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  1. New How To Article: Homebrew Trailer Tire Rack By Chad Morehead "Up until recently I have been carrying my extra race slicks and rain tires in the back of my truck." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/hpde-how-to-s http://trackdayzone.com/
  2. New Article: 2019 CORVETTE ZR1 "The LT5 delivers the highest output ever for a Chevrolet production vehicle, thanks in part to a new, more-efficient intercooled supercharger system that offers 52 percent more displacement than the Z06’s LT4 supercharger." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/trackcars-articles
  3. New Article: Fred Pack: Fifty Years and Overcoming Fears "Our instinct for self-preservation leads us to repeat a few bad habits on the track. The key manifestations of fear are coasting, being timid on the brakes and applying throttle late in a corner exit." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/trackdaydrivers
  4. New Driving Technique Article: False choice #1: Smoothness vs. Aggression "Clearly, we want to avoid weight transfer spikes. This is the simplest explanation of why being smooth is preferable to being abrupt." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/driving-technique Also, please consider clicking on the Hagerty Ad for track day insurance located on our home page. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and enjoy.
  5. New original article: Jeff McKague of EventMatrix.ca: Driving Coach and Certified Sports Vision Trainer "As you approach a corner look into the corner, glance into the corner and see the angle. When I say glance, it literally can just be a flash of looking at the exit of the corner so that you see the change of angle that you have to make." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/yourtrack
  6. New original article: Robert Metcalf of Metcalf Racing "As far as the things that need to be mastered I would think the top three are smoothness, carrying speed in the turns and braking." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/trackdaydrivers
  7. New original article: HAGERTY ANNOUNCES NEW ‘TRACK DAY’ INSURANCE PACKAGE "In the past decade, most auto insurance companies have added exclusions to their policies eliminating coverage of vehicles for HPDE events." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/featured-articles/trackextras
  8. New Article: Making the Leap from HPDE to Racing Part II: What goes into picking a car and a series "I began following the development of the class about a year ago, watching their forum and Facebook page to see how things panned out. Any racing is a big investment, and it can be a gamble to test a new class. No one wants to race in a class with only a handful of cars." We followed Chad Morehead as he navigated BMW CCA and NASA race schools in the leap from HPDE to club racing. What follows is a discussion of the thought process he went through in choosing a car and a series to race in. Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/trackdaydrivers
  9. New original article: Dave Scott: Race Coach "...he was able to mentally disconnect from the mechanics of driving, from the ‘oh where do I have to hit the brakes, how slow do I have to go, where do I need to start my turn in, when do I have to go to the gas,’ to the mental aspect of paying attention to what the car was telling him and making minute changes as he looked farther and farther ahead. It fundamentally changed his driving and allowed him to execute properly with the brake pedal.” Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/trackdaydrivers http://trackdayzone.com/
  10. New Driving Technique Article: The Visuals of Braking by Vivek Goel "Corner entry is arguably the single most challenging aspect of competitive driving." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/how-to-s-main-menu/driving-technique Also, visit our online store for all of your track day needs: http://trackdayzone.com/online-store/visit-store Thanks and enjoy! http://trackdayzone.com/
  11. Two new original articles: Why Smooth is Fast "Jerky, violent driving means abrupt accelerations that transfer weight quickly. The tires don’t like that." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/trackcar-technology And 2018 Mustang GT “We are delighted to announce that the 2018 Mustang offers an available Performance Pack that will be among the first vehicles on the road to offer the Y-rated Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/featured-articles/trackcars-articles
  12. New original article: BMW Ultimate Driving Experience “...drivers participating in the teen driving school, autocross or M control clinic will develop their own skills, gaining experience and confidence while learning under the guidance of our BMW Performance Center instructors.” Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/yourtrack
  13. New original article: Suspension Tuning with Mike Skeen, Jade Buford, Matt Romanowski, Dave Scott and Robert Metcalf "Most of the focus for the setup with this type of car is in getting it comfortable and preserving the tire--this also happens to be where the tire is working best." We posed a hypothetical question to our team of professional driving coaches: You are asked to coach an experienced solo level track day driver (not necessarily a racer) with a new car. Let's say he or she has just purchased the 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE. The driver has no experience with suspension set up, but understands it in theory. How would you go about teaching this driver the basics of suspension set up over the course of a weekend HPDE event? Assume he is familiarized with the new car on track. Would the skills be specific to the particular track or would the knowledge be transferable to other tracks? If one weekend is not enough to accomplish this, how much training would be required for the driver to be able to do his/her own experimentation? Would data logging help? How would it be used? Assuming there is a track support person to take tire temps in the hot pits, would those be useful? How would tire temps be used? Read what our experts had to say: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/how-to-s-main-menu/driving-technique Thanks coaches!
  14. Paul Haney said: "He said he likes to accelerate and decelerate. That heats up the brakes too."
  15. Paul Haney said: "The best email of the bunch said he gets heat in his tires on the first lap by "driving the crap out of them." He says, "Get used to the car sliding around." That take some skill and experience but all of us would like to get to that level."
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