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  1. Yes. The tracks have to be converted or created for Assetto Corsa. I have converted TWS and MSR Cresson. I am working on MSR Houston.
  2. Im going to be there to spectate and help a team out when I can. Looking forward to it.
  3. Yeh I agree on the brightness. If you are setting up your own session, make it mid cloudy or heavy clouds. It helps bigtime. That is the weather I have setup for the server. The curbs are all done by the original track creator. I haven't had time to go in and change them to reflect the real track yet. There are some curbs that need to be slick and some that need to be curbing.
  4. Understatement. There were far too many cars in Blue who were offline and dangerously slow. Edit: by offline I mean it seemed they didn't know the proper lines in turns.
  5. Sold the 6" springs. I still have the 5.5"x550 #/in springs
  6. It is out for rFactor. Which means it can be converted to Assetto Corsa. I can do it but it is behind MSR Houston on my list.
  7. What I was told by my instructor about that turn is that you're going to slow down so much that coming in wide doesn't save time or speed. Come in mid track and slow down then search for grip.
  8. Yes. Their machine showed it spot on but I don't trust it
  9. Alignment in CS? I recently got an alignment here in Corpus Christi but I am not confident it is accurate. Visually it is way off and I want to get it checked and possibly fixed. Is there a place that TJ's trust?
  10. Ive never heard of a membership. Shouldn't need to buy any membership.. Just search for the server and connect!
  11. I change it almost nightly depending on what cars we want to run. Last night I left it with what I thought was a good mix but I can remove or add any car you want. When I get home I can post the list of cars
  12. I have all the DLC packs.. So some of the cars might come from that. If you know of any cars you want to run, I can set it up for just them. However, I recommend purchasing the DLC. Lots of good cars like the Porsche packs. My brother and I were running the Miata cup car tonight and it was an absolute blast!! Maybe we can all jump on tomorrow night? I can set it up for just the miata if you have them.
  13. Yep that was me! I plan on converting MSR Houston too. It's not overly hard to do just time consuming and a bit frustrating. I want to get TWS a bit more polished before I start MSR Houston. I need to fix the curbs at TWS. Only thing I dont like about Discord is that you can't run a dedicated server. I still haven't given it a full test yet.
  14. Give me until the end of this week. I have it posted on other forums and facebook groups. I'd prefer to sell as a set but I will let you know.
  15. I will look into it! I found mumble to be the easiest to setup. TeamSpeak and others have all gotten way too complicated. My brother and I were running laps last night, it was fun!
  16. Hypercoil Springs 6"x500 #/in Front, 5.5"x550 #/in Rear. ID=60MM Make me an offer!
  17. Dedicated Server is up and running! Along with a Mumble (voice chat) server.
  18. I'd imagine it would be fun for those who have good car control. If you are timid in the dry then it probably wouldn't be very fun at all. I for one would love to find out! slip n slide!
  19. Saturday chances reduced a bit.. Only 37% chance now. Sunday has a 50% early morning and late evening.. However, if the forecasts are anywhere near as unaccurate as they are here in Corpus Christi, it will either be dry as a bone or soaked. Here is Corpus Christi if they say its going to rain, its dry. If they say it is going to be dry it will rain.
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