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  1. Ran my car at Circuit of the Americas for the first time! first i replaced all 5 ARP wheel studs on the hub that snaped the lug off. and a fresh brake bleed with Castrol SRF. when i tried to race the WRL corvette there with half the horsepower and grip of my car i was only able to run a 2:48. so my goal was to break 2:40 for a best lap. in my very first (and second) session i ran a best of 2:33! off to a good start! in the very last session in the 99 d
  2. i think it was more likely just user error and bad luck. ive put my wheels on the same way for 4.5 years. yes using rings. my guess is something happened, something i did. ie who knows my wife may have come out and distracted me or something and i may have simply never fully tightened them or something. i think this was a isolated incident. luckily caught in time. just hoping it didnt damage wheel. ill be curious to see how much is left of the plastic hubcentric rings.
  3. back to the track! Midnight thrash 2 days before the event i had the old Toyos removed and back to fresh BFG Rivals. more on that later. when i went to go put the rear wheel back on i notice this. on both rear rotors. with no way to order in time, in a panic i look up every Autozone, Advanced, Oreillys, and Napa within 3 cities. NO one has any. i finally track down a single set at an Oreilly. unfortuntly on such short notice could only get drilled rotors, so it will just happen again. also swaped to Hawk DTC 60 rear pads then as im putting on the very
  4. yeah i run TPMS in all my wheels. didnt have it in the camaro, now that i do. i find the info invaluable. i can get pressures exact. as soon as the checkered drops i pull them up and look and memorize. to change each wheel the amount needed. even within 30 seconds after lifting the pressures will start to change. sometimes as much as 2-3 psi by the time im to my pit area. lol its not that i can sense 1 degree, it was more of a cut off point. the tires were ok at 28, 29, 30, and 3 sessions in a row, i would notice the tires all the sudden were sliding more, pushing more, shuttering
  5. damn how much coffee have you had!? always hot pressures. anyone that talks in cold pressures should be shot! useless. every driver, day, track, car, etc will produce different amounts of heat/psi gain.
  6. late getting this posted, and not much to post. Finally was able to get the best out of the Toyo R888Rs. 30 psi was the ticket, hit 31 and they would start to slide, push, and shutter. still worst than the BFG Rivals, but the best the R888Rs have been. luckily this should be there last outing. rears are nearly bald. now that i got the exhaust joints fixed and sloted, so they clamp good and stay together, now its finding the next weak point. keeps just pulling the exhaust out of the rear hangers. its like the whole exhaust is about 1-2" too short. had to repair the exhaust wrap too. i
  7. already had a new set of the old S sitting here waiting.
  8. loading this afternoon. i think this 2 days will finish off my R888Rs. thank god. havent been able to wait until i could ditch them since the first time i tried them. going back to rivals. SO much better grip.
  9. done MANY full sessions on them. even with 20 minutes on Rivals im faster than 5 minutes on R888Rs i tried the RS3s on the camaro.
  10. went back to the track last monday. after success with the OEM rear pads fixing my braking issue, i swaped to some more agressive ST-43 pads i had laying around. they worked great as well. with more stopping power of course. pretty uneventful day of fun. still hating the R888R tires though. horrible grip. cant wait to burn threw them. got a set of Rivals waiting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kTmDFCE0WA&t=248s
  11. wait i have another excuse! what you may be hearing at the top of rattle snake is me staying in 3rd. the low rpms may make it seem im going slower than i am. im squeeling tires in side load in both directions at the top of rattlesnake. ive tried second, but then i have to imidiate short shift back to 3rd before the off camber. all of my fastest laps have happened on laps i stayed in 3rd. so ive been sticking with that on this last outing.
  12. i dont trust these tires. i was over slowing alot. also my brakes were just back to working, but werent quite enough so i was gun shy of them too. but mostly just still learning. only my 7th time to cresson. i think those are all of my excuses! any other help and tips would be greatly appreciated!
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