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  1. Just because numbers: miles on the motor that blew? Did you do fluids, etc before your track time? What oil was in there when it died? Some 1.8s will use a decent amount of oil on track, always be sure to check after each session, they don't tell you when they're low.
  2. https://garagestar.com/product/garage-star-tire-rack/ This is the one I've seen.
  3. Road America is a treat. A bit of an old school, turn, straight, turn, repeat. But still a bucket list track. I have my second day up there later this month. (it's also dirt cheap for an HPDE compared to CoTA). On the midwest theme, I REALLY enjoy Blackhawk Farms. Little technical track on the IL/WI border. Tons of fun.
  4. You can either test out a bunch of seats, or start with another aluminum seat and make it into something more comfortable. I did IL to ATX in an ultrashield, in one day, without issue. Go to your local upholstery store and buy some chair foam, cut, modify, etc to suit your needs and install under the seat cover. The nice part about that route is that while you'll gain a little height, you can remove the padding in 30 seconds for a track day with a helmet on.
  5. H2R in a challenge car is about 90% WOT and a few brake taps lol.
  6. Generally COTA will bill the (insurance of) the event organizer. They know that most people just wouldn't pay them if they sent you a ~$15k bill.
  7. it's also a much nicer place to be in the spring vs salt lick. there will be approximately 500 people at salt lick this weekend if the weather is decent lol.
  8. It'll help get heat out if you are at idle, much like those stupid hood riser kits. When you are moving it would effectively be ramming air into the back of the engine bay, increasing bay pressure and reducing air going through the radiator. No bueno. Usually, the main goal of hood venting is to allow more air to flow through the heat exchangers at speed, thus reducing operating temps. Just letting hot air vent itself out is really only needed for trail rigs that overheat at 10mph.
  9. Posting before I order one. Anyone upgrading to a cage, etc looking to get rid of a rollbar? NA/NB, preferably a name brand, Harddog, Boss Frog, BBFW, etc... Located in Austin. -Tyler
  10. 8s keep the miata feel on the street, 9s remove it just about entirely. Storms are a great wheel choice, looks awesome.
  11. I have my 1995 Miata for sale. Wasn't planning on getting rid of it, but a mazdaspeed miata found its way into my driveway, and I don't have room for 3 of these. This is a very clean example of a 1.8L NA miata. Texas car its whole life, not a spec of rust anywhere. Underneath is extremely clean as you'd expect. 86,xxx original miles. Tons of maintenance in the year I've owned it. I drive it 25 miles to work a few times a week and it performs flawlessly. A few things to note: Harddog classic rollbar, keeps the great roadster look but adds some safety and rigidity Jackson racing catback exhaust. Nice tone, very smooth and the proper volume Cobalt front strut bar Front and rear R package lips Clean, cloth softtop with no holes or leaks. Rear zip window in great shape. New LUK clutch, slave cylinder, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, etc. ~1200 miles on the setup Changed the 5 speed fluid at that time, redline MT90, shifts great into every gear Interior is extremely clean, no cracks on the dash, etc. The only "con" is that the PO replaced the carpet and did not reinstall the clips that tuck it under the door sills. This can be fixed for the cost of some staples, but it never bothered me. I have the clips, they'll come with the car. New radiator in October, changed proactively because they're reasonably priced. New coolant, coolant temp sensor, and 180 thermostat at that time. All fluids are always kept fresh, ATE200, Mobil1 0W-40, Schaeffer gear oil in the rear end, etc. NB Hard-S Bilsteins and springs New Denso fuel pump in November Paint is in great shape for the age, I keep it very well protected and it shines up well. There is a ding on the hood and two small ones on the trunk lid from a bike rack. The rest of the body is in great shape. A few old car quirks, the Headlight motors are inop at this time. This just means they are manually controlled. You turn the knobs on the motors to raise or lower the popups. The lights function just fine otherwise. The gas gauge is also not working. I have a feeling it's just some corrosion on the connector, as it does move occasionally. This never bothered me, on a miata you reset the trip and get gas at 200 miles, regardless of your driving style. This is a great example of a clean miata. Drives straight and tight on the highway at any speed, fires right up and the 1.8 NA is arguably the best configuration. Manual windows, locks, no ABS, etc. Does have power steering and AC, though the AC may need a charge it hasn't been hot enough to throw my gauges on there. I'll update once that changes. It functioned fine all summer though. Asking $4800. Will post some proper photos once I get some free time. Located 20 minutes south of Austin in Buda TX. -Tyler
  12. I'm planning on being there to watch Danny in the #16. Awesome to see his debut in this series be at COTA.
  13. I'll be there sunday for sure. Cars and Coffee and time attack sounds like a solid day. I'll be the one with the blue LS1 NB miata
  14. I love having my 95 NA as a (somewhat) daily. Probably 3-4x per week unless its in the low 40s or colder. You'll get 24-26 mpg or so, you pretty much have to rev the thing out every shift to keep up with traffic nowadays, which is part of the enjoyment. As long as you physically fit in the car comfortably, I don't see a reason not to daily an NA. They are going up in value, find a nice clean one ($4-5k gets you a near mint ~100k or less, 1.8L example) keep it mostly stock and just enjoy the thing. Throw a new headunit with bluetooth in there for $60 or so and you're set. Parts are comically cheap, good street/performance tires are about $250 a set, etc. Also, you can't beat a miata in the rain. It'll make your commute 10x more fun, even with an open diff.
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