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  1. Joe, we need to plan a trip to NOLA. Love the circuit, would love to drive my M3 there.
  2. Yes. Green miata. Oil Temp Sensor > all other sensors.. I've seen engines get smoked because they only relied on coolant sensors.
  3. Clearly my goofy distractions to try and get him to look at the camera, failed.
  4. I'll be there. Speaking of tow pigs.. One of my best students ever will be there this weekend in his school bus converted RV tow rig. He will be in a red e46 m3, good stuff!
  5. Not so great for us. Saturday started off strong, our first driver passed many sleeping drivers at the drop of the green flag. First stint went great and 20 minutes into the second stint a coolant port that was capped, came loose and we lost all coolant. Temps looked fine because a coolant temp gauge only works if there is coolant in the system! Engine was cooked. Thank you to everyone who either lended a hand, tool, advice! We found an engine in Georgetown, swapped it out over night and buttoned it up around 11:30 Sunday morning. From then we had one or two small issues until the end of the race on Sunday. Bummer, the car had great pace, but shit happens! Congrats on the win! Joe, congrats on the great finish on Saturday!
  6. We should have a trackjunkies meet Saturday night.. I will bring some beers.
  7. I am looking forward to it.. Slight chance of rain all weekend, I sure hope it does.
  8. I will be there in a neon green miata.. No flame throwing MR2 anymore.. 😞
  9. https://www.facebook.com/troydstepp/videos/10217373340112894/ how about now?
  10. Can you guys try and grab some good video of the circuit when you get to go play?
  11. Anyone have a recommendation for a engine machine shop somewhere around Austin? Need a head cleaned up.
  12. clifton23

    Wall Art

    Because it’s known to grenade itself. #threadhijack
  13. clifton23

    Wall Art

    Don’t think it is Vanos after all. Find out soon. New headers and catless midpipe arrive Monday.
  14. clifton23

    Wall Art

    I mean, you could look at it two ways. 1. BMW owners are smart enough to get in the guts and make things better. (improving the hospital bed) While Merc owners don't have the slightest clue and just sit there looking at animal picture in a magazine. 2. BMW owners are always in the guts because shits always breaking.
  15. clifton23

    Wall Art

    Can’t tell if this is a compliment or dig at us BMW owners.......
  16. what a beautiful car! Congrats!!!
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