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  1. Hey all I'm trying to find a cooling fan to finish my prep for NASA this coming weekend. The motor in mine burned out and I'dd appreciate any help I can get.
  2. So, I got the new sensor in and went out for a test drive. Appears to have fixed the random cut issue. I'll still keep an eye on it, but so far so good. Now for some bad news, I seem to have developed a coolant leak and my radiator fan has stopped working. I'll have to get the system pressure tested. If anyone has a location in the DFW that'll do this, it'll be much appreciated. So here's the list as of today. Bleed brakes Flush diff fluid, probably with Redline stuff SM guys use Box up the radiator Install real oil pressure sender and gauge, I'm retrofitting an early NA unit Install new rea
  3. Good point. I'll update as soon the part arrives, which shouldn't be much longer
  4. So I hear, I'll have a better idea soon. I'm hoping it's something easy like that.
  5. It's possible I might have missed something during the engine swap, so I'll give it a look see for CYA purposes
  6. After not being able to make the NASA season opener due to last minute issues cropping up with the car, I briefly considered throwing myself in void. Coming back to my senses I have come up with a plan of attack to get the car good and ready for Cresson in March. Bleed brakes Flush diff fluid, probably with Redline stuff SM guys use Box up the radiator Install real oil pressure sender and gauge, I'm retrofitting an early NA unit Install new rear hubs and bearings Most importantly, fix the damn random power cut that 86'd my weekend I'm already diagnosing the issue and the car just threw a co
  7. Ooh what's the artwork in garage? Car looks great!
  8. Much want! If I had the room I'd be on this.
  9. It might, I'm trying to cut magnetic vinyl sheets. I'm worried the plasma might demagnetize the material
  10. I was wondering if anyone in the DFW had access to a laser cutter? There's a personal project I'm trying to complete. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  11. I'll be down in Houston in a couple of weeks, so no urgency really. Was just hopefully wishing someone would be coming up this way.
  12. Thanks! In the year I've been doing autocross I've definitely learned a lot, mostly by trial and error, but still learning.
  13. You should join Metroplex Miata Enthusiasts on Facebook, I'm sure someone has some suspension you could work with on there.
  14. Welcome to the cult club! Looks like you're local to me, I can lend a hand if you need it
  15. It's been a long time since my last update so with some down time I figured now is as good a time as any. Picking up from where I left off, I finally figured out the root cause of my misfire problems. The engine wasn't keeping proper time because the keyway on the crank had been wallowed out. My best guess is a previous owner of the car had attempted to do a timing job on the engine and either didn't torque things down to spec or didn't use the right parts. The folks at Ace Miata up here helped me diagnose the problem but sticker shock from the repair bill forced me to take fix
  16. __clu

    Goals for 2018

    I'll go next - Participate in at least 4 HPDEs - Refresh the Miata's bushings - Kinda related to the first goal, take part in Miatas at Laguna Seca - Invest in safety equipment, namely, HNRS - Finish my masters program
  17. Hey all, I recently purchased a Miata hardtop in Houston but recent issues with my car don't instill me with trust to drive the car down to Houston and back. I was wondering if any TJs would be making the trek from Houston to the DFW in the near future that would be willing to assist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. __clu

    Sparco Sprint

    I have a Sparco Sprint for sale valid until 2019 with a Miata NA/NB driver bracket. $250. Located in the DFW.
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