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  1. Welcome! I'm a school teacher too, the best way to save money is to become an instructor (takes some time and work, but we teachers have some training and experience that helps). Second to that, track memberships can save money in the long run, but they do lock you down to a single track.
  2. I'm in, the 31st is questionable, depends on what the SCCA does with the autox program. I should find out tonight what the decision is.
  3. Any plans to come up to MSR Cresson or ECR?
  4. Members can come to the ECR open track days, you should email Brad and/or Maggie though to tell them you're coming. For the other events, it's my understanding that members can get discounts/rebates when they run with other groups as a membership perk. Running with PCA or anyone else would require you to register with the outside group and coordinate with ECR to get your discount.
  5. I haven't heard if ECR is cancelling their Open Track Day on Saturday, if they're still on you could still make it to ECR.
  6. Well then, I just might have to stop by. The best part is that it's close enough that if I have a really good time it's only about a 20min walk (probably a 35min stumble) home.
  7. What a great weekend, Saturday had rain all day but ECR wasn't bad to drive in the rain. The only issues are the runoff areas have no grass and if you go off you have to stay off and wait for a tow, but drivers were cautious enough to limit the number of offs and the ECR crew was quick to get people off (phrasing). Sunday stayed dry all day, there were a couple of threats of rain but aside from a few sprinkles that didn't affect conditions, it stayed dry all day. Turnout was light, virus concerns and weather conspired to keep people away; however, for those of us who braved the conditions we were rewarded with tons of open track and an obscene amount of track time (I drove 7 sessions on Saturday and 9 on Sunday). Basically got 3 days worth of driving done in a weekend, and that was with a fog delay on Saturday. My only issue was that my camera charge cable was giving me problems, so I only got video of the first half of the days. The Chin participants and management were a pleasure to run with, the groups and drivers all did a great time with point-bys and on track behavior (we all kept a little separated for good "social distancing" but everyone was still friendly and helpful). I was a little weary with the "Happy Hour" driving session, where at the end of the day all drivers are allowed out for an hour long session with open passing with a point-by. I didn't know how well it'd work, but it was fantastic. The long session meant that those who participated did so during different parts of the session, so there weren't too many cars on track at the same time. The slower drivers/cars were great with point-bys and I didn't notice any issues with the open passing and mixed groups (many of the drivers were new to ECR, but the Saturday rain did a good job training people to drive within their limits). I managed a 2:13.9 which is my best time on my RS4's (2:13.4 on last-legs RE71r's is my PB) and about a 1s pickup over my previous fastest time on the RS4's.
  8. Instructing will be lead/follow and no in-car at all (except maybe the coaching candidates). Should be interesting.
  9. I think the tarp bunching up under the wheels might have contributed to the quick stop.
  10. That might just be the one day only registration. The 2 day registration is currently open (I'm registered).
  11. I'll be there, I love ECR (I'll be there on Saturday for their Open Track Day). The full course is great, all the good parts of the short course plus some extra elements that are tons of fun.
  12. I'll be there running the Green Classroom, ECR is amazing.
  13. Lap time: 2:28:7 (AIM) Date: February 22, 2020 Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Estimated weight with driver: 2900 pounds Estimated RWHP: 178 Tires: 255/40-17 Hankook RS4 Estimated temp: 50F It's been awhile since I've done the 3.1 and I've always struggled with setting good laps there thanks to the length and limited number of runs. The PCA makes it a little easier though with open passing which makes it easier to get around slower drivers in faster when you don't have the power to just drag them down the straights. The weekend was a blast and the rain held out until the very end of the day Sunday. I managed to match my time Sunday after I put on some new brake pads. Halfway through the day on Saturday the bolts connecting my headers and overpipe vanished and my car got much louder. I found a replacement nut and bolt that I installed Sunday morning before the drivers' meeting; however, I actually needed two so my exhaust was only partially fixed (made it quiet enough to not worry about at least).
  14. I've seen a couple of people campaign the Factory Five 818R, but not this kit.
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