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  1. My first time at Cresson also. I was told that it was an awesome circuit and it did not disappoint. I had an absolute blast. Met a few of you, but I am bad with names so...
  2. Cant watch NBC.. It's absolute garbage. I either find the Sky Sports coverage later on and TRY hard to not get spoiled before I am able to watch it. OR I find a stream which is going to be hard to do now because a certain famous stream provider was outed and shutdown. I really hope the new social media policies that Liberty Media has put in place is a sign of good things to come.
  3. Hopefully it is not my E36!!!
  4. Weather looks good for Sat and Sun! Should be interesting if the rain cleans the track on Friday. Also I noticed that temps will start in the 50s and end in the 80s both days. That should be fun
  5. If I check in on Friday can I leave my trailer and car at the track? Is that allowed at MSR like it is at TWS?
  6. To sell me the drivetrain... right? :-P
  7. Has anyone been following Alonso's comments yesterday? Made me LOL. I am glad he is being critical. The time has passed to be nice to Honda. "Everyone at the team is ready to win. Except Honda" When asked if turn 3 is flat out Alonso responded "with the lack of power, every turn is flat out" "Honda has no power and no reliability" Today they blew another engine. Their longest run without problems is 11 laps. I keep hoping this is all an elaborate scheme to make the other teams think they are not going to finish, much less challenge in a race. However, I know thats a pipe dream.
  8. Anyone going? I have never been to MSR Cresson and I am looking forward to it. I've turned many laps in Assetto Corsa on MSR Cresson and it seems like a very fun track.
  9. I miss them. That was one of the best events at COTA. Please come back.
  10. Yep! What I don't like is the fact that when F1 decided to move to Turbo V6 again they did so because of the data Mercedes was giving them regarding their own engine development programs. In other words, Mercedes was the reason we switched to these engines and they already had years of unregulated development on it. It shows! I wish we would move to a WEC LMP1 type of system.
  11. In case it doesn't allow you to read the article.
  12. https://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/128097 Its a paywall site, but I was able to read this article without paying.
  13. What OBDII interface are you using with HLT? I have a 99 M3 and want to get the Throttle / RPM overlay.
  14. I also have zero faith in Eric Boullier.
  15. They have said that they are running an engine design that is very risky. I was a huge JB fan, so therefore a McLaren fan. However, lately it has been hard to be a fan and watch them struggle with Honda. Don't get me wrong, I think Honda can bring it and win again, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. Ill be rooting for HAAS and Ricky Bobby this year.
  16. I sure hope they get rid of T-Wing on the shark fins. I know it is a loop hole and used to clean up the air before getting to the rear wing but it just looks silly. IMO the Haas has the best looking car and shark fin. Hoping they do well this year.
  17. Testing Day 1 Photo Album - https://imgur.com/a/CFnvn Testing Day 2 Photo Album - https://imgur.com/a/wXGo8 Testing Day 3 Photo Album - https://imgur.com/a/Xa9Ub
  18. Looking forward to this year! More mechanical grip FTW! Also looking forward to see what Liberty Media does. Apparently they have big changes planned. Here is to hoping for quality online streaming so that I dont have to figure out what Sky Sports stream to watch. Can't stand NBC Sports coverage.
  19. clifton23


    The brakes are what kill me. I have to practice more before I start official races.
  20. clifton23


    They did amazing on the Porsche. It is a blast to drive.. One of the first cars in iRacing that I can actually catch a slide in.
  21. clifton23


    New Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car released today! There went my productivity this afternoon. Anyone down for some laps? I will host a session tonight if anyone wants to join. Maybe @ Daytona?
  22. "good" Todd. He was great! He really helped instill confidence right away.
  23. I too really really enjoyed this weekend. My instructor was awesome. Learned a shit load about my skills and my car. I have already signed up for MSR Cresson 3.1 and look forward to meeting more of you there. Bit by the bug! Not my fastest laps of the weekend, but a few good ones that the GoPro actually recorded.
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