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  1. I was on the short course once in 2000 for a California Superbike School event. Fast exit through turn 3 isn't rewarded in that config....nor is an inside pass going in. It was a drag race down the front straight, make a U-turn, run through some S's, make a U-turn, and drag race down the straight again. I'd sign up and run it though before passing final judgement.
  2. Pete

    F1 2019

    Nice, thanks for the reminder. Don't forget racing starts this Saturday with the Daytona Rolex 24, NBCSN is covering quite a bit of it. My big problem is finding a solution to watch MotoGP and World Superbike since Comcast dropped Bein Sports. Its not easy nowadays to be a two wheeled road racing fan.
  3. Styling aside, performance wise I don't think it's going to disappoint. GM is on a role making great handling sports cars from the Cadillac V's to the latest generation of Camaro's and Corvette's. This should also make an improved race platform for GTLM since the C7R is now the oldest design in the series. The C7R did win GTLM this year but it wasn't due to their speed.
  4. Wow, that is pretty cool. I've always thought Corvette should be a range of models and this address's going after the lost sales to Mclaren, Ferrari, and other exotic mid engine cars. I'm probably in the minority but I'd rather have a smaller, high revving, V8 but my last track toy was a 600cc superbike. So although a flat-plane option would be sweet a more budget build using the existing LT1 with a close ratio DCT could be a ton of fun. Especially if its a couple hundred pounds lighter.
  5. I just signed up for Sunday only. There are a LOT of openings still.
  6. No fire concerns on Sunday, sigh. But it was entertaining in the spectator area watching a white car (vaguely similar to the one in Clifton's avatar) audition for Gymkhana 10 in the morning.
  7. Just saw we'll be running in both directions which I think will be very cool. I love me some CW!
  8. Can't pass up an opportunity to get on the track in October. I just hope we run CW for a change. Is this the first time they have done one of these advanced events? Seems like a spur of the moment event.
  9. After looking at your avatar Mr Monkey, I think you were pitted right behind me? I had the yellow C7.
  10. The 1LE seems like the best track day Camaro, since, well, that was what it was designed for. BM73 has a good point about the V6-1LE version but if your starting from a ZL1 then the V8 might be a good compromise. I looked at them hard (1LE-V8) but due to lack of headroom and visibility I said F-it and bought a vette. It's not a daily driver for me though and a Camaro would probably be better at that. Get some 18" wheels and you can drop your tire cost a bunch. Then again if you want the supercharger and have the means then get it and enjoy it. The whole Camaro platform (excluding the rental car versions) is a bargain for what your getting.
  11. You can reserve them separately through motorsportreg.com.
  12. Great weather and a good time even though I had a roller coaster weekend. Things were great Saturday and I got back into PB territory and feeling like Sunday I had a plan to to improve. First session Sunday I had an instructor to start and my rear end was sliding all over the place. I ended up driving quite poorly and thought maybe it was just an early morning thing (although in hindsight no one else appeared to have grip problems). The second session I was solo and the car was frightening with a couple high speed moments of the rear snapping out that really scared me. I know how Mr Lobster felt a couple weeks ago. Something just didn't feel right, last time I ran the 3.1 my alignment got knocked out so I suspected that happened again. I took it over to Doghouse at lunch and sure enough the right side of my car was massively toe'd out. That made me really happy to learn it wasn't my driving and that somehow my mediocre skills were able to keep the car on the track with that set up. I got back out in the afternoon without missing a session (Thanks Doghouse!) and the car was transformed back to normal. Unfortunately my confidence was shaken so I didn't push very hard and just wanted to finish out the day. This has only happened on the 3.1. I never ran off track or hit a high curb, the most abusing thing is the transition after turn 10 before entering ricochet. I'm running stock Pilot Super Sports so no uber sticky rubber to overwork things. Anyone got any suggestions? Unfortunately when your alignment goes out there is no warning light on the dash!
  13. Sorry about the beamer problems. It was cool to meet Joe and watch his driving skills from the passenger seat of another vehicle! My weekend was mixed but focusing on the positive I was able to knock 2 secs of my PB after a ride along. I had three "aha" moments that really helped running CCW. Considering it was the only second time I've run that direction I still left happy and looking forward to the 3.1 in a couple weeks.
  14. I got the car all ready to go. It's been a few months so I'm really looking forward to it. The weather forecast seems to be flipping and flopping so hopefully my new rain jacket will do some reverse psychology with the sunshine.
  15. https://www.gofundme.com/patrickwilsonsrecoveryfund
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