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  1. I have an appointment with Jim at MSRH on Saturday. May as well jump into the deep end of chassis setup.
  2. Opinions needed/wanted 2016 Mustang. MCS coilovers and other stuff NOT a "pointy end of the class" driver (yet) Should I spend the money on corner balancing?
  3. That is flying...especially on an MPSS
  4. Trying to clear out the garage. I have a Driven branded GP-Race FIA rated seat for sale. Size is comparable to a Sparco EVO2US I believe. I also have 2 sparco mounts (DS and PS) and sidemounts. Mounts fit 2015-2020 Mustang. Seat is still in certification period. $400 for all. Picked up in Tomball.
  5. Pop's Alignment in Pinehurst is good. Only open M-F though. Stay away from Absolute Suspension in Tomball.
  6. IT is really only possible to get a good comparison by taking stickers of each and putting them through the same paces (setup, car, temp, etc) and would have to be a consistent driver to really say if they are similar. The Tire Rack testing suggest they are in the ballpark with the best out there. I agree, for track, I'd try the RS4 if I wanted the longest lasting tire and it was a competition.
  7. The 660 is a spec tire for the SSC autocross class (dominated by BRZ/FRS/86 cars. So it does well. No good tests on heavier/higher HP cars to compare to RE71R, though.
  8. Removed from s550 mustang. Fit well. Sparco Sprint is red (sold) GP-Race: $400 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/drv-dr50blk
  9. I know all about inertia Labs and chances are I will go through them once my job/pay gets back to normal, but are there any other shops? Someone suggested GSpeed?
  10. Leaving TT or just the director posiiton?
  11. I agree in context. I'm just suprised the guy said he would have fired one of his techs for doing it, but felt 100% fine doing it himself. Whatever, It's over..I will just take my business elsewhere.
  12. It's not something I'd request, just something I heard.
  13. I've heard the guys at MSRH take the cars on the track after alignment? I've never heard of that or confirmed it, but in this debacle, I was told this.
  14. Talked to the owner/driver in the video. Yes the shop owner. He said the route he takes with all cars has been driven by him for over 20 years and nothing has ever happened and its just how he does it including going 2x the speed limit. I get looking for noises and whatnot--in the right environment. A busy city street posted as 45mph speed limit isnt the place...not in my car at least. Anyway, be apologized for the lack of communication, at least. Case closed. Now I have to find another alignment shop.
  15. I agree it wasn't abusive, but also unacceptable. Of course the owner of the shop wants to discuss this with me so he can explain to me the difference between a joyride and a test drive (his words). Sounds like he will attempt to justify the behavior.
  16. I got a call from the shop number today while treating patients but they didn't leave a message and I haven't had a chance to call back. This is after I documented the situation on their FB page with screenshot pic showing the speed. I'd use them again for the service, but I'd do the test drive.
  17. As is the norm, someone (who I have talked to and bought my SCHD from) decided to take a stand on something they only guessed about and led the pitchforkers to my door. Then everyone picked in based on no evidence other than a hunch Then when they were proven wrong, they shut up and then came to me like there was no harm no foul. Yeah, no. I'm a pretty chill dude, but some people just dont like me.
  18. Well obviously I lied to slander the shop. It was my plan along. That's why I waited almost 3 months to worry about it.
  19. TIre size is different than stock which would account for a slight discrepancy.
  20. Camera is getting data for speed and all that from the CAN. It is correct. It has been proven correct in the Texas HPDE/RR whatever the fuck page on FB based on the speed on the video and the needle sweep in the car that was enhanced by Will Faules. The gear indicator may be off as Ford doesn't have a good signal for gear indicator in the CAN. I'm not getting into that conversation here. Fuck people. Oh and my car is far from stock with a 7900 RPM limiter
  21. Shop is Absolute Suspension in Tomball. They do lots of work with a variety of cars. Sucks because the actual work/alignment was great, especially being 10 mins from home since they are only open while I"m working and not on the weekend.
  22. Yeah, that completely surprised me, too. LOL.
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