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  1. MSR-C CW 1.7 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i, stock ~3000lbs and ~195hp 225/45R17 RE71R tires Lap Time: 1:32.43 (Harry's) Temp: 60F Starts at about 7 minutes if the timestamp doesn't work.
  2. I just finished up using a set of Cool Carbon Street Sport pads. 2005 BMW Z4 ~200hp and 3000lbs. Part of that time was on Michelin MPSS and part on Bridgestone RE71Rs. I was really happy with the modularity they provided and I never had issues getting outside of their temperature window. Only problem is that I chewed threw them in DE 3 weekends and they were $250 for all 4 corners. That's by far the shortest life I've gotten out of a set of pads. Debating if I want to buy another set or see if I can find something with a better consumable cost but similar performance.
  3. Thanks. Yeah I assumed moving the camlock up onto the gut would be a big no-no. I need to go look again, but I think I could move it up a half inch or so and still keep it largely across my hips. I'm definitely going to have to figure something out. I went and drove the car around for 20 minutes last night and by 10 minutes in, my inner thigh was already in pain. I think something like that Scrotch Endruo 2x2 would be the best solution, but damn are they pricey. I guess I should have done more research before buying harnesses lol
  4. So I just finished having a rollbar installed in my BMW Z4 with some race seats and 6 point harnesses. I have OMP TRS-E seats, which are pretty narrow seats and then I bought Ultrashield's HANS compatible Cam-lock 6 point harness. I'm having some issues getting it all adjusted properly because of the amount the length of the stitched areas where it meets the buckles. Specifically on the lap belts. I have the belts setup to where the belt adjusters are JUST barely inside of the seat and accessible, so basically as tight as I get can them, but then at full tightness the lap belts are still not super snug. Is this just a problem with harnesses in general? Or do the Ultrashield's have more stitching than some harnesses? I'm not exactly super skinny, pretty average build. I imagine it would be better if I had a wider seat, but that wouldn't be ideal from a fit perspective for me or the car. The other question I had is about the length of the anti-sub straps. I have them setup to be right in line with the SFI guidelines, but then the bracket on the bottom belt is almost down in between my legs. Its not immediately noticeably bad, but I can imagine it will start hurting after like 20 minutes in the car and I'm sure if I was in a wreck, it would destroy my inner thigh gap. Should I adjust these up? I think I would need the Camlock basically over my belly button in order to have that bracket high enough that it wouldn't stab my legs.
  5. I wondered what the deal was. You were absolutely murdering the average Blue pace. I distinctly remember giving you some passes and you came by like a bat out of hell
  6. Date: 5-3-20 Lap time: 2:55:00 Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Est weight: ~3100 Est HP: 190 Tires: 225-45/17 MPSS Temperature: 86° First time running this track track for me. Man it was a struggle to learn. By Sunday I finally had a decent grasp on the track, but was still not hitting braking zones very well and I still have no idea how to execute turn 8-9. I was also giving out so many passes that it slowed me down even more. I was basically a green, running around in blue. Still a hell of a fun track. Hopefully I can get back out there again sometime this year. https://youtu.be/68tZEe1Qxig?t=192
  7. The swanky golf course near me (in Harris county) never even slowed down for COVID19. I think I saw more foursomes congregating on the greens in the last month than I ever had before.
  8. Date: 2-28-20 CW lap time: 1:59.18 Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Est weight: ~3100 Est HP: 190 Tires: 225-45/17 MPSS Temperature: 65° First time getting under 2:00 yesterday and I had a total of 3 laps under it. I attribute almost all of the increase to finally getting a race bucket seat into the car. Its a pretty incredible difference vs the factory leather seats with almost no bolstering. Not having to fight to hold yourself in place unsurprisingly makes a big difference on your ability focus and feel what the car is doing 😭
  9. Curious how much they charge to refurb an injector? I can buy refurbs online for like $30 (Non-OEM). A local place would be nice to have as an option.
  10. They did my rear muffler delete on the Z4. The welds looked like shit, but it was cheap and it hasn't fallen apart in 2 years.
  11. Date: 11-16-2019 CW lap time: 2:02.79 Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Est weight: ~3100 Est HP: 190 Tires: 225-45/17 MPSS Temperature: around 55* Notes: Fastest Lap of the weekend in Session 3 on day 1 and a new PB. First time running this direction in 2 years and my confidence in the configuration was not great coming back. I had two laps that day at this exact same time. The first 2 sectors were very similar, but on this run I botched Sugar & Spice, but had an ok run through Carousel. The other run I executed Sugar & Spice better, but overslowed going into Carousel.
  12. I paid $110 for a 3 day parking pass in lot K, right across the street from the Turn 11 entrance. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Never took us more than about 20 minutes to clear the traffic on the back roads around the track, and we left at pretty peak hours all 3 days. It would be insane for them to pave enough parking for the 3 days a year they need to fit 270,000+ people in there. I think MotoGP is the next largest event they hold there and its less than half the attendance of F1.
  13. The fastest line is 4 wheels off out of 10 and skip the keyhole entirely.
  14. This is the first sim racing setup I've had.... So only comparison is actual cars lol. I guess I hadn't tried changing the threshold to only use part of the pedal travel. I'll play around with that tonight.
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