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  1. Apparently the the Club trim is a "build to order only trim level" according to the mazda site...Used market, here I come lol
  2. Hey Hey ! The Primer / White one? Clapped out translates to "not at all afraid to send on track" to this crowd 😉
  3. Doesn't hurt at all that the man can straight up wheel a car either 🙂 (Joe's secret strategy is to feed his ego until his head's so big it clouds his vision and I can get past him 😜 )
  4. Its down to that or an ND as my nezt daily (later this year...Q3 maybe) Haley can track it...
  5. Been there. Next time, blow bus stop bad enough to jump over half the grass and your momentum will carry you back onto the track...minus your splitter of course. Surprised Cliffy B didnt show you that trick 😎🤙
  6. Acceptable candidates include: projects that never got off the ground, cars that were ready to race but need love to be so again, all the way through race cars that pass current tech for CMC. Any junkies have one they were / are thinking about selling? No interventions please, I'm happily aware of what I'm asking for lol 😛 *restarts Here I go again, and opens fresh one*
  7. Cope - Can I baby sit it for you until you grow said appropriate stache' ?
  8. Also, just to be clear, these engines are free to anyone who wants to pick them up. Otherwise they're getting scrapped 😆
  9. I cleaned out my garage-shop room to make a gym for a wife, and now everything that was in it is taking up a garage bay that I need back! Come get this stuff, or it's going to the recycler for beer money 😁 Two 1.8L Miata short blocks. One had spun a bearing, and had it's reciprocating parts placed in it's oil pan un-ceremoniously, post necropsy. BUT it's all there and the main bearings looked in good shape when it came apart, so the shrapnel damage was not spread through the system. If someone wants to polish a crank and slap it together with some new bearings for a spare, it's a candidat
  10. joesurf79

    New Spec NC

    Appreciate the assessment of their popularity in the wild Matt!
  11. joesurf79

    New Spec NC

    So looking around and dreaming, post COVID, Post Microprocessor shortage (cue Alec Baldwin voice from The Departed: "Mi-crow-praw-ses-sahs"), what do the more seasoned miata racing junkies see one the horizon for the Spec MX5 series? Prices from what I can see for NC donors seem all over the map atm, but then again there's lots going on in the world so not sure where things might stabilize... thoughts? The car could jump straight to st5 from that the powerpoint said, and powerpoint is basically law, sooo...
  12. Thanks Max! If nothing else this provides leverage for another Miata to track sometime soon ahahahaha!
  13. Thanks man! Yeaaappp - pretty much back to normal with the exception of sleeping - have to be careful which way I rotate at night. And not lifting heavy stuff over head yet. But other than that, doing alright for the most part.
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