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  1. Well, I see how you get addicted to Hoosier's purple crack. Long ago, I tried a scrub set of R7's on MSRC 3.1. Fronts were great, rears were junk. Sold them. That day, I put my normal Goodyears back on and never tried Hoosiers again until today. Went out to Chin ECR 2.7 event. Only got a couple of sessions by myself and one with a buddy riding. Went out on new sticker R7's. Went two+ seconds quicker in about the same air conditions with no other changes to the car. 2:06.69 AIM SOLO 2. I ran a 2:06.09 but I turned the AIM off due to a low battery and the entire session did not save. I saw Predictives in the mid 2:05's on that lap but I was dirty out of 15 onto the front straight. Need to play with the tire pressures and temperatures as the R7's on my car seem to want a lower cold and hot pressure window than the Goodyears. Weekend cut short by either a rear wheel bearing or a bearing in the differential going bad. Was getting louder and louder, so, I came home rather than risk an on-track issue. 31K miles on the car with lots of track miles. First issue at all with the car besides a sticky forward button on the radio long ago. Lap Time: 2:06.69 (AIM SOLO 2) Ambient Temp: 56F Car: 2017 SS 1LE (Stock engine, driveline, & suspension with ZL1 brakes, stock pads) Weight with driver: 4070# (yikes!) Estimated whp: Typical dyno results around 410 RWHP Tires: Hoosier R7's on ZL1 1LE wheels
  2. Weather forecast looking great!
  3. Got coverage for that weekend at work, so, just signed up.
  4. Trying to come out both days if I don't have to work. Got away with that this last weekend with The Driver's Edge on the 2.7. I liked the "rule" of if you go off, stay off and let the track come to you and either allow you back on the track (if not going to drag a bunch of dirt / mud onto track) or with an open trailer if mud encrusted. Hope you guys do the same since there is no grass yet grown in.
  5. Your Dad have the blue C6Z? If so, hope he got run time Sunday after all. Either way, agree with the above, but, I had not ever ran any at ECR before this last week, so, can't comment on the before / after. A blast of a track that will only get better with time and participation. Going to try to go to the Chin event and have already signed up for the 12/14 2.7 OTD.
  6. Had a blast this weekend at TDE 2.7. Learning curve is high for all. Definitely not enough rubber (at all) yet. I literally had one small spec of rubber in a barrel of a wheel after the event. There is a lot more in the car / set up with more track time. Great time hanging out with a lot of track friends like Daniel Byrd, etc.! He ran real well, too, by the end of the weekend also. For me, at Turn 11, it's better to stay further left and track out further left at the wide track out at Turn 12, but, my entry into Turn 11 was pinched with me late getting around the very quick STU Miata. I gave away 0.41 there versus my normal laps comparing them and 0.40 in Turn 3A / Turn 3B. Track: ECR 2.7 - 11/24/19 Lap Time: 2:08.69 (GM Performance Data Recorder) / 2:08.70 (AIM SOLO 2) - they are real close if you can mark the finish line on the PDR where AIM has it Ambient Temp: 62F Car: 2017 SS 1LE (Stock engine, driveline, & suspension with ZL1 brakes, stock pads) Weight with driver: 4070# (yikes!) Estimated whp: Typical dyno results around 410 RWHP Tires: Goodyear Supercar 3R (OEM ZL1 1LE wheels & tires) - 900 street miles to / from track plus 19 HC's during this session https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rOrsGoEdGihcN9HolMtAwgu4dNRCM7lb Here's a rear camera view (sound is not good since I don't use an external mic, at least not yet). My wickerbill blocks the view, but, the view shows the elevation changes well. The old GoPro still is WAY better resolution than the GM PDR crap camera. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KDZ0rmKXg44PjhKETq60MxB8JCiZeYS6/view
  7. I went to ECR for the 2.7 opening on Saturday and was busy Sunday and Monday, but, it looked like a good turnout. I ran it in 2017, my son and I in 2018, and we had a blast. Hollywood, now that you have run the 3.1, you know it is a very challenging and fun track we DFW guys are lucky to have nearby. The 1.3 in 30-minute sessions, especially in the heat, tests brakes, tires, cooling system, and drivers!
  8. It was definitely fun and will get better and better. The good news about lack of full grip, at least for me, was that I thought I'd be done on this set of tires (16 HC's front, 21 HC's rear before) - I couldn't hardly see any wear from what I started with Saturday morning! I did find the grip even around the track except where folks were dragging dirt onto it from going a wheel or more off. Yellow Group was not real good in first session with point by's. After that, I lined up first or near first for the rest of the sessions and had a much better time. I only pointed by the Challenge Ferrari and then a dark grey C7 Z06 / Z07 on the long back straight - who immediately over drove trying to stay ahead of a "lowly" SS 1LE. Two corners later, he had done two 2-wheels off's - let me by, and disappeared quickly behind me. Enjoyed it enough to have already signed up for the 12/14 2.7 OTD.
  9. Weather forecast now has taken the rain out from Saturday. Let's hope it stays that way!
  10. Had an absolute blast and the track folks bent over backwards to make it a great time with a great lunch, too! Agree with everything above but the grip for those that weren't on slicks. I'm sure the grip will improve with more rubber, less dirt / dust. Same set up in similar air / sun loading showed considerable more grip and resultant tire wear at MSRC a week or so ago...and I was on 100TW DOT Goodyears, so, not usually a lower grip tire.
  11. Looking forward to it either way being my first time on ECR at all, but, I think it reads like we all will be on the 2.7. We have completely re-built, re-paved and upgraded the track and facilities in over the last year. Some portion of the grounds are still under construction. The Canyon (1.65) has been open to members for the past few months and select groups have run it. The paving for the new 2.7 mile (The Italian Canyon… because it has a big boot now !!) configuration has been finished, curbings installed and cured (still need a few months to paint). The crews are working daily to finish the curbing, track edge work and updates around the clubhouse. Things are coming together and getting very exciting -- but still work to do ! As a participant of our first Open Track Day on the new Eagles Canyon 2.0, you will be one of the very first drivers to experience the new Italian Canyon track. It will be very 'green' asphalt, so make sure you follow directives from staff and instructors – we will work hard to make it a great day and keep things safe. Bring your helmet, tech form and driver’s license to the registration table in the ECR Clubhouse beginning at 6:45 AM.
  12. Looks like it will be the 2.7 not the 1.65!
  13. Rick just sent out a message saying only CCW now. Daniel, sign up to right seat me if you don't have someone lined up.
  14. You can enter for 1, 2, or 3 days...don't have to register for them all.
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