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  1. Continuing to heal as the car gathers dust. I vaguely remember being on track...pre covid...pre arm surgery...Motion is great, pain still sucks when moved certain ways. Lame scar. I rate this injury 3/10, would not recommend. Oh and I bought a non running square body beater to turn into a tire smoking rowdy burnout machine in my non existent free time. The Bogan Dunny Team is racing Champ this weekend without me while I heal and wait for the arrival of child number 2 - I feel like I'm in a parallel universe... 😛
  2. Whoa! I need to trade you back before I compression test the truck so that I can get results that wont require a rebuild lol
  3. Stop microagressing the poor girl by thinking about asking her out hornetball.
  4. Thanks Max 🙂 appt today at 3pm to hopefully get rid of the splint, and then start working on motion 🙂
  5. That's the eventual plan. Since july 6th when I last posted - I got my right distal bicep tendon severed by a 3 way mix of issac newton's laws, pure instinct reaction, and shitluck. If your giant double decker tool box wants to roll off the ledge in your garage - LET IT!!!🤣😂 Fully repaired surgically, but full recovery will take a couple months. Just in time for kid #2 to show up... So as long as 2020 doesn't have alien invasion resulting in human enslavement in the cards, should be mixing it up in '21😎🤟👍
  6. How does the mustang dyno complicate the NASA target? Just optimistic and reads high? I'd rather have the tuner in person this time around. The remote tuning thing is a hassle. Maybe tow car to CSG in Cali and combind trips to visit my sister in Van Nuys, and hit a track day there hahaha? NASA has a comp school next month at ECR, was thinking of getting out there.
  7. Exactly my line of thinking Max - thus the expedition and not an explorer... That baby has the HD towing package. 3.73 rear end ratio, giant radiator, bigger trans cooler, integrated trailer brake controller, and some sort of sway control, which I wont need because #toungweightmatters. Safer too with 2K lbs more than the WRX to abosrb / resist possible collisions. Just made sense. The whole family can come watch me turn good money into noise and frustration! How do I keep losing fun vehicles and getting more "responsible" family transportation...I need some more reckless and irresponsible transportation in my life again! Jake agrees!
  8. What's up Eric! Ls is probably on hold, as Haley traded her WRX for something more powerful. In fact, this thing is the most powerful vehicle I have ever owned. 375 hp, 470 lb/ft of trq. Twin turbo V6... So Now, My BRZ power Plan looks more like: + Just need to keep temps in check. Have some ideas and ducting changes to make to ensure survival. Did PFT in Lewisville tune yours?
  9. My LS swap dream is looking more like this these days hahaha: +
  10. Still getting the brakes sorted out?
  11. If the weather does turnout great, and someone wants to host a total hack in exchange for lunch, I'll be the hack / lunch provider lol
  12. Appreciate the Offer, Thanks man - But no longer necessary.
  13. Yeah I hear ya for sure. The cost to build a strong FA20 to survive boost added into the equation just helps balance the scales cost wise with the bare bones LS swap. Some of the people I'm talking about were tuned professionally to make right at the 240 whp level to meet a power/weight limit - relatively low power levels compared to the capability of those kits. The rods and trans just dont have the margin to survive long pushed that far past their N/A stress levels from what I have seen. The other part of this is a "life nexus" coming - kid number 2 is coming in October, so once I hit the "2 kids under 2" event horizon, the track time is going to take a hit. Hopefully not stop completely for long but it's going to get hit, no way around it.Combine some off time with a desire to tinker and the LS swap rubix cube starts to become an attractive prospect to spend an hour at a time losing myself on, mindlessly wiring a gauge, welding an exhaust joint, or making some radiator hoses. Coming out of the other side of the wormhole with an LS BRZ track car sounds like fun to me. Or It'll stall 3/4th finished and I'll wake up 5 years from now wondering what I was thinking hahaha! Keep in mind this isn't a street car that needs all the odds and ends that push people's LS swaps into the high dollar range. I dont need an AC solution, or factory gauge cluster integration, no ABS, So beyond getting the LS to run (power, ground, 58 psi fuel pressure), the clutch to engage / disengage, an oil cooler, a vacuum source for the brake booster the thing solidly mounted, driveshaft, some exhaust fab I dont see too many hurdles, GM performance makes a standalone kit that has a harness, MAF, DBW throttle pedal, and ecu all together making the LS3 a super simple install from an electronics perspective, increasing the chances that I can get it done sooner rather than never 🙂
  14. Several reasons. The biggest one being that Everyone I have personally met and talked to that has boosted a factory internal FA20 - to a person - has blown at least one up on a "safe reliable professional" tune. At least one time. A bunch of really smart folks with more brains and more money than me who I've met have gone down that path, and thrown heaps of cash at it - and while factory FA20s survive boosted on the street longer, being pushed on track in hot humid TX summers, they're on borrowed time it seems. Just my observation. Yeah there are some outliers on the internet who are vocal, and rightfully so, but I've seen enough misery firsthand that I'm spooked. Talk to Ryan Payne for 10 mins and you're terrified lol! And if the block doesnt self ventilate, the transmission who's design envelope was 175 ft lbs of trq (with safety margin) gives up in dramatic fashion. Seen several break under boost. Reliable tune is a relative term. There may be something involved with the polling time of the ecu that seems to contribute. One of the gents above is on stock block #3, now has a motec running the show and claims great reliability - but that pushes the $6K to $8K, right? And thats not to say that an LS is instantly the most reliable motor in history, running it hard with adequate cooling in stock form presents a surplus of reliable power in comparison. Racing anything breaks everything, but an LS3 pushing my go-kart wouldn't be breathing hard. And if I part out all the BRZ drivetrain parts at 27K miles now, sell the Trans that has good syncros, etc...I (misguidedly) believe I can get the out of pocket cost down the cost of the supercharger and the inevitable 2nd donor FA20. Also - NA V8s are friggin awesome. 420 crank hp is plenty more than too much. And it'll do it happily I believe. And I'm certainly crazy 🙂 Boost yours first and I'll watch haha 😉
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