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  1. Had a really good weekend. ISC coilovers and a track focused alignment really helped dial the car in. Surprisingly managed to get the balance setup pretty well off the bat. The car was so much more confident through the high speed stuff. By the end of the weekend I was carrying ~8mph faster through carousel than before. Here's a clip from Saturday when I had a small moment before keyhole and then put in 2 >1second PB laps.
  2. I'm signed up for it. Pretty excited, got coilovers on the Z over the winter. Just finished getting the ride height baselined. Still need to get the alignment checked this weekend.
  3. Bumping this to see if anyone has recommendations for South Houston. I'm in Clear Lake and hoping to find a shop South of I-10 and East of 288 to do corner balance and track focuses alignment.
  4. I like the NecksGen Helmet/Hans bag I have, but it might not fit a traditional hans device. .....and looks like it might not even be sold anymore.... https://www.carid.com/necksgen/helmet-rev-bag-mpn-ng400.html
  5. If I had the free space to store it, I'd be all over that. Seems like a great way to get some cheap motorsports seat time.
  6. Flip side of this question, what would be a good setup for someone who's primarily a student and wants to just get a decent headset, keep it in decent condition, and buy several different adapters to work with whatever kits instructors are using. My helmet is 5 years old now and I've been thinking about upgrading to one with coms built in.
  7. Slowly chipping away at laptimes in the Z4. Date: 5/15/21 CW lap time: 1:57.06 Car: 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i Est weight: ~3100 Est HP: 190 Tires: 225-45/17 RE71R Temperature: 80°
  8. Date: 4-03-21 CW lap time: 1:56.32 Car: 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Est weight: ~3700 Est HP: ~450 Tires: 255/40-19 & 285/35-19 Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 Temperature: 65° First time getting out and tracking my daily driver Mustang. Only 3 seconds faster than my BMW with about half the power/weight, but its a whole different animal to get used to. Still no bad for a total of about 40 minutes on track. My phone was data recording from inside my center console, so the data is all funky. Lots more to learn about driving a heavier higher horsepower car, but I don't in
  9. Way ahead of you and already got signed up. ?
  10. Shit, missed this till after the signup was closed. Would be a great time for a casual track day in the Mustang.
  11. MSR-C CW 1.7 2005 BMW Z4 2.5i, stock ~3000lbs and ~195hp 225/45R17 RE71R tires Lap Time: 1:32.43 (Harry's) Temp: 60F Starts at about 7 minutes if the timestamp doesn't work.
  12. I just finished up using a set of Cool Carbon Street Sport pads. 2005 BMW Z4 ~200hp and 3000lbs. Part of that time was on Michelin MPSS and part on Bridgestone RE71Rs. I was really happy with the modularity they provided and I never had issues getting outside of their temperature window. Only problem is that I chewed threw them in DE 3 weekends and they were $250 for all 4 corners. That's by far the shortest life I've gotten out of a set of pads. Debating if I want to buy another set or see if I can find something with a better consumable cost but similar performance.
  13. Thanks. Yeah I assumed moving the camlock up onto the gut would be a big no-no. I need to go look again, but I think I could move it up a half inch or so and still keep it largely across my hips. I'm definitely going to have to figure something out. I went and drove the car around for 20 minutes last night and by 10 minutes in, my inner thigh was already in pain. I think something like that Scrotch Endruo 2x2 would be the best solution, but damn are they pricey. I guess I should have done more research before buying harnesses lol
  14. So I just finished having a rollbar installed in my BMW Z4 with some race seats and 6 point harnesses. I have OMP TRS-E seats, which are pretty narrow seats and then I bought Ultrashield's HANS compatible Cam-lock 6 point harness. I'm having some issues getting it all adjusted properly because of the amount the length of the stitched areas where it meets the buckles. Specifically on the lap belts. I have the belts setup to where the belt adjusters are JUST barely inside of the seat and accessible, so basically as tight as I get can them, but then at full tightness the lap belts are
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