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  1. Hello all, Due to extenuating circumstances, I find myself in possession of a hardtop for a Miata that I have no use for. This is a DG motorsports hardtop in their race version. This is perfect for someone that's looking to build a race car out of their NC, but as mine is still street driven I'm looking for a bit more road manners. This top has never been used or even mounted and all the manufacturer plastics are still in place. I'm hoping to get $1500 for this. Also considering the following trade options if possible: OEM NC Miata hardtop + cash on my end Blackbird Fabworks RZ roll bar + Good condition canvas soft top on frame Good condition canvas soft top + plus cash on your end Any logical combination of the previously started trade offers plus cash to make up the difference as needed. I hope to have pictures this evening. The top is currently located in Austin and will be in Houston after this weekend. Thanks, clu
  2. Hi TJs, Was wondering if anyone in the Austin area had access to an aftermarket NC Miata hard top eg DG, or Treasure Coast Miata. Looking to get some measurements taken. Assistance will be greatly appreciated
  3. Self deprecating humor, because we have the same car and last weekend wasn't my best
  4. Definitely the car, yep. Not the driver at all.
  5. That was you?! I was in the red 111 car
  6. My presence at this event is confirmed
  7. Easily fixed. We have the technology
  8. __clu

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Depending on the brackets, I would be willing to go in on this with you. Seeing as you drive a Mini
  9. Not disinterested in the old roll bar
  10. Just came across this: https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=686767
  11. @@Hollywood has wares, if you have coin
  12. The stock 7K/4K set up. I spoke to Chris at Inertia Lab and I'll probably do the revalve a bit down the road
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