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  1. Looks like they removed the flagger station at the hairpin. I did a track walk one night with TDE a few years back and remember standing at the bottom of the hairpin looking up thinking that flagger station is in a mighty dangerous position for going CW which is why I figured they never really did it. Otherwise I'm not sure how I feel about running the whole 3.1 clockwise but leaning towards CCW being better.
  2. Pete

    July Member Days

    You got the LS swap done already! 😀
  3. May want to look into some XPEL protective film afterwards.
  4. That video has me thoroughly engaged now. But street posing is different from track work. Assume a proper radiator is needed? Rear diff and axle upgrade? BBK? What's the next week link. I want one.
  5. For realz? I've not heard of such a thing, would be curious what it does to the weight distribution.
  6. I heard they are shutting down events and will only be open to members. Can anyone confirm this?
  7. Nice to see them on the ground here finally. Its going to be a great street car but I really wish it was a bit smaller and lighter. I'm going to give it a few years before doing anything.
  8. Pete

    Penis extension car

    That is an find. I had this huge 6' poster of one, I think it was the 916 SPS though? Anyhow in red, with the white tail, and the termi-baloney exhaust. It fit me horribly, and I don't like V twins, but it was an incredible looking machine. It's aged quite well.
  9. That's awesome. I went to the race a few years ago when it was held late in the day and into the night time which was super cool to watch the cars run in the dark. Not sure if that schedule would work well in February though. I'd really like to get to check out the new C8R but I think they may be only running IMSA.
  10. You hosting one 10/22? I think I might be in the area and I'm a big fan of a cocktail and a cigar.
  11. Holy high expectations! Call me arrogant but if its on BFG Mud-Terrains, with '87 original brake fluid, AND running 4x4 Low........I think I could clear it by a couple tenths. Probably have to downshift out of 7th gear at some point though which is annoying. On a serious note, after hearing about the 5.5L, FLAT PLANE CRANK, normally aspirated, FLAT PLANE CRANK, C8R, with the FLAT PLANE CRANK, I've lost all interest in the LT2 C8. I now want one of those FLAT PLANE CRANK thingys, which will help push out a poor financial decision a couple years......hopefully.
  12. But but but.....it's not.......yellow. Sigh. ☚ī¸
  13. I was using the missing canopies as an excuse for not becoming a member. It is nice to see some basic maintenance finally getting done. Guess I'm now in search of a new excuse.....
  14. Pete


    I just added a bottle to my brake pad order from KNS Brakes for $71. I used to get it from Amazon for $60 but noticed the price went up to $90.
  15. Especially the manuals. Being the owner of the last manual version of the car, I won't be selling or trading in my C7 GS when I get a C8.
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