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  1. BTW it has a LSD as well. Had that question from a few people. And I do have a title for it in hand.
  2. So I'm not entirely sure if I want to sell the car because I truly love it. But I do have some other priorities that would be good to focus on for the time being. I am very confident I will regret selling it though. High level... the car is what a lot of others would call a "cheater car" but everything on it is legal according to the PCA rulebook and freshly rebuilt, aligned and inspected. 100% ready to club race. It is a 5 time podium car and with a good driver, this thing is a weapon. This car was developed to win and they spared no expense when doing it. Originally it was an over $165k d
  3. Selling my racing transponder since my plans have changed. All the tabs are in tact, tested for signal. The id number is visible however it's hard to capture on camera. It is 0972978 for anyone interested. Caveat: light does not work though. Price: $500 shipped obo
  4. I think you may have forgotten to put in a price. Slick looking bike though!
  5. And free rocks in the exhaust :-D. J/K, nice looking car overall.
  6. Ah gotcha. Too far from me. Best of luck with the sale.
  7. That is a slick setup. I like that it fits in your garage. Where are you located?
  8. Damn that is a heck of a deal. Best of luck with the sale!
  9. lol, Pennsylvania. Best of luck with the sale. Dedicated rain tires are my next purchase for the car.
  10. Where are you located? Not familiar with SAT so probably not local to me :-(
  11. Ah duh, sorry about that. I read the title as R7. My apologies.
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