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  1. ETA: TJ only price of $5500
  2. More camber! I'm at -3.5F can't recall the rest, but I can shoot you a shot of my specs if you'd like.
  3. A kind and gentle BUMP!
  4. @JoshEE one of us! One of us!
  5. Was just looking through your google sheet and that Momo caught my eye
  6. Update with better pictures after I fixed the turn signal lens
  7. Glad they picked up on that. Some people are trying to alleviate this by going dry sump but that might be overkill for you. Hope the steering gets sorted out.
  8. Hello all, my current living situation has cause me to consolidate my vehicles. So my recently acquired truck has to go. Recently completed a tow from Houston to NOLA and back. @SchadenFred was the previous owner and he was meticulous about maintenance and records keeping. I have a stack of receipts that I can provide on request. Here are some details. 2001 Toyota Tundra TRD Limited 4WD 228K miles Bilstein 4600 Lower ball joints replaced New steering rack with upgraded poly rack bushings Aftermarket stereo with bluetooth streaming Recent oil c
  9. Selling TR Motorsports C3 17x9 +48 5x114.3. NC fitment that should work for S2000 as well. Currently has spent RE71Rs on it. Good for burnouts or maybe a drift day. $400
  10. Interesting. Have you thought of getting a street/track car?
  11. Granny has bad trigger discipline
  12. __clu

    2004 M3

    Perfect. Now SMG delete!
  13. There's a guy in North Texas I can put you in touch with. He wants the stock wheels in partial trade though
  14. You shall be graced by my presence. Praise be!
  15. @Shuka can speak to the Fox on the NA/NB chassis and @SchadenFred, @cabowabo and @GONK can all speak to the Xidas. Car is looking good. Can't beat an NB with hardtop and wide sticky tires for looks imo
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