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  1. ^ This. They close 99% of the back roads and make everyone take the same damn route home. But you don't know the road is closed until you drive to the random cop standing there telling you to turn around. Tons of fun....
  2. They'll replace the wheel, just keep pushing, that's why they have insurance. Looks like a tire iron got jammed or something. That's no ding, that takes serious force to bend a wheel that sharply.
  3. What flares are those? They look great.
  4. Hell N series bmws aren't warmed up on the street until they hit 250 oil temps. That's just normal driving, in the winter lol.
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I'm trying to stay local. Also don't have stock wheels.
  6. I'll take it, typing a PM.
  7. Hey, as the title says I'm looking for a set of OEM 16x8 FD rx7 wheels for my NC. Not picky about cosmetic condition. I'm in Austin, will travel a bit if needed. Thanks!
  8. Yeah this doesn't seem like the way to run a sale, but you know I ordered a bunch of fluids at ~$3 a quart. We'll see...
  9. Xidas for sure. Fox probably perform well but their support is awful.
  10. Buy for a good price, drive for a while, sell to someone up north who both doesn't care about AC and has never seen an old camaro that isn't rusty. Profit.
  11. Anyone recognize this car? Looks like it was a proper track toy, curious if the previous owner is on here, I'd love to run some questions by them.
  12. Whoa...it's not a 1:1 ratio on the spring here. Don't even open up that can of worms. Just use spring rates and ride heights that the big names (aka 949racing) recommend. Trust me.
  13. Copy this: https://trackspeedengineering.com/files/NA splitter bracket instructions.pdf You don't want your splitter to be mounted strong enough that an off road excursion will cause structural damage to the car. You'd rather the splitter break off.
  14. tyhackman15


    Fair, I guess if you can keep it in service for that long the price is easier to justify.
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