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  1. Interesting. Have you thought of getting a street/track car?
  2. Granny has bad trigger discipline
  3. __clu

    2004 M3

    Perfect. Now SMG delete!
  4. There's a guy in North Texas I can put you in touch with. He wants the stock wheels in partial trade though
  5. You shall be graced by my presence. Praise be!
  6. @Shuka can speak to the Fox on the NA/NB chassis and @SchadenFred, @cabowabo and @GONK can all speak to the Xidas. Car is looking good. Can't beat an NB with hardtop and wide sticky tires for looks imo
  7. I completely forgot about this
  8. __clu

    2001 JV6 Miata

    Dry sump and send it!
  9. 😨😨. Home ownership is not for the faint of heart
  10. __clu

    2001 JV6 Miata

    Nicely done! Word of caution, oil pans on those kits are known to be pulled off quite easily
  11. Quick question. Does the helmet and HANS fit together in the OG bag?
  12. @AhmadHasib I don't think your car is too far gone. Just needs roll bar and hardtop https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/groups/34693192214?view=permalink&id=10156644067397215
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