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  1. SAD

    Matt's ZL1 1LE

    <- using solo2 DL despite having PDR in C7 vette
  2. I have no wisdom. Just run a C7 narrow body with 265/285 on 19x9 and 19x10.5 respectively.
  3. Guilty..... but i'm going to deny it later.
  4. SAD

    PCA - Mayfast @ Hallett

    Very laid back group on an awesome track that has a very welcoming, friendly feel to it. Open to any car. You do NOT have to drive a Porsche to participate. Sign-up is -> https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/9418
  5. SAD

    Rate Your Tracks

    subbed... I just need to get out more!
  6. https://corksport.com/blog/5-tracks-every-mazda-owner-must-hit/?fbclid=IwAR0uBAT4rqI3QqD9Xp8TFpSnBjGEzdaibs8-xUguS3CsW8rfD7Agni8prSc
  7. 1:28.04 is a very respectable time.
  8. I would think it's worth the drive.. but then again, i'm biased. Hallett is my home track since I live only 45 minutes away. To compare to cresson.... Hallett is a 1.8 mile track, so its easy to compare it to the 1.7 side of cresson.... In that regard, Hallett is slightly better... or more technical.... But not quite as technical as the 1.3.... Really not fair to compare it to the cresson 3.1.... that's a GREAT track and checks off a lot of the fun boxes since it has a bit of everything. Worth it??? Yeah... Come on a long and try it out. Then you'll know for sure. :)
  9. Lap time: 2:40 Date: February 24, 2019 Car: 2017 Corvette Stingray Estimated weight with driver: 3480 Estimated RWHP: 460 crank / 400-410 wheel?? Tires: 265/285 Michelin Cup 2 Estimated temp: Low 60s and clear Had a real good time this weekend. Need to get down to TX more frequently than 1x or 2x a year so I can convert this track to muscle memory.
  10. I’m running Cup2s 245/285. I’ve got a touch of understeer. Some is my lousy turn-in and just need to smooth myself out. Some could benefit from wider tire up front. Mine is a base. So no widebody. Next set will be 265/285 or 265/295. A7s? Not R? You’re not overheating the As?
  11. I am also not as practiced doing clockwise as I am CCW - just how it is when most of the HPDE/HST days go CCW. I pointed Gene by me... and then stuck to him like glue. I'm nowhere near as fast as you, but was running a 1:28-1:29 kind of "follow the leader" pace with him.
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