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  1. I just did with PCA. I will probably do it again with PCA in June... or is it July?
  2. Hell.. I kinda want to come now and play with Joe
  3. You have to embrace the rain! It's the best time to learn car control. There ended up being a dry session in there too on Saturday. Cresson in the rain is different fun, searching and finding grip. There are spots that I found that most did not where grip was plentiful. I wasn't running the normal "wet" line.
  4. If I remember correctly he said that he had ordered karts and super motos. Maybe someone else was there Saturday night when he presented the plans and can clarify..
  5. He spoke about fixing the surface on the 1.7. He knows about it.
  6. I’m in Austin and can probably help you out. Busy this weekend but let’s chat. PM me.
  7. They are side dependent but not directional. In other words they have an outside and inside.
  8. I mean they had over 3 full track weekends on them and a hard weekend at COTA.
  9. No but I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll investigate.
  10. I rotated them at the end of each day. I do this to get the most out of them.
  11. I think the ABS theory is very plausible here. I was utilizing the hell out of it
  12. NT01s 255/40/17 with 2 wet weekends (MSRH & MSRC), 1 dry weekend (MSRH) and a final dry weekend at COTA. COTA was a 3 day weekend with the PCA. Sunday morning after my first session I noticed these weird "ripples or bumps" on the outside of the front tires. Being the last day, I decided to send it. 2nd session of the day was my fastest all weekend and upon inspection after that session the tires seemed the same as the 1st session. After 40 minutes of the 3rd session, which was a whopping 1.5 hours of track time available, I came in to check the tires as they became very greasy. That's when I found them in this state, cording in the valleys of those ripples. Asking a few others around the paddock, the general consensus was that the valleys are where the two tread blocks meet. However, this is my third set of NT01s and I have never corded them in this fashion. Alignment wise up front is -3.5 camber with 0 toe. Anyone ever seen this type of wear before?
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