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  1. Good to see I'm not the only one that's a multi-flavor tire hoarder...
  2. Don't disagree with above. Some have work schedules that don't allow much advanced planning, and thus, last minute sign ups.
  3. I have an enclosed trailer - gathering dust most of the time - leftover from my drag racing days. So much easier just to drive and go play then drive home on the same tires. I'm sure I'm giving up some life with heat cycles. I can fit four (or five) wheels / tires in my piggie and change at the track. Started with the road courses in early 2017 - since then, have towed once per calendar year including this year.
  4. Why the change from the 3.1 that you originally had on the schedule? Doesn't show Drive Xotic using the 1.3 that day.
  5. Me - was hoping for some October weather, but, it looks like above normal temps still.
  6. Mine is not a DL, but my Solo 2 sucks. Been sent back, had multiple firmware updates, etc. Sometimes it works well, but at least half or more doesn’t...
  7. Welcome! However, some clarity on your post about your car. Did not see a year (11-13 for Supersonic Blue): In 2011, RPO (Regular Production Option) CFZ carbon splitter and rockers but also got the black painted carbon fixed roof. It was available on a regular Z06: from the online GM Order Guide: CFZ NEW! Z06 Carbon Fiber Package, includes Black painted carbon fiber roof, rockers, splitter and body-color ZR1-style spoiler Yours is not a Z07 package nor is is a Carbon Limited Edition (RPO ULZ). Those had a raised carbon fiber hood (RPO B92) (think ZR1 w/o the see-through opening), CCB brakes, carbon fiber fixed roof, Z07 suspension, Michelin Cup tires, etc. Z07 NEW! Z06 Ultimate Performance Package, includes (J57) ceramic brakes with Dark Gray calipers, (Q6J) Competition Gray aluminum 19" front and 20" rear wheels, Michelin PS2 tires, (F55) Magnetic Selective Ride Control and enhanced cooling 1 - Not available with any other wheels https://media.gm.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/corvette/2010.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2010/Mar/0310_Chevy_z06.html ULZ - Z06 CARBON SPECIAL EDITION PACKAGE: *CARBON FIBER RAISED HOOD *BLACK PAINTED CARBON FIBER ROCKERS AND SPLITTER *BODY-COLOR ZR1-STYLE SPOILER *SUEDE INTERIOR COMPONENTS *SPECIFIC SEAT AND STEERING WHEEL LOGO *BODY-COLOR INTERIOR STITCHING *BLACK HEADLAMP BEZELS AND OUTSIDE MIRRORS *20-SPOKE BLACK ALUMINUM 19" FRONT AND 20" REAR WHEELS *BODY-COLOR DOOR HANDLES *RACING PEDALS *EURO-STYLE RACING NUMBER (DEALER-/OWNER-INSTALLED) For 2012 and 2013, B92 (Carbon Fiber raised hood, Z06) could be ordered without any other packages required whereas it was only available in 2011 as part of the ULZ package. Yours has the Q44 wheels with 275/35/18 front and 325/30/19 rears. The Carbon Limited Editions had the ZR1 size wheels (19x10 and 20x12 with 285/30/19 and 335/25/20) Q44 Wheels, spider design, Z06 Competition Gray-painted aluminum, 18" x 9.5" (45.7 cm x 24.1 cm) front and 19" x 12" (48.3 cm x 30.48 cm) rear You have a great car to start with and your list of mods is a great start to an awesome track car! I have never owned a Vette yet, but, have almost bought one new and used many times over the life of the C6 and C7 only to have other projects and life get in the way - plus my inability at times to make a decision on my next play car!
  8. I'm going to try to go up for the October 25-27 HPDE there where they will run both directions during the event. New track to me, too. Let me know how you like it compared to MSRC.
  9. Have them take you out on Sn 8/25 on the 3.1 instead...you'll get a lot more company, including me...
  10. Nice surprise to see a response from Brad Flack now with ECR. Should mean SCCA events a plenty at ECR, too. He said calendar should be updated soon for both member days and open track days.
  11. I don't do Facechat or Snapbook...web four-umz is about as advanced of social media as I get.
  12. Do you know when their calendar on their website will be updated with Member and Open Track Days? I was going to look at doing the TDE event in September, but, looks like I've got family plans already on that Sunday. Looking forward to ECR, either way.
  13. Saturday 9/7 is Apex 3.1. Wish either was on a different day / weekend.
  14. I have never seen GM use DRY weight...until now. Even at 3600#, only a few will pass on buying. They should have listed CURB from the start vs. people wondering why it suddenly "gained" a bunch of weight since the reveal.
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