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  1. For any one rating MSRC just on the 1.7 CCW, the 1.7 CW acts as a much different track. You also need to get on the 1.3 and 3.1 configs, too, as the 1.3 section (and it combo'd with the 1.7 to make the 3.1) is MUCH more technical than the 1.7 CCW.
  2. Parking expansion rumors look to be true...
  3. https://www.dallaskartingcomplex.com/ Head out to DKC sometime...way (way) better than K1 Speed. Not that K1 is boring, but...
  4. They are paving the grass for parking from in front of the clubhouse to the fence. Told that was starting this spring. Looks like three different vehicles going on the “kart” track: L0206 karts, Ohvale Mini-Motos, and Supermotards. Same length as Dallas Karting Complex (DKC)
  5. I appreciate you being open with the incident, and keep us informed of the insurance, car repair outcome, etc. I'll be at the CHIN COTA event, my second COTA event ever. I'm comfortable with my car at speed on MSR all configs, and was comfortable at COTA when I went last. Comfortable does not equal infallible. I do carry track insurance for all HPDE events and consider it just another expendable to budget in. I don't drive differently with or without it, but, just have it there just in case. All the best on getting back on track quickly.
  6. I'm now doing both days as I got freed up. My SS 1LE is among the (potentially) slowest based on the roster! http://chintrackdays.com/roster.aspx?q=OghuZXIoIbM%3d
  7. What flavor of Vette (C7Z or what)? Just wondering how much power was underfoot of the student?
  8. I was debating Sunday on last week at COTA or try for Sunday only with CHIN. Glad I waited, though, I hope the weather is as good. Signed up for Sunday only as I had to work on Saturday 4/6. Got that covered now, so, I'll be running both days. EA at MSR-C on the 3.1 has been good with the occasional "why is this guy in Advanced"? I loved CHIN's open format at their 3-day event last year at MSR-C (all configurations). I understand they have regular run groups at COTA. My car is not the quickest down the straights, but, does well otherwise - hope without running into trains of the loads of "faster" cars I see on the roster.
  9. Yes but watching son (20) in the car. He’s been on 1.7 and 1.3. Have you guys received your email from TDE / Rick S. with car #'s, etc. for next weekend? We have not - normally we would have by now.
  10. Will definitely be running up there some once it opens. I'm around 90 miles from Rockwall to either, but, much easier with multiple ways to get to Cresson vs. ECR. Thanks for the offer and feedback.
  11. Looks like you did well at NASA at MSRC this weekend. I was unable to try to sneak into HPDE4 (work and family)...
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