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  1. What flavor of Vette (C7Z or what)? Just wondering how much power was underfoot of the student?
  2. I was debating Sunday on last week at COTA or try for Sunday only with CHIN. Glad I waited, though, I hope the weather is as good. Signed up for Sunday only as I had to work on Saturday 4/6. Got that covered now, so, I'll be running both days. EA at MSR-C on the 3.1 has been good with the occasional "why is this guy in Advanced"? I loved CHIN's open format at their 3-day event last year at MSR-C (all configurations). I understand they have regular run groups at COTA. My car is not the quickest down the straights, but, does well otherwise - hope without running into trains of the loads of "faster" cars I see on the roster.
  3. Yes but watching son (20) in the car. He’s been on 1.7 and 1.3. Have you guys received your email from TDE / Rick S. with car #'s, etc. for next weekend? We have not - normally we would have by now.
  4. Will definitely be running up there some once it opens. I'm around 90 miles from Rockwall to either, but, much easier with multiple ways to get to Cresson vs. ECR. Thanks for the offer and feedback.
  5. Looks like you did well at NASA at MSRC this weekend. I was unable to try to sneak into HPDE4 (work and family)...
  6. Who's going? I'm just able to go Sunday. Haven't been in a while. http://chintrackdays.com/subevent.aspx?q=nyweJJEwusk%3d
  7. I think Grassroots Motorpsorts magazine did a C5 "what to look for" when buying type of article a while back - yep, just confirmed - April 2018 mag. They are on Part 7 (April 2019 mag) of their PROJECT ULTIMATE CORVETTE with a C5Z (04 Lemans Edition with carbon fiber hood - only one that came with it I believe). Not sure if it is on their online / forum yet.
  8. I know you are in touch with the guys at ECR. Do you know what their plans are for adding more garages for members? Thinking about becoming a member at MSR-C or ECR. Thanks.
  9. He's running 305/30/19's square. I just mounted that same size on 19x11 and 19x12's - same as the GM boys have the last couple of years on the CAM-C cars at Nationals. Going to try them out either at TNIA on 3/19 1.7 CCW or with my son at TDE 3.1 3/23-24 later this month. Bought them to enter the SCCA TT's in January that did not pan out... I have seen some Vette guys running them. They are not a wide running tire. My Goodyear 305 20's and 19's are about 10mm (tread and section) wider on an 11" rim also. I am considering buying a custom 18x11 & 12" combo and trying the Rival S's if I don't like how quickly the RE71R's fall off. I, too, have been following Vorshlag's info as he seems to like them decently for extended sessions.
  10. Can someone do me a favor and please send over (PM, email [[email protected]]) or post the event's Chief Instructor's contact info? Not for sure, but, I might be able to come out and play in HPDE 4 this weekend. Says I need to get pre-approval if I do. I'm RED / ADVANCED with Apex, Edge, Driver's Edge, and CHIN at Cresson (all configs) and COTA. I see on the schedule it is Scott Adams. I'll try to find his contact info. Thanks. HPDE 4: HPDE 4 is for advanced drivers with open passing skills. All HPDE 4 drivers who are new to NASA must be pre-approved by the Chief Instructor before being allowed to drive in HPDE 4.
  11. Any update? Been very quiet. Seen a few cancellations of events in 2Q19. I know the weather hasn't been the best to get the work done.
  12. Sam, etc. thanks for the info. We both have trailers so street legal not a problem. We would just run local / regional and not too seriously due to work / family time demands.
  13. What does a well prepped Spec Boxster and Spec Miata run with a good club level racer on each configuration at MSR-C? 1.3, 1.7 both, and 3.1? A friend and I are looking at a membership out there and / or ECR and also looking at buying spec cars to play with. Thanks.
  14. Bummer - I missed it too. I'll tell my son that met you that it was yours! We, according to my wife / his mom, have way too many Blipshift shirts, but, I still buy more...let us know if this is one that they bring back for another round!
  15. Even if they can't read your numb-burr, it's going to be c-c-cold enough, you probably want the extra warmth next to you!
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