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  1. Selling my 2006 United UXT Race Trailer - 24 foot box - CTECH Aluminum Upper Cabinets and custom lowers - Tool box included - Multiple Pit Pal accessories for storage - Lots of E-track for storage including top row for a tire rack - Rubber coin flooring with ATP on the dove tail - New tires last summer - Brakes and hubs redone last summer by local trailer dealer - LED Light package - 110v Package and Generator included - One year old deep cycle battery - Electric Tongue jack - 5000 lb built in winch with roller fair lead - upgraded 48" side door Tows great! I'm only selling because I've upgraded to a 36' Gooseneck and need to make room. Will fit a car, spares and an ATV. Asking $6000 or offer, I'd also sell the ATV (Polaris Sportsman 300)
  2. Still looking. Unfortunately the one in Houston didn’t work out.
  3. Looking for one. PM me please. I have a 24’ United UXT I can trade for someone looking to downsize.
  4. Yeah going to do this ASAP. Just need to do a lot more stuff too but thanks for the advice. Looking at PFC 01, Raybestos ST44 and Hawk 60/70.
  5. the suspension is tight. It’s all new spherical bearings. Rotors were new this race. Car makes 425-450shp depending on the tune I run. Tires are 245 R7 Hoosiers up front and 275 R7s out back. I agree the wilwood pads seem to be the culprit. I had street compound pads with some M5 calipers and it was okay but faded bad so hence the upgrade. DtC70 or 60 are an option as are PFC 01. I’m looking for a good friction level that stays fairly constant with temp rise that I can modulate. I flat spotted my front 2 tires going into turn 12 at Road America last weekend trying to modulate but the pads didn’t seem to want to release unless I was all the way off the pedal.
  6. Car is a 1985 BMW 635csi, it's big, heavy and especially nose heavy. I race in SVRA, VSCDA etc so not hyper competitive but I took first in class last weekend even with a horrible brake judder. Here is the current setup. Front Brakes: 13x1.4" Coleman Floating rotors with AP Racing CP5800-10SOL 6 Piston Calipers Wilwood Polymatrix A Compound Pads Rear Brakes: 12.19x.81" Fixed 2 piece rotors with Wilwood Superlite 4 piston calipers and Wilwood Polymatrix H Compound Pads Master Cylinders are AP Racing with a bias bar no booster 7:1 pedal ratio. First of all the car STOPS and in a hurry. I can brake from 150mph+ to 50-65 for sharp corners no problem. The problem is the car shakes like crazy until I'm hard on the brakes and there doesn't seem to be a lot of wiggle between no judder and lockup. It does not judder when the brakes are cold on the first lap. I'm thinking of going to PFC 01 pads based on some of the feedback i've seen on the board. Any other potential pad compounds I should look out for? It's a Hawk 109 or Wilwood 88 pad shape. Edit: This is a full race car so i don't have to worry about road manners outside the track. Thanks!
  7. 3 sets of 17” 8/9 Staggered E39 wheels. Fit on E36 and E24 just fine. http://bigcoupe.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30408 Set of 225/245 Rains Set of 245/275 R7s with 10ish heat cycles. All in the Waco area.
  8. Well the BMW will be done in paint just after Christmas, couple days to assemble the trim and install the fire system and I'll be needing a shop to apply the graphics. I've already got them printed from a shop in Europe but I just need a place that knows what they are doing to install them. I've gotten a few prices in the neighborhood of 1000-1800. That seems a bit high or am I just under estimating the amount of work involved here? I've attached a picture of the graphics I've got. Thanks Andy
  9. Thanks, i've also got Paul May as a reference who I think will be the chief tech inspector for the january school.
  10. Haven't heard anything yet, thanks for doing that. I got a good set of R7 scrubs ordered today for school and two brand new sets of R7's coming in as well. Now I just need some SRF, more plugs and lots and lots of redline 40wt.......
  11. Yeah thats what I read too and you are correct, the flywheel is about 2" forward of the driver's feet/pedals. I have an email into Stirling to get his thoughts. Thanks for the response Matt.
  12. I did a search and can't seem to find anything on the topic but here goes. What is legal and will pass tech with respect to a scatter shield in SCCA? I read the GCR and I need a .125" thick piece of 4130 plate. Okay great, how does it have to attach? Can it be inside the car? Does it have to go under the floor boards too? I have very little room between the transmission and the tunnel on the 635csi and I'm debating on putting it over the tunnel inside the car and bolting it in with 4 1/2" Grade 8 cap screws. Any advice? And no there isn't an SFI approved one out there for a Getrag 260 unless someone knows of one? Thanks Andy
  13. Hey folks I've got a garage full of BMW wheels that I need to start clearing out! 1 set of DS1's 17x7.5's with 225 BFG Rivals (ok tread left) in decent shape $350/set (E46/E36 fitmet) 1 set of OEM 330i E46 wheels with 3 good Yokohama street tires and one bad one. $250/set All are BMW 5x120mm and can be picked up around the Waco, TX area. Make me a deal on all four sets or offer on price. Thanks, PM or email and I'll text you pictures.
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