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  1. When our group got a deal, ECR was down for its tear up and repaving, plus garages were available at Cresson All that was long before the continuing paving mess of 2021.
  2. I was out for part of the first session this morning. I just wanted to try the Repave Version 2.0. Wish I'd stayed home vs. almost 200 mile round trip as I did not know that part of Rattlesnake was going to be an autocross course of cones I had to dodge on entry where it was coming up. Ruined the entire Rattlesnake complex set up today. Members like me paying monthly dues, garage fees, and having a track worse than what we had is not a good situation. On my particular line I take into Little Bend with my car set up (SS 1LE, stock suspension), there was a dip I didn't like. Will that and
  3. More issues to come for some as many (not me, luckily) are on variable rate electric plans. Plenty of four and five digit (!) electric bills just from this week shown on the news.
  4. Assuming I've got power, thawed out, pipe(s) fixed, yes. Just like I was supposed to be a the ski resort in Austin, think it's called COTA, this coming weekend - that doesn't look good for me. Also assuming the weather cooperates better, too!
  5. A non-HVAC controlled garage will not be the friend of a R-compound or R-compound'ish tire like a RE71R. Between potentially freezing temperatures up to high heat, it ages the compound. On a different note, I have used the RE71R in 305/30/19 on 11" front and 12" rear wheels. With the RE71R going away, and the replacement 'S' version not in many sizes let alone available here, you might try the Goodyear Supercar 3 (220TW) or the Supercar 3R (100TW). I have ran both driving to / from the track many time. Great tires in the dry, decent in the wet when new(er).
  6. Gotcha. I like whatever mic set up you have - where you hear the exhaust nicely with minimal wind noise.
  7. bigjae46: The video laps were in the 2:26-2:27 or higher range. Where'd the 3-4+ second improvement come from to get 2:22.9?
  8. Depending on your size, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 (220TW) [Gen 6 SS 1LE and base ZL1 tire) is one to consider. Takes more warmup time than a RE71R or Yokohama A052, but, very good performance. https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/eagle-f1-supercar-3/sizes-specs
  9. https://www.motorsportranch.com/track-calendar/ PM me if you’re up this way sometime and my sons and I can have you as a guest. Edge Addicts runs a good program. There are two more 3.1 Monday Funday this year: 11/16, 12/14. The latter wasn’t on EA’s website yet.
  10. Geoff D will be up from Houston in a mostly stock 2020 Rally Green ZL1, Eddie D will be there in his stock 17 SS 1LE, and others. My red 17 SS 1LE has a ZL1 1LE nose on it (Dave). Geoff is doing the entire weekend, Eddie & I just the 3.1.
  11. For those coming from out of town (or not), you can do Chin 2.7 CCW ECR 11/14 & 11/15 then head to Cresson that Monday 11/16 for Edge Addicts 3.1. Get the best of both great tracks / configurations and HPDE providers!
  12. I was glad my son and I went and track remained dry most of day. The forecast in the last few days ahead of time went from sunny and dry to multiple inches of rain.
  13. His hands will burn up, and maybe his feet, too, if no good shoes on, but, at least he can keep his helmet on getting out the window. You can't fit a helmet through the window opening on my Gen 6 Camaro.
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