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  1. Can't wait to see the Ford v Ferrari movie, based on the trailer it looks excellent.
  2. Probably never! May do an AutoX on it at some point, and if it's legal, may take it to an HPDE at Cresson, but I don't want to turn it into another track day car!
  3. Yes, it’s very fun and sporty, but not really fast. Even though it has a tiny engine, the lightweight, mid front engine, and 50/50 weight distribution make it very rewarding to drive.
  4. I beileve this is an ND, and not an NC, correct? Very cool project... I've always liked the "exo" cars, even if usually they are a deathtrap... very cool to see one being done the "right way".
  5. They are known as the ABC’s, the 3 sporty Kei cars of the 90’s (Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat, Suzuki Cappuccino). The AZ-1 and Cappuccino share many components, including the drivetrain.
  6. Dean Tran has two Honda Beat’s not Cappuccino’s.
  7. Thanks! I think there are less than 40 in the states now, definitely unique little cars.
  8. I'm 6' and 250, it's a small car, but spacious inside. I actually fit better in the Cappuccino than I do in my buddies ND Miata.
  9. At ~1500 lbs, it makes EVERYTHING look fat! Even a Smart car weights 500+ more than the Cappuccino!
  10. Wanted to provide some updates for those who might be interested in the importing process, and some of the work I am doing on the car. The Cappuccino will be my daily driver, so first and foremost I want to ensure that it is reliable and comfortable. The S2000 will be the track focused weapon, it will still get used once or twice a month for group drives and meets, but largely will stay in the garage between track days. So the importation process is not as big a deal as some people make it seem, it's not hard, but you have to have all your documentation and proof to show that the car truly is 25 years or older. Once you have this, you have to have 3 different forms to bring it into the USA, one form for the EPA, one form for the DOT, and lastly one form for Customs & Border Patrol. Once you have all 3 filled out, and have all the necessary documents you have to take the car to the port you are importing the car through and the border agents inspect the car to insure it complies. Most people will use a broker, but it is possible to do this yourself... just requires a few hours of research and filling out lots of forms. Patience is key, and ask others who have gone through the process. My Cappuccino came through the port in Anacortes, Washington... there was intially a snag as the customs agent had never processed a vehicle being imported directly by the owner (myself) and not through an agent or import company, but after speaking over the phone with me and providing him some additional information to confirm my identity, they let the car in. From there the car was driven to Seattle, and I scheduled with an Auto Transport company (Montway) to collect the car and bring it to Texas. Here is the car on the ferry coming over to the port in Anacortes, Washington The car on American soil, waiting for the customs agents to clear it The Cappuccino getting loaded on the car transporter while the Mini Coopers in the background look on with envy The car arrived 4 days later, in good shape but filthy from road grime from its long journey Tucked in the garage next to the S2000, you can tell how much smaller it is than the already "small" S2000 Once home, I needed to get the vehicle registered with the State of Texas, which has its own requirements for an imported car. First I had to get a temporary permit to allow me to drive the vehicle, this part was straight forward. From there had to get a safety inspection (no emissions testing required for cars 25 years or older) then had to get a VIN inspection performed by a local Auto Theft Task Force. Once I had both of those items completed, I went to the local DMV. Waiting at the local gas station for the car to be inspsected The inspector had never seen a Kei car and was fascinated with the car, it passed with no issues One of the things that I really enjoy is finding all the unique "JDM" touches, including this Special Racing Produce exhaust! Oil change stickers, there are quite a few under this top one... nice to see that the Japanese owner took care of oil changes I think this one is from the port where the vehicle was shipped from All of these elements add to the unique character of the car, and I will be leaving them as they are. It took a few weeks to complete all the requirements to get the official Texas registration, the strangest one was having to make an appointment with an "Auto Theft Taskforce" from a neighnoring city to have them verify that the car was not stole and then exported/imported to clean the title. Cappuccino waiting for inspector to verify the VIN and give the all clear Once I had all the necessary pieces done, took all the documentation (original title, import documentation, bill of sale, transportation documents, inspection certificate, VIN inspection certificate, and Texas title/registration form) to my local tax office and was able to get the car registered. As a bonus, since the car is over 25 years old, was able to register it as a "Classic Vehicle" with the state of Texas and got to personalize the plate for only $40. Went with something unique to fit the character of the car, the wife and I had taken to calling it Cappi as a nickname, and it fit... so CAPPI it is! Now that the car was official, I decided to address some issues, repair some of the worn/old items, and personalize it for me. The first thing I did was order a replacement gauge overlay for the cluster, it's hard to know what speed you are doing when your speedometer reads in KM/H! I new that 100 kmh = 62 mph, but otherwise was relying on a GPS Speedometer app to keep it under the speed limit (and this car is easy to drive fast in!) The gauges are made by Revlimiter, and they are amazing. Really top notch work, and the attention to detail was really refreshing. Highly recommend his products. New gauges on top, old gauges on the bottom Up next was the air filter, it had an HKS mushroom air filter that had definitley seen better days, the cover was filthy and starting to show surface rust, the filter itslef was clogged, and when I removed it was falling apart. I cleaned the filter housing with Simple Green, washed it well, then resprayed the mesh cover with Duplicolo enamel spray paint. Lastly replaced the air filter with a new HKS air filter, looks brand new!
  11. Looks great! Look forward to reading your driving impressions and seeing what you do to it.
  12. Last couple of years I have been daily driving a 2005 Scion tC, while it is perfectly adequate as a daily, and reliable as all Toyota's tend to be... it lacked soul and character. I decided this year to get something a little different... something that you wouldn't see every day, and that delivered as many smiles per miles as the S2000 does. I did alot of searching, and reading up on different platforms... for a while was really thinking of getting an NB Miata, also considered an ND Miata as well but after some soul searching I settled on a RHD JDM Kei car. My search started looking at Honda Beat's, they are great little cars, were built during the hey day of Honda, and hit every mark on my "want" list... the only thing I didn't like was the styling and the usability of the 3 cylinder NA engine. Next I moved on to the Suzuki Cappuccino, from all my research and studying, the Cappuccino was the best of the three great Kei cars from the 90's... it had the best driving dynamics, a very usable 3 cylinder turbocharged engine, and I really loved the styling... especially the unique 3 piece hard top that could convert from a t-top car, to a targa, to a full convertible. I also briefly looked into the Autozam AZ-1, and while it had the best look... it was dead last in most of the other categories... and it was typically double the price of the other two. With my research completed I decided that I wanted to find a Cappuccino, and I started hitting up all the regular JDM importers as well as looking on different websites (Craigslist, AutoTrader, eBay, etc.) to see what was available. The market was very limited... at the time I was looking there was only a handful of cars for sale, and either they were in very rough condition or priced outside of my range. I also joined a couple of Cappuccino communities on Facebook, and came across the car that would eventually become my daily driver, a 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino.
  13. Kenny_S2K

    F1 2019

    Awesome, really enjoyed that last year.
  14. Lates video update posted on Facebook, aptly named “Asphalt Romance” https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155591828161059/
  15. Another update: https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155535275641059/
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