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  1. Sorry if this is unrelated/stupid question... but where do you work/what do you do that you have "racecar Friday"? The Driver's Edge?
  2. White velcro sneakers... but i digress.... GREAT discussion guys... Wish i had been there!
  3. have to get out my fanny-pack too.
  4. PCA won't allow Atoms!!! boo his!
  5. Beginning to think it’s a brief oil starvation issue in high-g turns. Will call him and investigate.
  6. Peter, thanks for the hospitality and putting on a great event. I need to get down to TX more often.
  7. SAD


    Yeah... I've got the PDR. I really liked how 'easy' it was.... just turn it on and go. But the image quality is only 720p... Kinda lame if you're used to using GoPro with 1080P+ The other problem with it, is the fact that I haven't figured out how to change the font color for the time in the final image.. Also can't figure out how to move it to a different spot on the screen. Problem with it - Magenta text against blue sky is next to impossible to read. I've no experience with the Hawk pads in the vette.... but am running the carbon ceramic pads from Cobalt Friction.... really liking t
  8. SAD


    I have a Solo2DL I’ve been messing with. It’s pretty new to me. So about the time I was getting it figured out, I bought the Atom. So my data is incomplete for Vette laps. Mostly used it as fancy stopwatch while learn and practice using it. So going just by my own personal memory, it was largely just like what you posted. Im not bad at Hallett. But not great either. I can bang out 1:27s and 1:28s back to back all day long. And now that I have the Atom, I’ll probably forget how to drive the Vette. Now that I’m pretty much resetting myself getting used to the rear engine Atom, compared to
  9. SAD


    Nice comparison. My Vette speeds are more inline with yours than with the Hellcat. Lower speed entering the braking zone; higher mid-turn/exit speed. So even with the Z06 parts you’re getting fade? I’m not 100% familiar with all that’s included in the Z06 brakes.... does it have vented pistons? Do you have the Z06 grill and brake cooling ductwork?
  10. SAD


    Out of date somewhat. But these are speeds for the Hellcat. Obviously C7 and Atom are different.
  11. SAD


    Yeah Cresson is not too bad on them....the straights do allow some decent speed... and the braking zones (CCW 3.1) are (kinda mostly-ish headed uphill - with exception of Ricochet. Hallett turns generally have you scrubbing off a lot of speed. Somewhere around here I made a sat map showing my speed at the end of straights.. and mid corner/exit speeds.
  12. SAD


    You still have factory brakes? IIRC The Z51 brakes are only marginally better than the base. There’s not much you can do - of course driving style, terrain/elevation change and track layout play a factor. In my C7 base, I run the RacingBrake 380/365 BBK along with Motul 600. No fade for me. Track at Hallett regularly. Also Cresson 1.7 & 3.1] ^These brakes are awesome.
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