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  1. LOVE that exact car ! Cant wait to hear your thoughts of it on a "closed course" 🙂
  2. Thanks Sam, appreciate the sentiment. Seriously! 🙂
  3. RIP to one dream, fully embracing another 🙂 Hitting pause on my track life for a bit, thanks to 2020 re-aligning life priorities by force. But hot damn if I dont still have an awesome life 🙂 The wife took it harder than I did, before issuing the edict that the next track car be one we can share which means a seat with a slider haha! Love that woman!
  4. Car has sold. Thanks all for the interest 🙂
  5. Replies and Pics sent to everyone, just let me know if anyone still needs more info or other specific pics 🙂
  6. Delivery possible to Houston, Austin, Dallas areas. Dont be shy.
  7. DUDE - way to Hustle Jae! That's flying!
  8. Bumping this back up to the Top. If there is any interest out there hit me up 😎
  9. Continuing to heal as the car gathers dust. I vaguely remember being on track...pre covid...pre arm surgery...Motion is great, pain still sucks when moved certain ways. Lame scar. I rate this injury 3/10, would not recommend. Oh and I bought a non running square body beater to turn into a tire smoking rowdy burnout machine in my non existent free time. The Bogan Dunny Team is racing Champ this weekend without me while I heal and wait for the arrival of child number 2 - I feel like I'm in a parallel universe... 😛
  10. Whoa! I need to trade you back before I compression test the truck so that I can get results that wont require a rebuild lol
  11. Stop microagressing the poor girl by thinking about asking her out hornetball.
  12. Thanks Max 🙂 appt today at 3pm to hopefully get rid of the splint, and then start working on motion 🙂
  13. That's the eventual plan. Since july 6th when I last posted - I got my right distal bicep tendon severed by a 3 way mix of issac newton's laws, pure instinct reaction, and shitluck. If your giant double decker tool box wants to roll off the ledge in your garage - LET IT!!!🤣😂 Fully repaired surgically, but full recovery will take a couple months. Just in time for kid #2 to show up... So as long as 2020 doesn't have alien invasion resulting in human enslavement in the cards, should be mixing it up in '21😎🤟👍
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