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  1. done MANY full sessions on them. even with 20 minutes on Rivals im faster than 5 minutes on R888Rs i tried the RS3s on the camaro.
  2. went back to the track last monday. after success with the OEM rear pads fixing my braking issue, i swaped to some more agressive ST-43 pads i had laying around. they worked great as well. with more stopping power of course. pretty uneventful day of fun. still hating the R888R tires though. horrible grip. cant wait to burn threw them. got a set of Rivals waiting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kTmDFCE0WA&t=248s
  3. signed up both days this time!
  4. wait i have another excuse! what you may be hearing at the top of rattle snake is me staying in 3rd. the low rpms may make it seem im going slower than i am. im squeeling tires in side load in both directions at the top of rattlesnake. ive tried second, but then i have to imidiate short shift back to 3rd before the off camber. all of my fastest laps have happened on laps i stayed in 3rd. so ive been sticking with that on this last outing.
  5. i dont trust these tires. i was over slowing alot. also my brakes were just back to working, but werent quite enough so i was gun shy of them too. but mostly just still learning. only my 7th time to cresson. i think those are all of my excuses! any other help and tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. went back to the track monday picked up a new Anderson Composites hood shaved about 9 lbs. but i really bought it for the cooling, and reducing front end lift. few cool cars there Mike Dusold was there with his twin turbo '67 from the Optima Street car series also a 488 GT3 prewrap. a AMG GT3 also rolled by in the same all white, but i couldnt grab a pic fast enough Thanks to a tip from Sam Strano i swaped my OEM rear pads back on and it fixed my braking issue! (pedal push back on downshifts) now i find myself needing a bit more braking power, but i think i can get there. dispite the horrible grip of the Toyo R888R, ive been working on a few corners and learning the track better, and was able to set a new PB. my previous PB was a 2:25.7, did back to back 2:24.9s! still lots to learn but happy with the improvement, especially on these terrible tires.
  7. lol i had that happen on my first camaro (on the street) was in high school and just had a tune up done (carbed) well the shop let one of the plug wires wild, and it worked its way up to the throttle linkage. stuck at 50% throttle. that was fun. got it stoped somehow and got my first lesson in what dieseling was.
  8. they dont make them in big boy sizes :( the tires dont bother me much, i know i can fix them by going back to Rival S but the brake issues have me baffled. such odd symtoms.
  9. FINALLY got back to the track after a 3 month wait for the full 3.1 track to be available. this one was with the Porsche club, ive never run with them before. huge organization, most cars ive ever seen there too. also got a bunch of "upgrades" (more on that later) and despite the old change 1 thing at a time adage, i changed everything at once. :D stock calipers to wilwoods rubber lines to braided stainless Motul 600 to Castrol SRB Centric rotors to DBA Raybestos ST-43 front pads to Hawk DTC-60 stock rear pads to DTC-30 stock shocks to DRM tuned Bilsteins also went from BFG Rival S(200TW) to Toyo R888R(100TW) same 315/335 sizes. although the Toyos appear to run a bit wider. also re did the rear toe, had been following the pfadt corvette track alignment guide which for some reason recommends toe out on the rear. car has been sorta unstable so we changed it to a more traditional 3/16" toe in on the rear. Tires: should have been way stickier. they proved quite the opposite. they were audibly louder, more squealing communication which i liked. but grip appeared to be way down. i was pushing/understeering and finding the limits alot. which i rarely do with the Rivals. it was quite noticeable. temps were 40 in the morning working up to 59 in the afternoon. full sunshine, no clouds all day. i tried everything from 31-39 hot. all had less grip. im hoping it was the cooler temps? or are the "harder" Rivals superior? also in the pits on cold tires first session (tires were 40 degrees) thats the first time ive EVERY felt tires feel like ice. i was sliding and spinning in the pits, just moving the car at idle. Brakes: also a let down. pretty much EVERYTHING was upgraded here. just didnt seem to have great braking. was missing alot of apexes and just not stoping well at all. like stock brakes/pads. worse at times. then i started noticing on slower corners were i didnt have to downshift the brakes were just OK. right near my old setup, maybe touch below. ie decent in low rpm situations. but on faster corners, when i had to down shift, as soon as i would down shift, the rpms would come way up the pedal would push back at me, reducing the braking clamping to almost nothing. was REALLY blowing apexes then. just had no stoping power. i later realized this and waited to down shift until nearly all my braking was done, and the rpms/speed was lower, this helped. but it delayed my turn in, and ability to go somewhat deep really bad. costing me time. i especially didnt like what it did to my turn in timing. also noticed bad vibrations in the early two morning sessions. which ive ALWAYS fought with this car. i would have bad "warped" rotor vibrations in just 1 or 2 days. these were brand new and did it in 1-2 sessions. bad. but then in warmer afternoon sessions it actually went away some how. like all of it. im running full race spindle ducts with scoops in the fog light holes. pedal was very firm with little feel/feedback as well. really disappointed in new brakes so far. shocks: didnt notice much difference here. i particularly bought these for a rough crest on the back stretch were the two halves of the track meet. its rough from all the angle changes from the jumper road. plus im right in my peak power there, and its a crest so the car gets light, my goal someday is to be able to take that flat out, no lift. these seemed to help little with that. couple cool cars, what appeared to be a 60s can am car w/o the body never seen an Atom in person. looked brand new. was able to get check ride from advanced instructor and got moved up. i was running everyone over in blue group. got to yellow and it was great (what i ran in at TWS) it was the first time ive ever run two entire sessions without having traffic slow me up. never saw anyone. was SO nice. was able to run 4 back to back 2:26 in last session. super consistent. but a full second off my personal best, despite all the new/better/faster parts.
  10. hope to be able to join you cool kids at this someday.
  11. no worries. im quite the anti social myself. me and the wife are super friendly/humble but usually wont reach out unless someone talks to us. i do remember seeing a bmw under the awning once now that you mention it. right behind me. what happened to the car? i carry a full set of tools/jacks/etc with me had you needed something (it is a chevy after all!)
  12. haha yeah it does stink at times. my wife likes to remind me of that every time shes in it. :D yes the silver car next to me did have a chat later in the day. he was super nice. pretty much all that did approach me were. and the staff instructors when i was trying to get promoted were all really really helpful in getting me in touch with who i needed to and helping locate or point them out. fatass ford? was it the one(black shelby/corbra/gt500) parked near the grid? in the grass? i didnt get to see him run. got to talk with the red BRZ/FRS guy early he was nice. SCCA hoodie, and sounded like he was a couch? did get in a conversation with the blue one/guy as well. we both learned about the "team number assignments" at the same time. neither of us knew any about that. wish i would have signed up for both days now. :D
  13. lol i could have used a "members only" jacket in the morning. damn it was cold. just now seeing this, tons of help, but too late. got upgraded(everyone was super helpful with that) to yellow and it was GREAT. ive never got open track for that long/an entire session like that. twice. we all must have been laping near identical for that too happen. are you Joe? great meeting you! all my new brakes, suspension, and tires, didnt do well as i was hoping, actually worse. but it was great to finally be back on track. it had been 3+ months since a 3.1 has been available at Cresson. that sucked. most of the Porshche guys were snubbing me pretty hard the first half of the day and the night before while unloading. but towards the end a few of them warmed up after seeing i was nice and came to talk to me. :D definatly the largest organization and grid ive been with. they had that track PACKED.
  14. signed up for sunday. theyve got me down in blue solo for now since ive never run with PCA and my cresson experience doenst show up on clubreg since chin, apex, edge, etc dont use it. was Yellow at TWS. just hoping for decent weather
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