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  1. Track: GrandSport CW with the Horse Shoe Acura RSX-S 2800lb w/o driver 220whp/160tq Hankook Evo2 1:09.79
  2. Thanks! I supposedly managed a 1:29.xx but I wasn't using my laptimer and was enjoying the drive last session on sunday being pushed around by some TTE Miatas
  3. Was nice seeing you out there! Your car certainetly has a learning curve being that it was previously a TT car and is now in the hands of a new HPDE driver. Hope to keep seeing you at events, keep up the good work.
  4. I signed up today, Rick told me to sign up for level Blue. We will see how it goes and if I get a spot or not!
  5. Im going! Going: Shuko V6Donut handsoffsam Kungkungbing AhmadHasib (JK, wedding came up.) Cabowabo Surlynkid z28pwr Spiderxvpbiking Boostedtaco Thundermoose AdamEvo pmptx Edison_GTI Double O 86 Tomtom HDA Hastarock SchadenFred CosmosMpower centerville Updated 3/14/17
  6. Thanks for the welcoming! I've been to TWS once and this was my first time at MSR. I did the two day weekend and had a great time. My first session out there I did a 2:24, really happy to see a 25 second drop in two days!
  7. LapTime 1:59.23 Car: Acura RSX-S Weight w/o driver = 2880 (probably about 3200 w/ driver and instructor.) Power: 200whp Tires: Hankook Ventus Evo2
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