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  1. Do they make Mini size Laminating Machines? I'll make ones for Matt, Cliff and myself on post-it notes, so we can keep them handy in the wallet: 1) Arrive / Coffee. 2) Full tilt boogie. 3) Tacos and/or beer.
  2. Show off. Where do you find that kinda time? I mean I roll up, and the car hasn't fallen off the the trailer, so obviously the tires are on tight, and the gas was weighing it down. No smoke on start up, and the gauge needles move - it's ready to be sent. ^sarcasm dialed to ten, but I always end up having to fix some accidental self sabotage.
  3. The NBeater hath been reborn. It shall henceforth be known as "Gateway Drug". After it's reliability makeover, it will be used to entice co workers into coming to try track driving...the first one is free... During the past 4 days it received in no particular order a few new parts: Clutch Kit, clutch slave and master cylinder with stainless line, a "gently used" 5spd transmission from craigslist, shifter rebuild, motor mounts, water pump, oil pump, timing belt, cam seals, front and rear crank seals, re-sealed the oil pan, new egr tube (old one was cracked), new exhaust manifold gasket, supermiata coolant reroute kit, supermiata crossflow radiator, new coolant hoses, FM rebuildable driveshaft, new brake booster vacuum hoses, and a coolshirt system. Car feels fantastic now (my hands and back are a different story !) Only major maintenance left is to pull the cams at some point measure the existing shims and order new ones for the 13/16 that have clearance which are out of spec by a few thousandths. And perhaps throw fresh dampers and streetable springs on it - 700#F / 325# R spec miata rates are getting old on the street. I have a pretty new feeling, '99 salvage title Miata, that I'm not concerned about cosmetically. Exactly what I was shooting for 😉
  4. Best first Fathers day ever! New water pump, coolant reroute kit, cam seals, timing belt and tensioner, oil pump, and front /rear crank seals got in today. Tomorrow, new clutch, and sealing the oil pan properly. And finding a nut to hold the oil pick up to the wind age tray. The last person in the oil pan thought it was unnecessary apparently..but thought that 2 full tubes of rtv were needed to seal basically everything lol...
  5. The engine removal process has been smoother than expected for a 20 yo car...I suspect most of these bolt have been broken loose in the past few years lol! It's all but ready to come out. Just need to confirm it's all disconnected , attach the picker, spin the mount nuts off and lift... Glad I'm going over the thing out of the car. Itll be easier to find gems like this left by the previous owners. I think the connector was supposed to stay away from heat...think it was laying on the egr tube 😲😬
  6. Remote pull cable kill switch handle added 🙂 New Wing mounted! Transponder mounted and wired! Water temp gauge and transponder thingee mounted ! Some wire clean up with zip ties tomorrow, bolt the driver seat in, and it's ready again 😉
  7. Wear like iron, don't seem to heat cycle out until the tread is about cashed. At least for me. And not $$$$
  8. Thanks Chase, I emailed the NASA TX information box on the site, asking for Hank's contact email. Obviously final "legality" depends on the actual execution of the work, but a conceptual check would be rad.
  9. Digging around the 'ole interwebz, it seems that the world falls into two camps (naturally). Those that agree with my reasoning on the safety benefits above, and those that think my IQ is in the low single digits for considering running fuel lines in the car. But - it seems my plan is considered legal. Making lines tonight!
  10. For I was told by the NASA tech inspector at COTA in May that many people use 3M fire resistant sealant (think it was called "Fire Shield caulk") to seal the edges of the bulkhead. But I forgot to chat him up again and get all of my questions answered before I left. Thus my paint diagram driven plea for knowledge lol
  11. No mention of grommet spec. That paint picture diagram was the most productive thing accomplished during the call I was on...
  12. I had routed the hoses outside the car for a majority of their length, but for a variety of reasons (accessibility for inspection, easier control of motion / abrasion potential, fewer contact points, no possible exposure to moving suspension parts / axels, lower risk of impact damage causing a leak, etc. ), I think routing through the car (See diagram) is safer on the whole in this instance. But is it NASA legal for the stainless braided fuel lines to pass through a grommet in the 1st bulkhead, then through the cabin to the next bulkhead (factory fuel tank cover) where they'll pass through a grommet and be connected on the other side of the 2nd bulkhead? So no exposed connections open to the cockpit - just the stainless lines. Or will I have to build a "box" of sorts over the lines the whole way? The way I read the rules I think it should be legal, right? What I found : 11.4.17 Hoses Inside Cockpit All hoses carrying any hot or flammable liquids should be metal or reinforced 15.4 Fuel Cell / Tank: 11. A single external (to the fuel tank or fuel cell) container that fuel is stored in, or moves through, (e.g. swirl pots, vent cans, surge tanks, etc.) may be used, and that container shall not have a capacity greater then 1.5 liter (0.4 gallons). The container must be constructed of aluminum or stainless steel, with threaded fittings to stainless steel braided fuel hoses. It must be separated from the driver's compartment by a separate bulkhead. Any container over 1.5 liters (0.4 gallons) is considered to be another fuel cell and subject to fuel cell requirements. 15.14 Hoses Inside Cockpit All hoses carrying any flammable liquids or any toxic or flammable gases that go through the cockpit must be metal or steel braided or reinforced. Seems to me that the surge tank has to be bulkheaded off, the factory tank already is, and the line between them will be braided stainless. Any scrutineer types want to chime in? :) @blk96gt @V6Donut - you guys have any insight or experience with this?
  13. "Why would God have given me all this horsepower, if I wasnt supposed to use it ALL - RIGHT NOW?"
  14. I'll play :) Mom's Borrowed Accord in High School - M 91 CRX Si - M 1974 C10 Half ton "383 powered couch" - A 90 Civic Wagon (died with 325K on the clock!) - M 98 Corolla (mostly bondo) - A 06 STI (way beyond my means) - M 04 WRX Wagon - M 10 Silverado - A 16 BRZ - M 17 WRX (Wife's) - M 99 Miata - M 8/11 - My family like to row their own. The automatic outliers were results of "cash strapped beggar not chooser" straits in college, or lack of choice in new half ton trucks ;)
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    That's right, thinking it was the cats. But why did everyone's mind run to VANOS first :)?
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