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  1. I paid $110 for a 3 day parking pass in lot K, right across the street from the Turn 11 entrance. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Never took us more than about 20 minutes to clear the traffic on the back roads around the track, and we left at pretty peak hours all 3 days. It would be insane for them to pave enough parking for the 3 days a year they need to fit 270,000+ people in there. I think MotoGP is the next largest event they hold there and its less than half the attendance of F1.
  2. The fastest line is 4 wheels off out of 10 and skip the keyhole entirely.
  3. This is the first sim racing setup I've had.... So only comparison is actual cars lol. I guess I hadn't tried changing the threshold to only use part of the pedal travel. I'll play around with that tonight.
  4. Does anyone here use the T3PA Pro pedals? I have mine setup with the conical brake mod on the brake pedal, but for the life of me I can't find settings that give me confidence in the brakes. Driving in iRacing, right now its mostly Mazda Cup. I've made tons of adjustment to the brake mod and the in-game settings, but I just can't get it to a place where I can feel the brakes out accurately. Do I just need to get used to it with a ton of seat time? Or am I just retarded?
  5. I'm still super fucking hyped after reading most of the big review sites. This is the first new car in a long time I've been really excited about and I've never been a massive Corvette fan. Almost makes me want to go out and do something stupid, like put down a deposit.
  6. I got another email this evening saying they're still trying to get to the order. 🤣
  7. Couldn't find some shoes I wanted in my size, but I did pick up 2 different tint visors for my helmet for $20. No bad.
  8. Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Track name: MSR-Houston - CCW Track location: Angleton, TX Lap time: 2:02.80 (Harry's) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3100lbs Horsepower: 195 Tire size and model: 225/45/17 - Michelin Pilot Super Sport, 30 PSI Cold Ambient temperature: 93 *F / 44% Humidity Fastest lap of the weekend in Blue Session 4 on Sunday. About a second off my best lap ever, but I guess not bad for having not been on track in over a year. The weekend started off slooooow. Lap timestamp is 6:12.
  9. I've probably done a very good job of keeping him around. Every time I drive at TDE, I tell myself I'm not going to buy pictures. Then the pictures go up and I see one or two shots I feel like I have to have. Then I do some math on the discount for purchasing multiple pictures and I end up buying like 5-10 pictures.
  10. BMW Z4. Same idea, but more performance, more interior space, more trunk space, beautiful i6 motor. $10-12k picks up a very clean, low mileage example. $6-8k can pick up a clean-ish higher mileage car. $5k gets you one that runs and drives. Glorious BMW reliability also.
  11. A non-M Z4 3.0i would be a really cheap option to get into a good car. It's essentially just a 330ci, except easier to work on because the engine bay is so damn roomy. I'm really happy with my Z4 2.5i, but I do wish I had waited for a 3.0i. In general repairs are really cheap on the Z4, except a few random BMW specialty items.
  12. Weekend was a let down for me. Felt some odd shuddering from the rear end on corner exit during the warm up lap. Felt it alot more pushing the car just a little bit harder on the next lap. Pitted in and found that one of my rear shocks had completely emptied itself of oil. Glad I found the issue while warming up and not immediately prior to a sudden loss of control. Now I'm mostly just bummed that I hadn't also signed up for the November event. Oh well. Will definitely have it all sorted before events next year and might go a little overboard on a suspension refresh this winter.
  13. Does anyone know where you can find data on ECU compatibility with the Solo 2? I poked around their website and can't seem to find it. I will say, the video quality I've seen come out of SmartyCam's is pretty seriously sub par for the price of the camera. I know from an analysis standpoint and ease of use standpoint, its probably worth it and I'm sure its expensive to R&D and manufacture niche hardware, but damn it would be an easier sell if it was at least close to the quality of other the mainstream sports cameras. edit: Nevermind, I found it: http://www.aim-sportline.com/en/documentation-stock-ecu-connections.htm
  14. Had kind of forgotten about that event and figured it would be sold out already. Checked it yesterday and signed up. Got the response from Rick saying I was in. Quite unusual for Blue to not be sold out in 30 minutes.
  15. I would think that using a phone would be your best bet for a reliable camera/internet connection in one package. Why don't you want to go that route?
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