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  1. Signed up for HPDE SAT / SUN. We'll see where I end up.
  2. Out. Turns out I was already committed to an easter weekend In-Law-Palooza. Yay me.
  3. Come on then! It's in your backyard now 😉 doooo eeetttt...I've never driven COTA.
  4. Appreciate the pointer @Hollywood - PM inbound @V6Donut.
  5. Nerp. Not yet at least - never run a NASA event so they don't know me, and i still need to get the car on a dyno / weighed in time. Does the facility at MSRH have a dyno ? Do they handle that stuff?
  6. Green lit to sign up :) Are the run groups self assigned? I haven't run with NASA before, and I imagine that they'll just put me wherever they feel like anyway until they feel me out? Emailed [email protected] for his thoughts.
  7. Working on convincing the wife it's a good idea to let me run this event. Eventual goal is to play TT and then go racing down the road. Have to start getting curbstomped sometime, might as well be at COTA sooner rather than later... In to help @EJensen and/or @JBJonesswap transmissions if I get to come out - I predict I'll need reciprosity at some point haha! ;)
  8. Cliff's brain has some sort of "grip divining lobe" that science has yet to figure out. Sum Beech would still be quick on corded tires if you dumped coolant at different random places every lap. Or at least he'd be sideways and grinning
  9. I love the car that I have built...just need to learn to wring everything out of it!

  10. Great time putting names to faces, and meeting some of you guys in real life. Had a blast, the weather was great, and the car did awesome. Couldn't ask for more!
  11. Have used it for a little more than a year, presents as near mint condition. No weird smells, works great with both 3" or 2" HANS specific shoulder harnesses. Have one set of posts for it, (another floating around somewhere that I haven't found again yet) and the nylon Schroth Baggie for it. Asking $350 o.b.o. I'm frequently in Houston, Cresson, Austin, and it's small enough to ship easily, so that's always an option. It's in perfect condition, never been tested thankfully. It's been replaced with a simpson hybrid only because I'm not smart enough to not instruct , too poor to get on track as much as I want without instructing, Instruct other drivers frequently so I better protect my neck while in a strangers car with 3 point belts, right ;)? Like the wu-tang said, "ya bess protect ya neck". Pics coming later today, will update post. Thanks for looking! Joe V
  12. Same question for the same plan, anyone know if it's okay to drop off after 5pm?
  13. The Chin email said some BS about no drop off Friday evening blah, blah...I need to bolt my splitter and bumper on the car after I get it off the trailer. I'd rather do that Friday night and leave the car there overnight than try to do it in the dark Saturday morning. Think that would fly under the radar, or is MSRH going to revolt if I unload my car and bail? I've driven the car to all the previous Chin events I've done, but it didnt have the Franken splitter, so #newsplitterandtrailerproblems
  14. Also, after much fiddling, I have the new top on and working like a champ lol...at least the thing is convertible AND water tight again
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