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  1. Looking for either the Hard Dog M3 double diagonal or the Blackbird bar. Thanks!
  2. Better pictures after having a chance to clean it today:
  3. I bought this from a fellow TJ'er a little under 2 years ago and it's been a blast. He had already done the suspension work and the drop pan. I stripped out more of the interior, put in a spec miata ultrashield seat, sparco wheel, the hardtop, cooling mods, and brakes. I then drove it at MSRH with a buddy in early 2019, have made quarterly trips out to HHR for days since then, and just used it for putting around town. I'm building up another chassis with a cage and ecotec swap, and would like to get a more street-oriented NC, so it's time to pass this one on. The color has really grown on me, almost wish I'd built this one instead of the other chassis. Open to trades for a 6spd/LSD NC. 2002 Miata LS special order Vivid Yellow 91k miles LS model with ABS, the 3.90 torsen diff, sport brakes, and a 6-speed trans. I bought it with around 89k miles. Maintenance in the last 3k mi: Oil change in last 200mi Brakes flushed and re-filled with SRF Valve cover gasket Timing belt, pulleys, tensioners, and belts. Cam and crank seals Complete cooling system (Radiator, waterpump, hoses) Every fluid has been changed in the car New clutch master, slave and lines New coil packs, wires, and plugs Shifter rebuilt Front hubs rebuilt with high temp race grease Headlights restored and Lamin-X clear film applied Recently PDR'd to clean up some little dings here and there, body is in great shape but the bumpers have been re-shot at some point Upgrades: 17" Ultrashield spec miata drivers seat 16" Kirkey pro street drag pass seat hard dog hard core hard top rollbar w/ harness bar G-force cam-lock harnesses supermiata hybrid engine mount 15x8 Kosei K8R wheels with 225/45 Hankook RS3 (same ones it came with, I use a different track set. tires have tread but are basically dead) East Street Racing 2 3/4" Dropped Floor Pan Flying Miata Vmaxx Track Pack Stage 2 Suspension (504 lb/in front & 336 lb/in rear w/ 112 lb/in helpers) Flying Miata Adjustable Swaybars F 1"/ R 5/8" Retains working A/C with Eclipse vents that can direct airflow better, and close the pass side Hard top with defroster re-shot in matte black New brake rotors and g-loc GP890-R10 front and GP891-R8 rear, stoptech stainless lines (lots of life left on brakes) Singular motorsports 2.5" brake ducts, 3D printed inlets on front CSF2863 Aluminum radiator Hood vents to drop underhood temps and relieve pressure Sparco R383 alcantara steering wheel 330mm with NRG quick release Shortened factory console (have a full size tan one I can throw in if you want to go back to full length and match the dash lower) LRB speed aluminum door panel skins Pre-wired with switch and relay for cool-suit system in trunk 1/2" Fiberglass foil-backed thermal insulation in trans tunnel (between tunnel and exhaust) to minimize exhaust heat Rando axleback exhaust Additional notes: Passes inspection / TX emissions The radio has been deleted, the 3 point belts have been deleted (harnesses only) and there is currently no carpet on the interior. I was thinking of getting something thin and putting it down just to clean up the tub sheetmetal, or painting it all one color since the PO painted the drop pan area black. I have thought about getting some of the HZ code paint to paint the floorpans fully yellow. For big folks - it's the roomiest miata I've ever driven, and it's currently built for someone that is around 6'2". The PO had the seat mounted further down and back, and he was 6'6". I was 245 lb when I put the 17" ultrashield in and it fit snug, but it still holds me in decently at 205lb. It currently has AEM water and oil temp gauges installed in a radio block off panel, but I was planning on stealing those for the race car. It also has a fire extinguisher I was gonna steal. If you want to keep all that stuff add an extra $350 so I can buy additional ones. I was at HHR last Friday and for the first time ever during a track day in this thing had to come off track, the power steering fluid was aerating and making some noise in the pump after a couple laps. I am going to flush fluid and replace lines prior to selling. I have never replaced the fluid in the pump with good stuff myself so that's on me. There is a light rear main seal leak that I haven't bothered to fix yet. I was waiting to fix it until it needed a clutch, but it hasn't needed it yet. A PO put on a new cat that relocated the exhaust system kinda wonky, so with the stiff suspension the pipe taps a stiffening brace beneath the car on big bumps (like the one that used to be on the back kink at HHR). It hasn't annoyed me enough to change it, but I'd definitely swap it for a high flow one just to re-align and maybe bring the temp down a little.
  4. Bought these for a cobra replica but they are slightly too tight for me at 6'2" 250lb. Located in NW austin.
  5. Really sorry about your GTO man. I was in the grey Camaro immediately behind the E46 and you on that out lap. Those last 2 sessions were super slick, seemed like it was misting just enough to be dangerous. He came into the apex of turn 3 after the front straight with too much speed, and started to spin to the right off track. About 1/3 of the width of the track from the apex there's a concrete patch or seam or something that the back end of my car always got loose going over during those two sessions. As he spun, instead of putting both feet in, he tried to save it and it came around hard to the left in the middle of the braking zone for diamond's edge, where you were on the correct line, at the correct pace. That may or may not shed some light on it, but I'm with you, I don't want to be near that dude on a track again.
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