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  1. ??. Home ownership is not for the faint of heart
  2. Nicely done! Word of caution, oil pans on those kits are known to be pulled off quite easily
  3. Quick question. Does the helmet and HANS fit together in the OG bag?
  4. @AhmadHasib I don't think your car is too far gone. Just needs roll bar and hardtop https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/groups/34693192214?view=permalink&id=10156644067397215
  5. __clu


    https://m.facebook.com/LoneStarDrift/events Also I know Harrison at Harris Hill is heavily involved with Lone Star Drift and point you to a ton of resources in the area
  6. __clu


    Lone Star Drift has events at The Houston police Academy facility. Fill up the trailer with as many cheapo tires for Shittymiata. I'm planning on attending their events towards the end of the year
  7. You already have one of these
  8. Hello all, Due to extenuating circumstances, I find myself in possession of a hardtop for a Miata that I have no use for. This is a DG motorsports hardtop in their race version. This is perfect for someone that's looking to build a race car out of their NC, but as mine is still street driven I'm looking for a bit more road manners. This top has never been used or even mounted and all the manufacturer plastics are still in place. I'm hoping to get $1500 for this. Also considering the following trade options if possible: OEM NC Miata hardtop + cash on my end Blackbird Fabworks RZ
  9. Hi TJs, Was wondering if anyone in the Austin area had access to an aftermarket NC Miata hard top eg DG, or Treasure Coast Miata. Looking to get some measurements taken. Assistance will be greatly appreciated
  10. Self deprecating humor, because we have the same car and last weekend wasn't my best
  11. Definitely the car, yep. Not the driver at all.
  12. My presence at this event is confirmed
  13. Easily fixed. We have the technology
  14. __clu

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Depending on the brackets, I would be willing to go in on this with you. Seeing as you drive a Mini
  15. Just came across this: https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=686767
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