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  1. I'm going to try to go up for the October 25-27 HPDE there where they will run both directions during the event. New track to me, too. Let me know how you like it compared to MSRC.
  2. Have them take you out on Sn 8/25 on the 3.1 instead...you'll get a lot more company, including me...
  3. Nice surprise to see a response from Brad Flack now with ECR. Should mean SCCA events a plenty at ECR, too. He said calendar should be updated soon for both member days and open track days.
  4. I don't do Facechat or Snapbook...web four-umz is about as advanced of social media as I get.
  5. Do you know when their calendar on their website will be updated with Member and Open Track Days? I was going to look at doing the TDE event in September, but, looks like I've got family plans already on that Sunday. Looking forward to ECR, either way.
  6. Saturday 9/7 is Apex 3.1. Wish either was on a different day / weekend.
  7. I have never seen GM use DRY weight...until now. Even at 3600#, only a few will pass on buying. They should have listed CURB from the start vs. people wondering why it suddenly "gained" a bunch of weight since the reveal.
  8. I still want one, too, but, will wait for wide body Z06 version which will surely come...from the C&D article: Chevy is being coy on weight by only divulging a dry-weight figure of 3366 pounds. That implies a curb weight of roughly 3600 pounds, which is about 150 pounds heavier than the C7 (which itself gained 100 pounds versus the C6).
  9. Not really - they are showing DRY not CURB for weights: 3366# for C8 base. The 3298# for the C7 narrow body coupe and #3428 for GS coupe both as CURB weights. I would think CURB weight for base C8 will be more than a C7 GS which has larger brakes, wheels, and tires. The above are taken from media.chevrolet.com.
  10. Grassroots Motorsports magazine has been doing a month-by-month issue update on a C5Z prepping for track use. Not sure if the articles online include all the info - haven't looked yet. Good luck with the project! https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/project-cars/2004-Chevrolet-corvette-z06/
  11. I was going to be in but now might be elsewhere that weekend.
  12. Found it online - thanks! Thought you needed a phone app for it, which I don't have.
  13. The SCCA event was cancelled for July. Sam, on a different subject, do you have a link to or can send me the COTA (SCCA Time Trials) best times for those that went? Thanks.
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