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  1. location? your profile says Ohio
  2. yes AC does have some race cars, and lots of 3rd party mods that bring them in. However, a majority of the cars are street cars. ACC is a different story.
  3. Assetto Corsa is filled with street cars, iRacing is filled with race cars. The tire models and physics models are geared towards that. If I want to have fun I go jump in a 458 at Mugello and powerslide all over. Can't really do that in iRacing. If I want to go racing, I don't jack with online servers in AC, I just load up iRacing for the best racing experience.
  4. AC = Driving Simulator iRacing = Racing Simulator
  5. I've had some fun times on track tandem drifting the carousel at MSRH with him. Playing cat and mouse in mixed conditions.
  6. wait what!? My tandem driftor buddy! Replacement is? This car is badass, someone keep it in the fam!!
  7. Going to get the s52 running again, then search for a good s54 and button it all up before swap.
  8. I will be there 8th - 9th. M3 is down right now, blown head gasket.
  9. I love the Ergo. I have 2 of them.
  10. I am biased to the E36 M3 however, if/when I purchase a new track toy it will most likely be a well sorted miata.
  11. Josh! Excited to see it out on track soon!
  12. I sooooo wish that was the case.. Instead, I probably have a borked head gasket or something stupid.
  13. There was very little coolant in there, mostly water and water wetter. Yeh, that sucked for both of us. My fastest time was 2:13.6
  14. In. Looking forward to the road atlanta esses
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