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  1. Now u just need to goto nationals and prove the haters wrong...figure a future ban will be in place.
  2. max_pwr


    rode in the GT4 yesterday morning and the car felt great....awesome sound (in car was loud), watching it go past the front straight - rather quiet. Finally got to drive it last session yesterday, did a outlap, hotlap and cooldown. Friend was bring very generous and let 3 of us drive it. Car had 800miles on it and we kept the revs below 6. The heavy clutch/shifter wasnt an issue at TWS...used 3rd thru 5th. The motor does like the higher revs, powerband is kinda flat from 4k-5k. 5k-6k it started to pull hard, i can only imagine how good it'll be at 8k rpms. We had all the nannies on, and i'm surprised the car allowed some slip without cutting power or slowing us down. Mild understeer at the carousel, slight oversteer at turn 4. With a good driver, this car is well into the 1:5x in stock form. I have to say i LOVE the car, now where do i find $90k....hmm.
  3. max_pwr


    Congrats! I drove my friend's gt4 few weeks back and i love it. (had 200miles so kept it under 4k rpms) I totally agree on the clutch/shifter, requires effort but very positive. I told my friend in a very 'busy/tight' track, he'll get worn out with shifting. He got the upgraded seats and i really like it!!! My only complaint is the steering wheel (used to the thicker ones on the 1M/M3) Hopefully i get to drive it again this weekend at TWS.
  4. Scott, both you and Sally gonna do this school? Looks like there's good response for the CR school. Nevermind just saw the entry list....when did u get a 94 miata?
  5. 2003.5 BMW M3 Asking Price $23,000 Current Mileage: 80,000 miles Color: Imola Red Interior: Black Leather (Electric seats and fold down rear seats) Purchase date: 03/18/2013 Clear Title in hand No accidents Dyno: 270hp 242tq at the wheels @ 6300 rpm (traction issues with dyno, couldn’t rev to 8000 rpm - found workaround but too late to redyno) - Dynojet No HID HK radio Sunroof 35% tint all around Manual Photos Here: http://s221.photobucket.com/user/max_pwr/library/My%20Cars/E46%20M3 Engine: AFE Panel Filter - (installed 4/12/13 @ 76,600 miles) Bimmerworld intake elbow (black) - (installed 4/25/13 @ 76,600 miles) Vanos filter - (installed 4/12/13 @ 76,600 miles) CPV screw with upgraded O-ring - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Diverter Valve - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Bimmerworld rod bearing upgrade kit with new arp studs - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Vanos Checked (5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Oil pan gasket - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) VC gasket - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Brakes: Bimmerworld Brake Cooling Kit - (installed 5/27/13 @ 77,000 miles) Titanium front brake pad backing plate - not installed Bimmerworld V2 stainless steel brake lines - (installed 4/14/13 @ 76,600 miles) Castrol SRF Brake Fluid - (installed 4/27/13 @ 76,600 miles) Rear brake rotors - (installed 4/23/13 @ 76,600 miles) - new retaining nuts Rear PFC 01 pads - (installed 4/23/13 @ 76,600 miles) Caliper brake nipples - (installed 4/18/13 @ 76,600 miles) PFC Direct drive front rotors, solid guides, PFC01 front pads - (installed 5/27/13 @ 77,000 miles) - new retaining nuts (has hairline cracks) - removed Stock front brake rotors (installed 5/7/15 @ 79,000 miles) Suspension: MCS non-remote double adjustable dampers - (installed 8/1/13 @ 77,000 miles) Hypercoil Springs (650f/750r) - also includes spare springs (850f/950r) GC race camber plates GC race rsm GC rear weight jacker Adjustable sway bar links GC FCAB with new housing - (installed 4/28/13 @ 76,600 miles) Powerflex RTAB - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Rear upper/lower spherical bushings - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Bimmerworld tranny mounts - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Turner Reinforcement kits - both front and rear - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Turner Delrin rear subframe Bushings - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Interior: Schroth quick fit pro (red) harness - driver side only - (installed 7/27/13 @ 77,000 miles) Eurotray - have stock (installed 3/28/13 @ 76,550 miles) BMW Aux wire - (installed 3/21/13 @ 76,400 miles) - routed thru sunglass holder Clutchstop - (installed 3/21/13 @ 76,400 miles) Cupholder - (installed 3/30/13 @ 76,600 miles) - mounted against tranny tunnel Proclip center vent mount - with ram mount for Aim Solo - (installed 4/12/13 @ 76,600 miles) Aim Solo DL - wired to ECU - routed thru sunglass holder (Can view 4 items on screen = (many options to choose, currently Lap time, +-, oil temp and coolant temp) M Floor Mats Exterior: Black Kidney Grill - (installed 3/27/13 @ 76,550 miles) Black Side Grill - (installed 3/27/13 @ 76,550 miles) Silver side bulbs - (installed 4/1/13 @ 76,600 miles) Turner Tow straps (with bolts) Front License Plate Kit - front tow location. Wheels: Stock 19" staggered - has some curb rash Front Tires - 225/40 - 19 Michelin PS2 Rear Tires - 265/35 - 19 Michelin Pilot Sports Apex 18x9.5 et 35 - Gloss Black, few scratches Hankook C51 275/35 - 18 scrubs - mounted to Apex wheels Bimmerworld 82mm premium race bulletnose wheel studs (plus 2 spares) - (installed 5/27/13 @ 77,000 miles) Fenders Rolled 3mm spacers (spare) 5mm spacers (installed rear) 12mm spacers (installed front) Maintenance: Magnetic oil drain plug (installed 3/30/13 @ 76,600 miles) Redline 