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  1. Looks great! Look forward to reading your driving impressions and seeing what you do to it.
  2. Last couple of years I have been daily driving a 2005 Scion tC, while it is perfectly adequate as a daily, and reliable as all Toyota's tend to be... it lacked soul and character. I decided this year to get something a little different... something that you wouldn't see every day, and that delivered as many smiles per miles as the S2000 does. I did alot of searching, and reading up on different platforms... for a while was really thinking of getting an NB Miata, also considered an ND Miata as well but after some soul searching I settled on a RHD JDM Kei car. My search started looking at Honda Beat's, they are great little cars, were built during the hey day of Honda, and hit every mark on my "want" list... the only thing I didn't like was the styling and the usability of the 3 cylinder NA engine. Next I moved on to the Suzuki Cappuccino, from all my research and studying, the Cappuccino was the best of the three great Kei cars from the 90's... it had the best driving dynamics, a very usable 3 cylinder turbocharged engine, and I really loved the styling... especially the unique 3 piece hard top that could convert from a t-top car, to a targa, to a full convertible. I also briefly looked into the Autozam AZ-1, and while it had the best look... it was dead last in most of the other categories... and it was typically double the price of the other two. With my research completed I decided that I wanted to find a Cappuccino, and I started hitting up all the regular JDM importers as well as looking on different websites (Craigslist, AutoTrader, eBay, etc.) to see what was available. The market was very limited... at the time I was looking there was only a handful of cars for sale, and either they were in very rough condition or priced outside of my range. I also joined a couple of Cappuccino communities on Facebook, and came across the car that would eventually become my daily driver, a 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino.
  3. Kenny_S2K

    F1 2019

    Awesome, really enjoyed that last year.
  4. Lates video update posted on Facebook, aptly named “Asphalt Romance” https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155591828161059/
  5. Another update: https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155535275641059/
  6. Update posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155532123701059/
  7. Latest update from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155510338536059/
  8. Some more updates on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155416856921059/
  9. This just posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/106748756058/posts/10155382654916059/
  10. I really think we will be seeing more and more Tesla's at the track, the Model 3 has already shown that it is a capable track car with a few small mods, and doesn't have the overheating issues like the Model S did.
  11. You can find stock exhaust systems for pretty cheap if you don’t want to do the the mod on your low mileage one, here’s one I found using Facebook that might not be too far from you: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/385823645260258/
  12. https://www.s2ki.com/forums/uk-ireland-s2000-community-25/exhaust-mod-944056/#post21629633
  13. If you want a little more sound and aggressive tone, but still keeping it mostly OEM, go for the UK exhaust mod. Most other cat back systems out there will gain little to no power, but will be lighter and likely drone.
  14. Thanks for sharing, I read all of your updates, and this one is just as interesting as your others though the subject is not as exciting as your review of your S2000 or 240SX. I honestly think that self-driving tech will make mitigate many of our safety concerns in the not too distant future. Just like the Honda Odyssey is typically not purchased with "fun to drive" in mind, I think that self driving cars will take over the majority of car purchases in the future, and each manufacturer will maintain a small (one or two models) of fun driving vehicles for enthusiasts. Tesla currently claims that their "auto pilot" feature is ~40% safer than a regular human driving, and that's a technology that's just coming out... I imagine that those numbers will shoot up exponentially as more manufacturers deploy similar systems and refine their capabilities (as well as the sensors and algorithms/systems that support them). So while I agree with your principle premise in your article that a fully engaged driver is the number one contributor to a safe driving experience, I do believe that we will soon find that self driving technology will surpass the capabilities of even the most engaged driver... much like a proper ABS system or DCT/PDK transmission can perform better than any human can with full manual control. While this will be a great advantage in the area of safety, it will likely mean that "drivers cars" that we all love will become even more rare than they are today. Our choices for engaging vehicles we can drive ourselves will dwindle, and the cost of those vehicles will likely raise considerably. So cherish the automotive choices and experiences you have today because it won't be long before they are a thing of the past.
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