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  1. I'd like to find a door is anyone has an extra laying around.
  2. Like the title states, I'm looking for a passenger side door for a NB Miata. I'm fairly certain that all years from 99-05 will work. I would prefer just the shell (no panel/window) but if you have all of it then I have cash in hand. Silver is preferred and also must be clean. Located in Houston/Kemah area and thanks for your time. 8328751213
  3. A nice gentleman called me last night and said he would take them. He should be picking them up tomorrow but if anything changes i'll let you guys know.
  4. Any other feedback? I'm currently in the same situation with wanting to upgrade my brake lines and I'm reading a lot of different personal experiences on a lot of different sites. Mine is for a NB miata but I don't think the differences matter.
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