trunklid too.
  5. I'm hoping to make it out Sunday, but may miss this weekend. It's what I get for planning a trip the weekend before, and not realizing its mother's day. If I miss this weekend, then I will for sure make June. Just sweatier.
  6. BigJae is easy. Red and loud. Look for a beat up e36 with eyesor plates to find me.
  7. Finishing my tech tomorrow. Car is ready to go. Had to replace the windshield, and lost my bimmerworld front defrost in the process. Glad its not supposed to rain.
  8. Haha, I'll be there. Weather should be nice, if a bit cold Saturday morning.
  9. EYESOR has the lovely patina of peeling clear coat over black paint with yellowed "carbon fiber" accents. The only place the car is comfortable is on track!
  10. I had a great time out there. Signed up for March too. I recognize some of the cars in this thread... I was in the clapped out e36 m3 with the EYESOR plate.
  11. I'll be there in my e36. Saturday will be pretty chilly
  12. So tempting, but timing isn't right. Glws
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