10w60 engine oil (changed 3/15/15 @ 79,000 miles) - oil filter Redline D4ATF transmission oil (changed 3/08/14 @ 78,600 miles) - new drain bolts Redline 75w140 differential oil (changed 3/30/13 @ 76,600 miles) - new drain bolts Wiper Blades (installed 3/27/13 @ 76,550 miles) Hood Shocks front and rear (installed 3/27/13 @ 76,550 miles) Spark Plugs - NGK Iridium DCPR8EIX (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Drive Belts - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Valve Adjustment - only cyl #4 intake side changed (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Rear wheel bearings - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Front wheel bearings - (installed 4/20/13 @ 76,600 miles) Dipstick - (installed 4/12/13 @ 76,600 miles) Cabin Filter - (installed 4/18/13 @ 76,600 miles) CDV removal - (installed 4/14/13 @ 76,600 miles) Guibo - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Differential bushing - (installed 5/19/13 @ 76,600 miles) Airbag Recall done at Advantage BMW (02/05/15 @ 79,000 miles) Spares: Redline 10w60 engine oil BMW TWS 10w60 engine oil Redline D4ATF Redline 75w140 Spark Plugs - NGK DCPR8EKP (spares) Titanium backing plate (front) BMW Touch Up paint Bentley Manual Car cover - abit worn Oil filter Stock Parts Overall the car is pretty clean. There's a few scratches on the paint all around, and rock chips on the bumper, definitely need a nice wax/polish/claybar treatment. Interior is clean too, driver side door arm rest is worn and passenger side a pillar at the bottom starting to wrinkle a little, but nothing torn. I bought this car here in Houston from the 3rd owner, iirc on carfax it only lists 2 owners before me. (I have the carfax pdf I can email) But PO used to travel a lot and put highway miles on the car, and sold it to me cause he was moving to Canada. My plan was to prep this car to compete in NASA Time Trials (TTB), and may have over extended myself on this project….considering a few options now. To be competitive in TTB, car will need a few more parts to maximize points and I have the breakdown of what can be added, depending on your driving style. I can of course add/subtract any mods from the list….except the engine work. The rod bearing upgrade was done as preventive maintenance, as I knew I would be tracking a lot. I've done a few track days with the car, car has a lot of top end power, pulls strong till 8000 rpms, suspension will need fine tuning, Everything works on the car…there's a few rattles here and there with such a stiff suspension. Car was recently aligned and corner balanced - car weighs 3362lbs with half tank gas, front/rear balance 50/50, cross balance 49.9/50.1. Most of the main work (engine and reinforcements) were done at Greg Smith Racing @ Dallas, TX. All parts installed above are brand new - except for the kidney/side grille. There are other small parts replaced too like screws/clips/clamps etc.
  6. E46 m3 can be a money pit, and can also be very reliable. Mine has under 80k miles, i dont do too many events and it just sits in the garage, but i've never had any problems thus far. I'm still on the stock clutch and factory cooling system, both working fine. Big ticket items are if the vanos goes or the bearings go. I replaced the bearings as preventive maint. and also had the vanos looked at. If you plan to run in texas during summer, i'd rec. getting upgraded oil cooler, as the car tends to run hot. good luck!
  7. wow that sucks. When i got my 1M few years back, some idiot backed into it (just as i was about to drive off), car was only a few months old. Minor damage to rear quarter panel. Their insurance was State Farm. I had to request state farm to send a DV adjuster to check the car out. Total repair claim at Metropolitan Collision was about $1300. DV check came up to $2000. I consulted my friend who happens to work at State Farm, and he said that's a good DV payout based on the damage, and to take it as it wasnt worth negotiating. I did not hire an appraiser. Your situation seems to be more severe, higher cost car, plus more damage. I cannot remember what my friend said, but iirc, he said most normal cars the DV is about 1/3 the claim amount. Good Luck and sorry for the accident.
  8. ah....they bought it today i guess...awesome!
  9. i went thru this when i was selling my 1m....had a few pesky stuck studs and tried everything and they would not budge. Took it to a shop that welded the nuts on and that fixed it.
  10. aha...Peter Chang was driving my red m3 2nd session (i was in the pass. seat with helmet lid up), just wanted to mess with you for getting sand in my car @ keyhole. always nice to see e36m3, its becoming pretty rare to see them on track.
  11. max_pwr

    MSRH Lap Times

    thanasis - ur car sounded really great out there, and quick going into turn 1. Scott, have to say the suspension on Richard's m3 is nice (having driven his car stock at COTA vs Ohlins here), so hopefully you can get a nice setup, and watch the lap times drop. Nice time!
  12. I'll be there.... there's still spots open for intermediate and advanced.
  13. max_pwr

    FS: 2011 BMW 1M

    Sorry car sold...yeah meant that mini cooper...but ended up with a new Mini...lol. Still looking for a classic mini though.
  14. max_pwr

    Racer's outfit

    totally agree...and i'm so used to wearing a balaclava that i bought a couple (non nomex) ones for karting. Felt kinda 'naked' when i left the balaclava at home. So buy a few, you'd want to change them out over the weekend as they get soiled.
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