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  1. Welcome to the NC and Fiesta ST club haha. We should meet up some time and you can take my 2.5 NC for a spin.
  2. https://pacomotorsports.com/product/diy-alignment-hub-stands/ These have been tempting me. Seems like a solid price when looking at competitors
  3. That's awesome! Back in my WI days Josh did some instructing for myself and a few friends. Great guy and its been awesome to see his career take off.
  4. Um, I'm familiar with COTA. They use a small parking lot for Auto-X. The "skid pad" is for the audi experience and it's not real. Most of the lines in the main lot are also from the audi experience. None of this is "public" I know lonestar drift has been trying to get more time there. They did an exhibit during global time attach and it drew more attendance than the damn race lol Edit: none of this matters, just thinking out loud. F1 should have some nice weather, so that's a positive.
  5. Yeah that's fair, it's kind of built on a swamp. Which is a shame, because a few big lots with a skid pad, auto-x, and drift potential would really bring in some "off-season" traffic there.
  6. Parking, for real though. A whatever hundreds of millions of dollars F1 track and they have garbage, hilly, mud and gravel lots. It's almost embarrassing. I think it was 2 years ago when it rained, they must have had 20 wreckers just pulling people out of their spots in the mud, that they paid $$ for. COTA needs to rethink some things.
  7. Every time I talk myself out of flares you post another photo and it's back to square one lol. Looks great!
  8. Talked to John about it, ended up finding the PO on facebook. John actually did the 2.5 swap and some other work on the car, so he knows it well.
  9. 2.5 swapped NC with the usual RX8 bits and some coils/wheels/tires will do about all you could want and more. Plus it gives you a drive-able "project" which, at least for me, is half the fun of having a track car.
  10. ^ This. They close 99% of the back roads and make everyone take the same damn route home. But you don't know the road is closed until you drive to the random cop standing there telling you to turn around. Tons of fun....
  11. They'll replace the wheel, just keep pushing, that's why they have insurance. Looks like a tire iron got jammed or something. That's no ding, that takes serious force to bend a wheel that sharply.
  12. What flares are those? They look great.
  13. Hell N series bmws aren't warmed up on the street until they hit 250 oil temps. That's just normal driving, in the winter lol.
  14. Thanks for the offer, but I'm trying to stay local. Also don't have stock wheels.
  15. I'll take it, typing a PM.
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