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  1. Going to get the s52 running again, then search for a good s54 and button it all up before swap.
  2. I will be there 8th - 9th. M3 is down right now, blown head gasket.
  3. I love the Ergo. I have 2 of them.
  4. I am biased to the E36 M3 however, if/when I purchase a new track toy it will most likely be a well sorted miata.
  5. Josh! Excited to see it out on track soon!
  6. I sooooo wish that was the case.. Instead, I probably have a borked head gasket or something stupid.
  7. There was very little coolant in there, mostly water and water wetter. Yeh, that sucked for both of us. My fastest time was 2:13.6
  8. In. Looking forward to the road atlanta esses
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