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  1. Speaking of Penskes, have you heard any reviews on them from H2R members? Curious as to how they handle the rougher track. I'm considering upgrading my revalved billies and really only drive out there.
  2. The "good" sleeves capture the snap ring and go below it. The ones you have that rest on the ring are the ebay special version. If you get the ones spec guys run you'll have the adjustment you need. But that's another ~$150 at this setup.
  3. I know at least one stock power 1.6L Miata H2R challenge car runs one. He doesn't have any of the issues noted, as expected.
  4. ^ x2. I can tell you, your new setup is still way too soft, but it's slightly less way too soft, that's all.
  5. You'll get closer, but you still don't have enough spring for the amount of grip. 700-800# is what you need in the front if you're looking for the best performance and proper tire wear. But again, 500/375 will be better than what you have now (which is presumably whatever rate your bumpstops are, since you're cornering on them lol). Run a higher ride height to help keep some roll resistance and get as much travel as you can. Think like 5.5" pinch weld height.
  6. They all have the removable roof panel. Gets you that open air feel without the complexity of a mid engine vert.
  7. What's your goal with the car? Keep it a cheap track toy? You can get SM setups for a decent price, but they're not actually that great in the big picture. If you don't mind investing some $$ get XIDAs and be done. Otherwise expect to spend around $400-600 for a used SM setup. You'll notice they were all "rebuilt last season" lol.
  8. Track surface condition dependent, you may be able to get away with spec miata rates (700/350-400) on those dampers. It all depends. REs have enough grip that 500# won't cut it in the front. The more I think about the issue with the rear tires, I'm wondering if you're hitting full compression and essentially forcing the tire to be the only "give" in the setup. Think auto-x stock suspension with hoosiers lol. I run 700/450 on my NA, 205 RE71rs. Revalved bilsteins and extended rear top hats. It takes a lot of spring to run low ride heights and very sticky tires on a miata. I'd be faster on 800/500 but haven't made the jump yet.
  9. 34 is higher than most run re71r's. You usually see targets in the 28-30 range. I'm guessing too narrow of a wheel (they should be on 8s) isn't helping the cause here. An 8" wheel should help add some sidewall tension and lead to better lap times and likely better wear as well. I don't have outer wear issues on my re71r's on my NA. Edit, chasing tire wear and alignment settings with spring rates that are likely VERY wrong for the car is kind of a moot point. A few hundred bucks for some proper springs and bumpstops will go a long way.
  10. You need more camber. Run extended balljoints on each side, check your ride heights, and get as much front camber as you can, and remove a little from the back.
  11. That doesn't really change anything. You'll be fine, honestly. Plenty of factory and modded camaros, mustangs, etc run out there daily. If you go softer you may run into more issues as hammering on your bump stops is arguably harder on the car. Not trying to make you do anything, just saying don't worry too much about the car. Plenty of 7-800lb springs on miatas out there doing just fine. Including my car. My .02.
  12. Glad to see this went to a good home. If it was in Austin I would have snagged it. Had an exact twin to that car, black '95 FM2 kit. Throw some XIDAs on there and you'll have a blast.
  13. ^ This. Also, if your setup doesn't handle the bumps, then it's a setup issue. Plenty of actual race cars run at H2R without any problems. Yes the bumps will "accelerate" wear, but so does tracking your car. I worked for LRA and their supercars have done countless laps out there without issue. I'd argue the only bumps at H2R that impact your driving are the side straight, coming into T4, and then T6. The rest of the track isn't bad. Plenty of Miatas on 800lb or greater springs doing just fine. Of course I'm excited for the day it gets repaved, but I'll continue to enjoy it until then
  14. If I had to guess, most 99-00 owners have never and will never check their valve clearances. They're never out of spec if you don't measure them lol.
  15. I run their NS-20 street tires on my daily driver(s). They're crazy cheap for how well they perform. I'm glad to see their performance options coming to the states, I hope they keep their prices low for the rest of the lineup lol.
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