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  1. Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Track name: MSR-Houston - CCW Track location: Angleton, TX Lap time: 2:02.80 (Harry's) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3100lbs Horsepower: 195 Tire size and model: 225/45/17 - Michelin Pilot Super Sport, 30 PSI Cold Ambient temperature: 93 *F / 44% Humidity Fastest lap of the weekend in Blue Session 4 on Sunday. About a second off my best lap ever, but I guess not bad for having not been on track in over a year. The weekend started off slooooow. Lap timestamp is 6:12.
  2. I've probably done a very good job of keeping him around. Every time I drive at TDE, I tell myself I'm not going to buy pictures. Then the pictures go up and I see one or two shots I feel like I have to have. Then I do some math on the discount for purchasing multiple pictures and I end up buying like 5-10 pictures.
  3. BMW Z4. Same idea, but more performance, more interior space, more trunk space, beautiful i6 motor. $10-12k picks up a very clean, low mileage example. $6-8k can pick up a clean-ish higher mileage car. $5k gets you one that runs and drives. Glorious BMW reliability also.
  4. A non-M Z4 3.0i would be a really cheap option to get into a good car. It's essentially just a 330ci, except easier to work on because the engine bay is so damn roomy. I'm really happy with my Z4 2.5i, but I do wish I had waited for a 3.0i. In general repairs are really cheap on the Z4, except a few random BMW specialty items.
  5. Weekend was a let down for me. Felt some odd shuddering from the rear end on corner exit during the warm up lap. Felt it alot more pushing the car just a little bit harder on the next lap. Pitted in and found that one of my rear shocks had completely emptied itself of oil. Glad I found the issue while warming up and not immediately prior to a sudden loss of control. Now I'm mostly just bummed that I hadn't also signed up for the November event. Oh well. Will definitely have it all sorted before events next year and might go a little overboard on a suspension refresh this winter.
  6. Does anyone know where you can find data on ECU compatibility with the Solo 2? I poked around their website and can't seem to find it. I will say, the video quality I've seen come out of SmartyCam's is pretty seriously sub par for the price of the camera. I know from an analysis standpoint and ease of use standpoint, its probably worth it and I'm sure its expensive to R&D and manufacture niche hardware, but damn it would be an easier sell if it was at least close to the quality of other the mainstream sports cameras. edit: Nevermind, I found it: http://www.aim-sportline.com/en/documentation-stock-ecu-connections.htm
  7. Had kind of forgotten about that event and figured it would be sold out already. Checked it yesterday and signed up. Got the response from Rick saying I was in. Quite unusual for Blue to not be sold out in 30 minutes.
  8. I would think that using a phone would be your best bet for a reliable camera/internet connection in one package. Why don't you want to go that route?
  9. You should be able to buy salvage title cars on Copart without a dealer license. Clean title cars will require a license. You can use brokers with dealer licenses to process the transaction for you if you do need to buy a clean title car from copart. https://www.copart.com/Content/US/EN/Licensing/United-States/Texas
  10. Track name: MSR-Houston - CCW Track location: Angleton, TX Lap time: 2:00.96 Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3100lbs Estimated wheel horsepower: 185 Tire size and model: 225/45/17 - Michelin Pilot Super Sport, 32 PSI Cold Estimated ambient temperature: 85 *F / 80% humidity
  11. Well the Bimmer left all its coolant on the street this afternoon. *Hopefully* I'll be there.
  12. Every one of my instructors have inspected my tires prior to the first time running that weekend. I don't know that it would be a hard No to running with sub 120 TW tires, but it would probably be up to the instructor at that point. Definitely best to check with Rick before just showing up with out of class tires. I've seen some Camaro Z28's in the lower run groups and those come stock with Trofeo R's.
  13. Here's my second session of the day. Third session was a little faster, but the GoPro's memory card filled up and I didn't notice.
  14. Well thank you to whomever organized that event. Was a ton of fun for a casual Friday morning event.
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