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  1. I signed up for the Track Night in America at Cresson (trying to recruit for the Street Survival and SCCA), so my Tuesday is booked.
  2. Don't worry about instructors flopping around, there are plenty of replacements and they should be able to brace well enough especially for braking. I've got stock seats and I've never and would never ask a student to change their driving for my comfort (safety is another issue, if my student was on stock pads and I thought you might cook them then I might try to get them to back off if needed (usually I'm encouraging getting closer to the limits). If your mount moves, the cellphone accelerometer is going to be off. That's probably your source of error right there. 1.2-1.5g is possible with your setup under ideal conditions (1.2 sustained g is a lot, when you start to pull more g more often you'll notice an increase in fatigue). More g isn't always better though, if you take a better line through a corner you could see a reduction in cornering g but an increase in speed (you then have more grip and can increase the speed until you get back up to that max g with the faster line). Conversely, poor input or line could result in higher g (especially peek g) while being slower. The 3.1 is a big track and there are large swaths of time that you can lose that really make time differences seem huge. I've only been to MSR-H once (ccw) and managed a 1:50.8 (it was June and made it up to 100F). Shorter courses are less disheartening to compare since the difference in times is usually smaller. Another source of error could be the elevation changes. MSR-C has some (especially the 1.3 sections) whereas MSR-H is completely flat (the curbing is about the only elevation change out there).
  3. I plan on being at the PCA event, I haven't run with Chin before and MRS-H is a bit of a drive for me (I've only been there once, it was fun but not enough to justify the drive for me, especially with ECR about to open back up). I think you could request me as an instructor, I'm new to instructing with them so I'm not 100% on all their procedures. Over 1g straight line braking is going to require hard braking, nearly into ABS, I know you can get there (I've co-driven an EvoX at autox a few times and they'll definitely do it). You could be getting some shock from your mount, where the flex in it reaches the end of its travel as you are cornering/braking. Lots of variables with the instantaneous readouts. For sustained cornering, the speed and the radius of the turn dictate the g's (speed squared divided by the radius). Your line will dictate the radius, a later apex will generally increase the radius and allow a higher speed at a given maximum centripetal acceleration (turning g's). Wouldn't the vertical g's would be 1.2? Maybe that's where the extra is coming from. In any case, I wouldn't worry about it. You'll get better indicators off things like minimum speeds and final speeds at the end of straights. Like if you know you can clear Big Bend at 82mph and get up to 104mph before braking into Rattlesnake (or whatever your numbers are) then if you find yourself a couple of mph slower or faster you know that you're doing better/worse. I'm really liking my AIM Solo2, lots of data to play with and you can really analyze what does and doesn't work (I've got a couple of buddies who all share data and it's fun to compare 2-3 drivers and drill down to the places to find time). I think that data acquisition is one of those places where you can really improve your experiences and shorten the learning curve.
  4. You might have been getting some vertical input. I know with my data stuff (especially my camera) I'll sometimes get some extra input from vertical loads due to the angle of the camera (it's shown up to 1.7g on street tires and I know I'm not pushing that). Over 1g of braking is really throwing out the anchors and over 1g cornering takes some speed, you can probably get there but with your times I don't think that's really happening yet. Next time you're up, I can give you a ride and try to point out a couple of places to pick up some time (we met briefly at the PCA event). My videos have g's my AIM data is a little cleaner with the g output and I've seen over 1.4g on 200tw tires, but that's enough to lift a wheel and the tire noise is noticeable when you're in that region. Here's my fastest lap from the PCA event: I like watching the GT2 fly by around the 10:40 mark. That thing was unreal, made the GT3's seem slow.
  5. This is a good start, it's a mathematically ideal lap but it doesn't take into account elevation so it's not perfect: https://www.raceoptimal.com/MSRCresson
  6. The dry line gets as slick as ice in the wet, but there is a wet line and you can make it around the track (slowly). It can be fun to drive sideways around most of the track at low speeds. You don't want much traffic but usually the conditions keep many away so it all works out.
  7. I could try washing my car to balance it out.
  8. Brad drives a Vette so he's not exactly impartial, which might actually make that class more likely. Especially since they dropped pax modified and classes run heads up. It might be fair if they have to swap tires. Brz's on 335's and Vettes on 225's. The poor BRZ would struggle just to turn so much rubber (and they'd only have a couple degrees of steering angle before rubbing) and the Vettes would smoke theirs everytime they looked too hard at the throttle. You'd get brz that handle like vettes and corvettes that could only accelerate like brz.
  9. Why not both? I vacillate between the two, maybe if the $5k teacher raise goes through next year I'll pull the trigger on one or the other.
  10. Do you want: a Member's Only Jacket, a thick gold chain (with white tank top and cutoff jean shorts), or a Corvette branded folding walker (tennis ball's not included)? Also, make sure to learn how to use the manual door release in case you get stuck in your Vette with a dead battery.
  11. Those flames might actually work in a vacuum since Doc used 'special' logs which may have contained their own oxidizers (like rocket fuel).
  12. Silly Joe, cars don't work in a vacuum and even if they did how would they fit?
  13. Where this thread is going, we don't need rails. Any possibility of considering a C7, or is that stretching the budget too far? As a mostly daily driver, the livability of a C7 should be way better than the C5/C6 and a C7 is as fast as a C6 Z06 especially at "real" tracks. I'd imagine you'd recoup most of the price difference when you sell and the "luxury" for daily driving could justify the purchase price. It's a lot easier spending an extra $10k of someone else's money than one's own.
  14. Looks like the only rain will be late Friday night/early Saturday morning, so probably a damp but drying first session then good stuff from then on. Of course, you won't know for sure until you're there.
  15. I ended up doing a 1:23.6 and the Corvette filming did a 1:22.9, the video was just the best example of my BRZ keeping up with the Corvette and some Mustangs. My BRZ falls into TTD, and again I was on RS4's.
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