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  1. Mostly snobbery, the 911 is a little faster (almost entirely due to its power advantage) and is the quintessential Porsche. The 911 is loved because it's an icon and has charm (most of which is really just a love/acceptance of dynamic flaws), while the Cayman and Boxster will always be seen as the "little brother" or cheaper alternative regardless of driving dynamics. Anyone who shits on a Cayman because it's not a 911 isn't someone worth listening to.
  2. An autox is way cheaper than a trackday and you can get up to 10/10ths in a much safer environment (you could also find a co-drive if you don't want to use your mustang). The all in registration and consumables cost for an autox is well under $100 (I use $30 in consumables in my BRZ, which is half what I'll spend on gas alone for a trackday).
  3. If you can't control it at an autox, what hope do you have on a track? Go to a BMW autox at mineral wells, that lot is huge (1/2mile by 1/4mile). There have been over 100s courses there and you'll be able to stretch the legs (down in Houston, they run at the sheriff's center and that works with power cars).
  4. Autox seat time isn't the same as HPDE track time, that's like comparing running the mile to running the 100m hurdles. If you are new to performance driving, autox is the single best place to learn car control. Sure, working (especially in the summer) sucks but you're paying under $50 and a set of competitive tires lasts an entire season. I think the biggest issue track people have with autox is that they keep getting destroyed by Miatas.
  5. Like what, autocross? I signed up for the NTAXS event at TMS tomorrow, first NTAXS in awhile (I'm usually at the track on Saturdays).
  6. They aren't accurate, especially if you and someone else had duplicate numbers.
  7. I just heard about the cancellation, I'm a little bummed but it was for good reasons. I'll link to the results as soon as they're posted for the COTA event, there were some fast cars.
  8. Track looks great, looking forward to being up there in a couple of weeks with the SCCA. I like everything about it, except the name. Rollercoaster is already a corner on the 1.3 at MSR-C, I know they don't want to call it the short course but the duplicate naming irks me. I propose: Sidewinder, Twister, the Canyon, and ECR 1.5 as alternatives (I'm not overly attached to any but having 2 roller coasters bothers me).
  9. I plan on being there, APEX is the best!
  10. 255's on 8.5 are fine (I run 255 on 9" and they're about perfect), I've run 255's on a 7" wheel and that was okay but pinched enough to not be worth it.
  11. MSR-C 1.7 CW Date: 6/22/2019 Lap time: 1:26.2 (AIM) Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Total vehicle weight with driver: ~2900 lbs w/ driver Wheel horsepower: 178WHP Tires: 255/40-17 Hankook RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 80 degrees´╗┐ Creeping up on the 1:25's, I know the car has it in it but I've still got to go find the time. I like the CW but I don't run it very often.
  12. Even though I thought I was going slow, looks like I set a new PB on the 1.7CW with APEX (my best lap from all 3 sessions were within thousandths, which is either good or bad, I'm not sure). MSR-C 1.7 CW Date: 6/3/2019 Lap time: 1:26.8 (AIM) Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Total vehicle weight with driver: ~2900 lbs w/ driver Wheel horsepower: 178WHP Tires: 255/40-17 Hankook RS4 Estimated ambient temperature: 80 degrees
  13. I'd start by looking on the Corvette forums and learning what the fast guys usually run, someone must have already figured out what tires to put on a C6 by now. According to the math/physics, a wider, lower profile tire is usually faster. I run a 255/40-17 on 9" wide wheels and my testing has shown that this setup is faster than 225/45, 245/40, and 245/45 (265's would rub for me). I've tried the smaller sizes on both the 9" wheel and an 8" wheel and the bigger tire was faster. To get the most out of your big tires, you want your wheels to be at least as wide as the tires (wider is better) to keep the tire from being pinched. Most testing I've seen supports the idea until you get completely ridiculous and get a super stretched tire (stance bro looking stuff). The downsides to wider tires are that they are more expensive, are worse in the wet, and take longer to heat up. My advise: get the smallest diameter wheel that fits over your brakes and get them as wide as will fit without causing problems, then put the widest tire that makes sense on them (usually classing rules limit your choice and make it easier to figure out).
  14. My pleasure, it was nice meeting you. We'll have to convince you to start coming out to the track again. Also, my apartment's AC has been fixed and I won't have to run the cool suit all night.
  15. I'm headed out to pick it up now, I might have to start using it tonight since my AC went out (they replaced the burnt out motor with a spare motor that was also worthless). My AC is supposed to fixed by the end of the day (it only gets hot around 7pm, but it stays hot all night then, last night i didn't drop below 82F).
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