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  1. Have to work now Friday and into part of the weekend. Will try for the October event.
  2. I may go up to Hallett next weekend for the first time for a HPDE. Do you guys typically stay in Stillwater or west Tulsa or where? Name of hotel(s) preferred? Also, I hear the track sells 93 for $4.50/gallon. Any place off track with 92 or 93 close by? Have a great event this weekend. Also, do they have on site showers? Thanks.
  3. Your bad weather video looked like me recently. Should not have stopped at Del Norte's Tacos (awesome place to eat). Ended up catching a monsoon rain and high winds about 20-miles from home on the tires I lapped on like you, too...
  4. I would not say the last statement is always true based on what I've seen. A buddy with his phone only Harry's says his best time on the 3.1 is 3 seconds quicker than mine. In reality, I am 5+ seconds quicker than him. He's now met his goal of being an instructor - very good and smooth, however, hope he does not talk about the accuracy of his data logger nor his lap times.
  5. I tried an external GPS antenna with Harry's just because I had an extra old iPhone. It helped a lot, but, I would still get flyers. MY AIM Solo 2 (non-DL) and my factory PDR are very close if set to the same Start / Finish point of course. That makes it hard to get perfect 1-to-1. I also have had my AIM at times just stop working in the middle of a session.
  6. Good to see you on a trip down this way. Leave the car at MSRC and come play on 3.1 M 6/17 with Edge, too. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get off work. Have in-laws in this weekend, so, I can't do the TDE...wanted to since it is CW.
  7. The Aim Solo2 DL a buddy is using in one w/o PDR seems very nice, but, like my Solo2 (non-DL), he has fought with a lot of firmware updates to get to work. Plus, his vehicle's electronic control systems (PTM, eLSD, etc.) have gone into limp mode a few times that seem to be related to having it plugged into his ALDL port. He unplugs it, restarts vehicle, and all is good...for a while.
  8. ...and the PI Toolbox by Cosworth is even pretty DAMN more powerful... way more stuff to analyze, understand, or get confused on than what's in the regular Cosworth Toolbox. The free version of the PI is plenty for us data mortals. https://www.cosworth.com/products/toolbox/ This guy is Poor-sha on Corvette Forum. He has a lot of great videos about using PI, etc. on his YouTube channel including of events / accidents on track (even his own 19 ZR1 boo boo). Good analysis and how-to's. An example of working with PI...
  9. Just as FYI, wasn't questioning your lap time, just letting you know there will be flyers with Harry's. My two sons are getting more (and more) seat time in the current 17 SS 1LE. Thinking about getting the old man a ZL1 1LE like yours, especially for tracks like COTA.
  10. Think it was the Edge 3.1 event earlier I saw you out there. Does your car have PDR? I found Harry's to not be consistent compared to my AIM and PDR. Those are very close if set to the same start point. When I ran Harry's, it would be dead on and then WAY quick and then WAY slow compared to the AIM and PDR. When fully used to the car, you'll be sub 2:20 on the 3.1 and sub 1:20 on the 1.7 CCW. Have fun and see you out at Cresson soon! You going to the Edge 3.1 on M 6/17? I will be if able to get off work that day.
  11. I forced my two to learn on one and have manuals as first cars. They love them!
  12. Probably a WAY more experienced crowd at Apex. I'll be signing up for the 2-way if I can get a work project covered. I love doing both 1.7 configs the same day as they feel so different.
  13. Was told there was water running across yesterday for the 3.1 Member Day and some today for the Edge Addicts 3.1 event.
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