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  1. You can have my uhaul reservation now. Found a good deal on "yon listeth of Craigery". The wife modeling the trailer while I hold the baby - what a team!
  2. Wierd, I called uhaul at 4pm-ish and got one reserved Thursday evening through Sunday night without a hitch...Pun intended. #dadjokes 😉 Thanks for the offer BTW Cliff!!
  3. In and instructing! Time to meet / drive with some more TJs in person ;)
  4. I'm in. I'll be headed up from Sugar Land Friday morning I hope. Need to get a trailer rented licktey split. Actually what I need to do is buy a trailer, but time to shop for one is hard to come by these days - totally a first world problem.
  5. So I think I found part of the water entry problem. Pulled the soft top and frame out in the effort to replace the ancient vinyl / silicone plug job I had going on. There are rumored to be supposed to be drain holes under those piles, consisting of: 1) Leaves 2) Mud 3) A carpet scrap? 4) Plastic pop clips 5) BOTH plastic seatbelt guide covers 6) Part of a Wristband...hoping it was at least track related. So as per usual car work protocol, a job that the internet said would be 3 hours, that I then instinctively budgeted 5 hours for, took all day. Finding rusty covers etc took time to strip, prime, paint, etc. Cleaned up the top frame, pained a few tiny rust spots. The random trim pieces had some small rust bubbles. All corrected. This was supposed to be the rented mule of cars. Gotten for a song and beaten mercilessly. Why can I not actually do that? Why do I have this innate need to find problems, struggle with them, solve them? Why do I love this plucky little salvage title red roadster so much?
  6. Plus trailer...doubting the legitness now lol
  7. Should an F350 dually with a goose neck, be towing the 5 chevy equinoxes on the two level car hauler? Not sure, but the driver was having a chat with Sugar Land's finest. I'm sure its legit.
  8. You camera setup looks really stable, I like it! And it seems to pan a little with steering angle? What is going on there...or did someone put something in the Keurig in the break room they shouldn't have lol?
  9. E85 tune is almost completely dialed, a little bit of splitter trimming coming, few odds and ends to round up and BAM! Car should be ready to take out again. In other news - Jake had his first track experience. Slept right through it lol
  10. I have not laughed this much in a while...The like quota is hitting hard today! The Luby's line got me, Lobster :) I can see corvette guy's wife in a corvette jacket in the passenger seat, rambling about mac & cheese and sweet tea.
  11. We can trade caged white cars, and I'll shoulder that crushing load of ridicule for you...I'll even wear the jorts non-ironically. Just saying.
  12. Man! I leave for one second and someone beats me to the oxidizers ;) Hypergolics man, How do you think we got the moon? Wait - we went right?
  13. BTW - a flaming train under the influence of gravity alone (in a vacuum), accelerates harder than a BRZ. As does a feather, and egg, and most definitely a Corvette.
  14. Thanks for Keeping it light Dave...now I have Jalapeno Chips in my Keyboard. And it was worth it ;) Also, Ahmad, you have a Vette yet ???
  15. Thanks man! I love my car, don't get me wrong. Even after spending corvette money to go miata "fast". If I learn to drive someday that might change... but ...i'm not under any illusions regarding where it falls in the hierarchy of fastness? I have a blast working on it, did it all my way, and enjoy the crap out of it. OP in my perfect 20/20 hindsight... ...i'm not a great driver, and the BRZ takes one to turn Corvette times. That tire shredding LS plays the "song of my people". I could turn the same lap times and have a radio to blast Slayer, trolling the other people at the grid !? ;) Your 3-4 track days a year goal in a fun street toy mandate that you BUY THE VETTE. I'll help you look
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