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  1. I'll be out there Sunday afternoon for the Open Track Day. I'll ask about the HPDE note if they don't respond to my email. On the configuration / direction of the day, it still would be nice if the mixed it up officially ahead of time, at least part of the time. At least the default is the big track!
  2. Brad, I sent an email to ECR - have not heard back yet as I'm sure they're buried in questions. If I bite on the deal, I'll give you as a referral. Three quick questions: 1) On the "all HPDE's" - can we run for free, or what % off, or explain, 2) Can you add a family member later for the normal $150/month, and 3) How often do / are they running all the other configurations besides the 2.7 CCW. Technically, I think they can run 6 (2.7 / 1.65 / 1.2 - all both directions). The online calendar doesn't say what configuration, or at least I don't see it - tell me how... Thanks. Dave
  3. It’s the total stranger (not knowing how serious they have taken the Covid situation) sitting that close for lots of minutes / hours including idle time waiting in the pits or on track for someone who went off track to get pulled out. I have tried hard to take it serious and so has my family. Didn’t mean to take the original thread too far off topic.
  4. The Driver's Edge at the 3.1 MSRC event May 2 & 3 - I thought they were going to do lead follow with students, but they put instructors in the cars instead. I was surprised by that.
  5. Can you PM me your email or cell? Would love to run on a non-2.7 CCW day, especially a CW day on either track. I've run the 2.7 CCW enough to be comfortable (2:06's in my SS 1LE last time out). My oldest son will be running with Chin on it this weekend. I'd be glad to pay the $175 some time you are headed there. Thanks. Dave
  6. Will be there. Lots of fun just don’t go off track as it’s just dirt and mud until the grass and weeds grow in. Track staff / owners are great at making you feel welcome. They have 93 on site for reasonable price - similar to the Cresson Texaco.
  7. I'll ask next time I'm out at Cresson. Would rather ask them in person than email or phone. I asked about MSRH based on what I read on Harris Hills site. I wasn't too optimistic about MSRH / MSRC with each other because there is no agreement between Cresson and ECR. Reciprocal memberships with Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson and MSR Houston as well as Eagles Canyon Raceway
  8. I see where Harris Hills has reciprocity agreement between MSR-Cresson and Houston. You have to pay the guest fee for the day at Harris Hills, but, you could go on a member day. Does MSRH have anything like that with Cresson? My sons and I became members at Cresson last year and want to run at Houston sometime. If MSRH does not have a reciprocal agreement, I'd be glad to trade being a guest at MSRH with hosting someone up here. Thanks. Dave
  9. Old Name: Dave New Name: few buddys (Randy - since I put my full new legal name, that trumps your one-name for first spot in line!) Ryan - how does the APR wing compare to the Cup wing for downforce and adjustability? Car looks great either way.
  10. Call you Doctor if the "something" that appeared lasts longer than four hours, but, before you do, please post up for the TrackJunkies what you did with it.
  11. As a reference point for fuel: mine's not even a supercharged Camaro (ZL1), and it eats a full tank (19 gallons) of 93 per hour on track typically.
  12. Joe, agree with the above. For the OP, what is your budget overall, speed goals, willing to work on it yourself, budget for consumeables, etc.?
  13. Another thing to consider is an off track excursion repair bill. Camaro fenders, hoods, front fascia, headlamps, etc. are MUCH cheaper than what they are on a Vette or Porsche. Also, way easier to find on Craigslist, eBay, the forums, etc. I took this into account when I bought my 17 SS 1LE over some others. While we never plan for "custom" body work via a tire wall, etc., it is something, in my opinion, is to be considered. You will go through tires, gas, and brake pads at a higher rate than a car like a Miata with such a quick and heavy car, but, they have an excellent track warranty and don't need anything but good brake fluid out of the box to be very quick.
  14. Car sounds great! Besides the tires, what if any modifications?
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