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  1. I feel ya! It's been a full on thrash every night this week to be ready for tech inspection Friday.
  2. FIFY 🤣🤣😂 Also...we need to get the car running. Like for real. March is coming fast.
  3. Also - there are claims that ethanol "washes cylinders" more than gasoline does? Accelerating viscosity break-down of the engine oil, etc. I change engine oil excessively, and worry less about follow on wear effects, but all the UOAs have come back looking great so *shrugs shoulders*
  4. This is my question as well. From what I've read / heard (credible sources or not, who knows) the equivalent octane rating of e85 is approx 105. It's 30% lower in BTU content so you have to run a ton more of it (needing bigger pumps, injectors, resistant fuel lines, etc). And its hygroscopic like brake fluid, so it pulls water from the atmosphere, and is highly corrosive to susceptible metals. But for a toy car under boost that you can nearly run dry and park with some ethanol stabilizer or some 96 octane in the tank as insurance - why not? I run e85 in the BRZ NA and the flex fuel tune i have allows any mix from 100% 93 to 100% e85. You can tell there's more power on e85. I guess its allowing more radical ignition timing?
  5. Meanwhile in Milan... " *gesticulating with hands* Are you develop the new ECU definitions for cars Already, c'mon, Luigi !? " "Shut up Mario, I'm with an expresso and a smoke here! What is rushing with you, hey! "
  6. I can vouch for the radium tank - Works like a champ! On e85, it would happen with more than half a tank, and the little "flapper trap door" part that verus sells to try to keep the in-tank basket from draining does nothing under decent sustained g load.
  7. You dont NEED it yet, but I am willing to be if you really start pushing that cobra on track, the WANT of it will be there for a few laps 😂
  8. You've driven mine, and you could get 80% of the performance with much less tinkering than I have done. I rest my case?
  9. yeah yeah, I know. I should put the security blanket out to pasture. It would save weight too without the pump, etc.
  10. I'll PM you - I need the information you offer sir!
  11. Great to know - I mounted the accusump the same way. Sounds like a few more things got added to my last minute thrash list before next week to be sure....😣
  12. Looks like we need to work on making our Miata even more Faster-er! Maybe 108 whp wont cut it 😞
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