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  1. I cant help reading this thread and feeling pumped up... like...lots...this kid gets it!
  2. SuperMiata "sport" clutch and flywheel went in this weekend. Everything went in smoothly, bled the clutch and it seems to release fine, no slippage. There's a fair amount of "shakey/chatter" right at the engagement point, but I have a feeling that is normal. Will daily it all week and see if it changes. Have a new fuel pump to put in as well. Hoping to identify/correct the fuel starvation issue at or below a half tank that the car has now. Seems to only happen on left turns. Maybe some trash in the tank? Clogged in tank sock? Either way, new pump / sock going in this week :)
  3. there's a gaping wound in my soul...the weather was fantastic...just keep pouring the salt in guys On the flipside, I got the red miata running again with the new clutch. It's a Supermiata "Sport" version with their slightly lighter flywheel. Seems a little chattery when cold, but that could just be the nature of the combo. Still would have loved to have been out there yesterday !
  4. Super tempted. I am very likely to be there. Only driven there once, and loved it. Even with the previous smoothness factor of the surface being equivalent to the moon.
  5. No one needs that kinda liability and worry in their life. I'd be happy to store the tire machine at my place, so you could sleep better at night :)
  6. Ohh i havent. Here lies my sheet of aluminum that will serve as my fire barrier by the end of the weekend. I'm excited for TT4 shenanigans regardless of how the curmdgeon-crustacian feels 'bout it 🙂 Also have a have a clutch to replace in this guy. Lets just say that the wifes enthusiams for learning to rev match her down shifts was matched only by the rev limiter's attempts to keep the thing from floating a valve. And caught in the crossfire - a 4 month old oem exedy clutch.
  7. The 2 married Dudes of the 4 have their remains found in said smouldering field fire under a pile of used rs4s after their wives read this thread lol...
  8. Worry not gents, wheels are in motion to return it to racing glory 🙂 now where did i put my money-burning-barrel?
  9. Used Pirelli DH slicks blew my mind to pieces at the last member day. And from what I was told, they aren't quite as good as the purple crack. I was all ready to pony up for some Hoosiers too...until I got talked into letting this follow me home ;) Anyone got a spare 99 1.8L block they don't need?
  10. Commited to be on a buddies team at seabring for a different Champ event in december, or I'd be in!
  11. I offered a gatorade and a cheeseburger lol...can probably still swing that?
  12. I shall see you there good sirs.
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