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  1. I run their NS-20 street tires on my daily driver(s). They're crazy cheap for how well they perform. I'm glad to see their performance options coming to the states, I hope they keep their prices low for the rest of the lineup lol.
  2. Get something other than re71rs. They don't last, that's well known about them. Look into RR's, RC1's, RS4's, etc.
  3. Selling one of these: https://store.windingroad.com/ultra-shield-spec-miata-road-racing-seat---black-cover-p508.aspx?utm_medium=cse&utm_source=googlebase&Size=18&gclid=Cj0KEQjw8-LnBRCyxtfMl-Cbu48BEiQA6eUMGkYQXXXcWlyKBUbXfKLdxFMJwKf29jrFjWNzkKUmK3UaAgNV8P8HAQ 15" variety. A few holes from mounting as you'd expect, but in overall great shape. Clean black cover, no tears or damage etc. $250 picked up in Buda, TX. Or I can meet you at H2R.
  4. John's out of town for a few weeks, he was my first contact haha. But I'll definitely ask around at the track this weekend.
  5. Honestly, not picky. They're going on a street car and I'm not paranoid about running different compounds.
  6. Shot in the dark, but before I order some new ones, anyone have a couple decent 205/50r15s laying around in the Austin area? I need a pair, have 2 that are corded and 2 that are still around 50%.
  7. Turn 2, apex a little later and forget about turn 3's apex, just apply as much power as the car can handle and let it move out to the left, you'll be there for the straight anyway. As other's have noted, missing the inside edge of an apex is costing a lot (referring to the rest of the track). Every foot you're off that inside concrete, means a foot less room to track out. Really get down there and use the track. I'm not saying drop a wheel, but touch that concrete when needed.
  8. Don't recall, want to say '16? Don't work there anymore, but it was on it's 3rd unit. Maybe blame the dealer, who knows
  9. GT3 AC compressors don't like 9k revs. We learned that with ours at LRA. And you'd think it would shut off WOT, but who knows. It ate a lot of them.
  10. At the title says, I have a clean set of 15x9 Konig Dial in gloss black wheels for sale. 4x100 pattern, +35 offset (your normal 15x9 miata fitment). 12.8lbs, very strong and don't crack like some other lightweight miata wheels. They're wrapped in 225/45r15 Toyo Proxes RR tires. Lots of life left on these. Even wear, tread indicators pictured. Car was trailered, haven't been heat cycled out on the street or anything like that. $600 ($1350 retail for everything new before mount and balance) Located just South of Austin in Buda. Can meet anywhere in Austin or at Harris Hill. PM me if interested. -Tyler
  11. What is going on at 16-17-18? New giant bump?
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