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  1. Didn't find one on the page.
  2. Yes I still have it Completely stock. The number is BP4W-2-2
  3. Dang, I've got a set of Advanti Storms but in 15x9. Oh well
  4. Looking to pickup a Miata Hardtop and wanted to see if my fellow TJs have anything available
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I bought a new one not too long ago
  6. Hey all, I've got a spare BP4W head that's just taking up space in my garage now. $300 OBO. Located in the DFW area. SOLD
  7. Hi TJs. My car has been down for a few months and I need a crank pulley with dampener and timing boss. Local to DFW will be even better. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks! I have managed to source one to use
  9. All these people in Houston. I should just move down there lol
  10. Hey TJs, I was wondering if anyone in the DFW would allow me to borrow their engine hoist for the weekend to swap out the motor in my Miata. There's a six pack with your name on it as compensation for your time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I'll probably give that a shot when I take out the seat to install the rollbar
  12. Could you PM me with your budget, I have someone I could put you in contact with
  13. Looking for a specific ratio?
  14. As the title started, I'm search of a roll bar that will work with a glass soft top. Ideally a hardcore bar. Help will be appreciated
  15. I figured the forces the shocks would encounter are within spec of grade 8 hardware as @@VoBoy mentioned. I wasn't able to find a part number for the spacer hence my solution. If someone has any clue to what it is, I'm more than willing to take them apart to use the OEM part. Regarding the motor issues, I hope so too.
  16. Thanks! I know you have to pay to play in this game, but I have also realized that if you're patient you can find good deals on good used parts. I'll have to keep my eye out for a seat if one comes up for sale. Miatas have a limited selection of seats that can fit in them, as you probably know. I'm gonna check the sensor gap this weekend when I reassemble the valve cover. I'm planning on attending Track Nights in America in September and the pending items before then are getting the motor running right, timing belt and water pump service, radiator install, brakes (SS lines, fluid and pads),
  17. Congrats! I'm looking at December of 2018 for my graduation date
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