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  1. I’m in the market for a trailer but $5000 is wayyy to steep. Glws
  2. Looking to purchase an 18 foot open trailer to haul my junk to the track. Would prefer a steel deck over wood (an aluminum one would be awesome but it’s probably a dream at this point). Any junkies have a trailer they want to part ways with? Or leads on a good deal?
  3. @derelyarborough857 thanks I'll shoot you a PM in a second. Also how does oculus rift work with someone who wears glasses? Also side question, anyone have a good lead on a decent modern graphics card? LOL
  4. So I wanna get in on this sim racing life when I’m not doing HPDEs. My question to my fellow TJs is do I start out with a Logitech G29/920 (what? I still like playing forza from time to time) or do I go whole hog and get a Fanatec setup? Also are triple monitors worth the cost over say the spare 50 inch tv in my game room? Any help is appreciated!
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