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  1. Self deprecating humor, because we have the same car and last weekend wasn't my best
  2. Definitely the car, yep. Not the driver at all.
  3. That was you?! I was in the red 111 car
  4. My presence at this event is confirmed
  5. Easily fixed. We have the technology
  6. __clu

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Depending on the brackets, I would be willing to go in on this with you. Seeing as you drive a Mini
  7. Not disinterested in the old roll bar
  8. Just came across this: https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=686767
  9. @@Hollywood has wares, if you have coin
  10. The stock 7K/4K set up. I spoke to Chris at Inertia Lab and I'll probably do the revalve a bit down the road
  11. Like the title says, I'm looking for an RX8 yellow dot sway bar for my NC. Thanks friends
  12. 1) Visit new ECR Layout and get to NOLA 2) Work on prep on my new NC 3) Try and get more people involved in this hobby (propagate financial ruin) 4) Learn to weld ***Stretch goal*** Go to Corvette Invasion with Lobster
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