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  1. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - May 23, 2021 Lap Time: 2:11.7 (AIM Solo2) Ambient temperature: 70 degrees F Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Estimated weight with driver: 2900 lb Estimated whp: 178 RWHP Tires: 255/40-17 Yokohama AO52 The Yoko's are a pretty fast 200tw tire but they get hot and greasy after 3-4 hot laps.
  2. Congrats! I ended up running in the Enthusiast group for half the morning sessions due to overlaps between the novice classroom sessions and the "Green TT" group that the rest of my class was running. I only got you on video just before your off in session 2, I was looking forward to trying to chase you down: Our next local event isn't until June at ECR on their 1.65CCW course, there's a SCCA National TT at ECR on May 22-23. The National events run a different rule set and aren't quite as well run as our local events, but most of the local competitors are planning to attend (we
  3. Great, schedule has 5 sessions for all the groups, there might be a non-competition combined group towards the end of the day for a possible 6th session if the day goes smoothly and people are still looking for more track time.
  4. 4 for sure, there's a chance at a 5th but it depends on how many groups we end up running and if there are any major delays.
  5. New drivers can sign up for instruction with the "Novice group", if you just want to get some track time in you can sign up for the "enthusiast group", and if you want to compete in the Time Trials there is a Time Trial group (we'll split it into fast and faster groups to keep traffic to a minimum). The events are usually a great time and we'd love to add more people to our group of 'regulars'. If you have a race/TT license, are an instructor with any of the local groups, or solo'ed with any of the local groups you can sign up for any of the groups. If you don't have any history with the
  6. Time Trials Event #1 is scheduled at Cresson, and their track has been repaved! Come out and be some of the first to run on this new pavement. It should be smooth as butter!!! What: Texas Region Time Trial When: Saturday, April 17th Where: Motorsports Ranch Cresson, 1.7mi CW configuration
  7. Ouch, that's why I always swap suspension components in pairs. Whenever one side goes I replace the other side at the same time. Sucks that the car is probably toast, but at least no one was hurt.
  8. You can absolutely get the tire shine crap onto the meat of the tire, when you do it feels like oil. You shouldn't ever put tire shine on tires that are going to the track.
  9. Mustangs weight like 2 tons though, no roof is strong enough to hold that up. ?
  10. Wow, another reason I'm glad my car came with a roof.
  11. Highly depends on the club, but yes the ND falls into the category of "factory roll protection" that includes a select few convertibles (S2000, Boxster, and Z4 are the other ones I remember off hand). Of course, you'd still have to pass the "broom test", and there's no guarantee that an overzealous tech inspector or chief of safety won't send you home anyway. I really like the ND, but I don't fit (especially in the passenger seat, they really cramped that side of the car).
  12. I was promoting this hard to anyone with any interest, it was a great deal.
  13. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - December 19, 2020 Lap Time: 2:12.9 (AIM Solo2) Ambient temperature: 50 degrees F Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ Estimated weight with driver: 2900 lb Estimated whp: 178 RWHP Tires: 255/40-17 Falken Azenis RT600 First day on new tires, the Falkens felt great and put up with 30min sessions pretty well. Conditions were pretty good and traffic was light enough to set some good laps. I would have loved to do the last couple of laps of the session, but I ran out of gas.
  14. I know a couple of guys who've run them at autox and on the track. They are better at autox than the RE71r (or at least as good), and hold up to track temperatures better than the old RE71r (I don't have reliable data for times on track, but they seem to be comparable to the RE71r). All this was for BRZ/FRS, an RX8, and an NC Miata. The Hankook RS4 is my favorite 200tw track tire, it is very slightly slower than the RE71r and 660 but lasts much longer and is more consistent. I do plan on buying a set of 660's to try them out and get some head to head comparisons.
  15. So, I had to post to social media to get a free shirt and this is where I posted. The new Supra did look pretty cool, and it sounds like it'd make a decent $55-$65k daily/track car. If you don't want a Corvette and the M2 isn't your bag and you want a new car, the Supra is a fine choice. The rep was a bit frustrated though when I told him I was faster in my BRZ, but really that's not a fair comparison since I run 200tw tires and they were on MPSS (I'm at less than half the hp of the Supra, half the price, and a full set of tires and tools fit in the back of my BRZ). And, it's not built by
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