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  1. Bingo. Sounds like the FRS is already a bottle of SRF and some pads away from track competence for 90% of users.
  2. Cant wait to see how amazing this car is when completed!
  3. 99% sure I can make it, if there is someone whose membership I can drag off of parasitically. In exchange for Gatorade or food or something.
  4. This thing, when placed upside down over the stuff in my truck bed as a makeshift tonneau cover kept my gear bag dry on the way home :) Any MPG increase though was negated by the windows down at 70 mph when the AC died in the truck. GRRRRRR...
  5. The car has an aftermarket ecu ( megasquirt something or other IIRC), not sure what it uses to magic the car into running at WOT. I'm painfully ignorant when it comes to the electronics side of performance in cars.
  6. I like your style sir :) He said he was going to zap the factory manifold back together with the MIG when he got home but we have 100 pts to play with to the A class limit. So the obvious choice has to be a horribly mismatched, junkyard found snail shaped boost maker, right? Or flip the manifold on the head, holesaw a hood exit and run the tractor pull glory that racing the car obviously wants to have...
  7. I'm sure the O2 sensor was real happy too...Didn't seem to phase Josh behind the wheel at all - throwing down 8-9 laps in a row in the 1:34s towards the end of the last session!
  8. Our car was considerably louder at the end of sunday. Now we know why lol :)!!
  9. I almost feel like with that genius name that wrote itself, that the universe has commanded us to make my dumb idea happen... So now, my wife will probably tell me she is pregnant again when I get home.
  10. Move the V6 and transaxle to where the middle seats were, and BAM. It's practically an NSX!
  11. So its tenure as Haley's track car starts tomorrow with a drive to Cresson. Brand new 225 width RS4s mounted up, hard top bolted down, and oil changed. Oil cooler line is weeping a tiny bit, but its tight and doesnt leave a drip? Also made a coolshirt "loop splitter". Driver and passenger can both feed their coolshirts at the same time for a session. Flows driver's shirt first for safety, then passenger shirt and back to the ice box - pretty neat if you ask me 😉
  12. The aluminum block 5.3 ls swap into the Burzzz is constantly on my mind. I think that is the way to go over a supercharger, and as much as I'd love the K-Miata - if my becomes Haley's track car (read: my ChampCar funding gets to it, hiding in plain sight...all the while claiming that everything done "is for safety, babe!"...) then the miata gets left alone power wise for the most part. Hey wasn't this thread about your HDR sponsored aero bits at some point LOL?
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