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  1. Spoke to Gary yesterday and I'm going to be taking the car in sometime this week for a diagnosis I'm not aware of any spells, but I'm open to the idea
  2. Only when the AC is switched on
  3. I'll run through that list this weekend, starting with the compression test. I've got an autocross event in a week and the launch is critical
  4. Only with the AC on at the moment, it bogs until a certain point then it feels fine. The air remains cool as far as I can tell I will eventually do that most likely, just wanted to see if I can resolve the issue prior to that
  5. Oh, now I follow. I'll check that Seems easy enough to do AC is cold, no noise that I can discern coming from the compressor. Top is up because the sun beats down hard lol
  6. I will investigate the timing next, I have no history on the last service on the timing belt TPS is plugged back in. Is there a way to diagnose the cat? I'm told it usually goes with a random misfire code
  7. I could have described that a little better. By bogging I mean gas pedal nearly down on the floor but the car barely moves. I have driven other Miatas with the AC on, so I know about the loss in power, but this feels nothing liek that
  8. I was wondering if anyone with an NB1 could give me some insight to my issue. I'm having some bogging issues with my Miata. Just a brief summary of the recent maintenance on the car, it had a random misfire code which I was able to resolve using a new coil pack. Then I noticed it having a high idle which would gradually fall below 1K as I drove the car around. In an attempt to diagnose this issue, I searched for a vacuum leak using carb cleaner and unplugging the TPS. I couldn't locate a leak, but that could entirely be due to my ineptitude. Cleared the codes and have noticed that the car real
  9. Like the title describes, I'm in search of coilover sleeves and perches for NA/NB Bilsteins. Help will be appreciated
  10. Some of your photos seem to be broken
  11. I've got a set of wheels that would be up your alley. Konig FlatOut in 15x8
  12. Appreciate the help y'all. Seem to have something arranged at the moment
  13. Hello all, I know there have been a couple of these requests lately. I'm in search of used and or expired racing harnesses. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Not sure how well this will do here but like Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Up for sale is a 2004 Classic Red Mazda Miata 146K Miles Some hail dings on the decklid and hood Clear coat failure on the front end Recent maintenance includes front driver side wheel hub and passenger rear brake caliper. Rear glass has come out of its seal, hence the duct tape, but that will be fixed by the time of sale. Near pristine interior, only niggle is the power lock switch surround which is missing. Belts might need replacing as they while in the cold Current wheels and
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