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  1. Or even a turbo motor that makes power up top vs at 1500rpms. But yeah, NA would be nice.
  2. Having driven an M240i and M2 on track back to back, I can't say that the new breed of M cars are the same as the old ones. You still get a basic, turbo 6 that is numb and just makes torque everywhere. Same as the M235i, and every other M badged car. BMW needs to get back to the roots of proper M motors that excite you. I'm so sick of just blah flat torque curves on sports cars.
  3. Oh its super common for factory vehicles, but they don't really "cool" as much as they heat, as others have said. Using it to actually cool is what isn't common. Regardless, looking forward to results! Anything that lets you have longer sessions is a win
  4. Try it, but if you can't find anyone else who's done it, there is probably a reason. Cooling oil with >200 degree coolant or water doesn't provide the biggest delta.
  5. No hood might actually hinder you. You want to force air to go through the radiator. A low pressure underhood area (the point of hood vents) helps this. Run a vented hood for track days and stock for your sleeper needs?
  6. Yes! I need to throw some cams at mine already. Going with the 1.8 header?
  7. Thinning the herd, selling my Fiesta ST. Details: https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/buda-2014-ford-fiesta-st-turbo-6-speed/7051471128.html Summary: Incredibly clean car, not a door dent or scratch on it. Just normal rock chips on the front/hood. Runs and drives with 0 issues, cold AC, hot heat. 30-33mpg all day while still being a blast. 6 speed manual, sync, bluetooth, navigation, etc. Clean title in hand, ready for a new home. Just hit 48,200 miles, will go a up a bit but not much, spends most of the time in the garage waiting for a new owner. Includes factory wheels/tires/springs/motor mount. CL price is $13k obo, I'll make you a deal on here. PM or text/email through craigslist. -Tyler
  8. eBay junk is what they were. Replaced with some ultrashields already.
  9. Welcome to the NC and Fiesta ST club haha. We should meet up some time and you can take my 2.5 NC for a spin.
  10. https://pacomotorsports.com/product/diy-alignment-hub-stands/ These have been tempting me. Seems like a solid price when looking at competitors
  11. That's awesome! Back in my WI days Josh did some instructing for myself and a few friends. Great guy and its been awesome to see his career take off.
  12. Um, I'm familiar with COTA. They use a small parking lot for Auto-X. The "skid pad" is for the audi experience and it's not real. Most of the lines in the main lot are also from the audi experience. None of this is "public" I know lonestar drift has been trying to get more time there. They did an exhibit during global time attach and it drew more attendance than the damn race lol Edit: none of this matters, just thinking out loud. F1 should have some nice weather, so that's a positive.
  13. Yeah that's fair, it's kind of built on a swamp. Which is a shame, because a few big lots with a skid pad, auto-x, and drift potential would really bring in some "off-season" traffic there.
  14. Parking, for real though. A whatever hundreds of millions of dollars F1 track and they have garbage, hilly, mud and gravel lots. It's almost embarrassing. I think it was 2 years ago when it rained, they must have had 20 wreckers just pulling people out of their spots in the mud, that they paid $$ for. COTA needs to rethink some things.
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